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Epoxy Coatings

We offer the best product range of Passive Fire Protection Coatings, Advance Coatings, FLAKE LININGS, Refractive Coatings and Coal Tar Based.

Passive Fire Protection Coatings

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is a range of measures designed to prevent, contain or slow the spread of fire from the area of origin to other areas in the building. Passive Fire Protection compartmentalises a building to prevent and slow the spread of fire, minimise damage and give occupants more time to evacuate. PFP is one of the three key components of structure fire protection in buildings, other two are active fire protection and education. Fire Retardant Coatings providess ultimate protection in extensive application like industries, institutions, corporate houses, show rooms, residences, schools, dormitories, hospital care, nursing home, hotels, motels, retail stores, restaurant, transportation etc..on structural steel, concrete, cables, wood, rubber, PVC, canvas, gypsum board, polyurethane foam, wooden surfaces, rough and finished timbers, acoustic tile, open surface panel board etc.. Lanexis is a world leading provider of fire protection coating solutions , fire retardant coatings, fire proofing spray and high performance fire protective coating services in Delhi, India. Our durable fire proof coatings give you reliable fire protection, lower maintenance and improved long-term performance. Features of Fire Protection Coatings Protection of Life Protection of Property Continuity of business operations

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Advance Coatings

Lanexis provides a high temprateure resistant mulite based refractory coating for with standing temperatures upto 1450®c. Lanxcoat ht is designed to protect refractory linings to give an increased service life of new & existing refractory linings.

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FLAKE LININGS - Flake Lining is a coating, consisting of glass-reinforced vinyl ester. The material has a very high chemical resistance and may also resist condensing sulfuric acidic gas. A preventive surface protection that will save maintenance costs.

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Refractive Coatings

Generally used in refractory works as a membrane, in refineries and furnaces.Increases the binding strength between the substrate and the refractory masonaries. Material has properties of being HALOGEN FREE. Can be applied over MS. Advantages Eliminate loose liners Eliminate High thickness membranes Halogen free

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Coal Tar Based

Coal tar based epoxy paints are available in two component systems for specific conditions like sewage water treatment plants. Advantages Wear resistant Used in Desalination plant Common Effluent treatment plant Underground sunken portions of chemical process buildings

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Vinyl Ester Based

Vinyl ester flakes widely used for pipelines, underground sewage water treatment plants. These are resistant to chlorine conditions.

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food grade coatings

These coatings are based on polyurethane epoxy in various shades and colours.Used in clean rooms, micro biological laboratories, operation theater Advantages Anti fungus Hygienic Resistant to water washings Steam washings Dust proof

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Carbon Coatings

These consist of resin with suitable grade of graphite fillers. Generally used for Silos and against trace of HNO and HF. Advantages Abrasion resistant Resistant to oxidising acids Resistant to Fluorine/Bromine conditions

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