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Laboratory Apparatus

Our product range comtains a wide range of Reynolds Apparatus, Heleshaw Apparatus, Notch Apparatus, Pipe Friction Apparatus and Impact of Jet Apparatus

Reynolds Apparatus

  M. S. powder coated Storage tank with flow Measuring Flask , Dye bottle tank Transparent tube 1 meter long wit 25 mm ID. Stand to mount glass tube, Potassium Paramagnet provided as dye. M. S. powder Sump Tank

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Heleshaw Apparatus

Size approx. 220 mm x 360 mm height. Transparent Heleshaw Apparatus. Suitable stand. Two dimensional models of cylinder, aerofoil, Square & triangular. Measuring cylinder

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Notch Apparatus

M. S. powder coated S. storage tank provided with four sets of baffles and sieves for steadying water supply, fixing arrangement for interchangeable notches. M. S. powder coated Measuring tank with drain valve & gauge glass. M. S. powder coated Sump Tank. Set of 2 brass Notches:Rectangular Notch, 'V’ Notch 60°C

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Pipe Friction Apparatus

Three pipes nominal diameters approximately connected in a common manifold. Pressure tapping at 1 m distance. Supporting stand structure for the equipment. MS powder coated Measuring tank with drain valve & gauge glass. Differential manometer of 300 mm length with mercury

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Impact of Jet Apparatus

transparent cylinder mounted on a stand. differential lever mechanism with adjustable load screw mechanism & dead weight to measure the force. sump tank ms powder coated measuring tank ms powder coated with drain two nozzles with inside section straight taper , curved taper semicircular vane with angle of deflection 180° curved vane with angle of deflection 135° horizontal flat vane angle of deflection 90° 60° inclined flat vane 30° inclined flat vane. .

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Venturimeter and Orifice meter Apparatus

Features: MS powder coated Sump tank with flow. MS powder coated Measuring tank. Mercury Manometers(Differential). Each line provided with flow control value for setting of different flow rates. Pressure tubes of different pipe lines are connected to common manometer through cocks. Easy to operate and replacement of Venturimeter & Orifice meter. Flow control value at the end of each line assures full running of pipe. Differential manometer of 300 mm length with mercury

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Pitot Tube Apparatus

300mm height Differential Manometer Measuring Tank MS powder coated. Supply Tank MS powder coated.

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Orifice and Mouthpiece Apparatus

Storage Tank MS powder coated. Measuring Tank MS powder coated. Collecting Tank MS powder coated: Size of the collecting Tank is fitted with drain valve 1” size Mano meter Tube. With marking scale. Monoblock Pump 1ph, ½ HP pump. The equipment is a set-up used to study the performance of Orifice meter & Mouth Piece

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Hydraulic Ram Apparatus

Over Head tank-100 lit capacity. Head over Ram - 2m Diameter of Supply pipe 50mm. Diameter of delivery - 15mm. Valve chamber comprising of waste valve and a delivery valve. A non return valve fitted in delivery pipe.

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Stefan Boltzman Apparatus

  • Hemisphere dia 200 mm (a p p rox).
  • Jacket disc 250 mm.
  • Test disc size 20 mm dia x 1.5mm thickness.

  Water tank of sufficient capacity with a 1.5 kw immersion heater. Control Panel comprises of : i) Supply for heater. ii) Digital temperature indicator 0-200°C using Chormal-Alumel thermocouples

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Drop and Film Apparatus

  Stearn generator of suitable To find out heat transfer co-capacity. efficient of drop wise and film. Copper tubes with - wise condensation at various flow .

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CNC and Lathe Machine Apparatus

    Features: 3 Axis Standalone CNC Controller with spindle and MPG Support 4.3" TFT screen, resolution ratio:480*272 with 17 operational keys. Support the USB flash disk to read the G code Be equipped with MPG port and support digital display MPG as well as support the general MPG in the market Support the panel key with single-axis manual operation, manual step and continued operations. Machine Dimensions: 610×485×395mm Experiment application: Engraving, Drilling & Cutting for Wood, bamboo,

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