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Ores and Minerals

We offer a complete product range of Refractory Castables, medium purity dense castables, Low Cement Castables, Dense Castables and Insulating Castables

Refractory Castables

Refractory castable is that is selected for an application, the physical properties of the material can be drastically reduced if care is not taken during the mixing, pouring, and curing processes. Particularly with the use of more complex refractory castables to solve specific wear issues, installation variables become even more critical to the performance of a lining

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medium purity dense castables

Medium purity dense castables are suitable for use in medium temperature applications. This group of castable contain medium purity Calundum as the refractory binder. Depending on the type ofrefractory aggregates used in these castables, a series of FIRECRETE group of castable are manufactured. All these castables are used in oxidising atmospheres only. These refractory castables are hydraulic setting and can be cast or moulded to any shape, and can also be suitably modified for gunning of furnace linings.

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Low Cement Castables

ACCMON is a series of low cement castables, having high PCE and high strength at all temperature levels. These castables are favoured in locations, where refractory abuses due to abrasion as well as application temperature are very high. These have low lime content, low porosity and high strength.

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Dense Castables

High purity dense castables are refractory castables suitable for high temperature applications, all of which contain high purity refractory cement as the refractory binder. The impurity levels of all these castables are very low. These castables are available in various grades. Each grade of castables is suitable for a specific range of operational conditions. These refractory castables are hydraulic setting and can be cast or moulded to any shape and can also be suitably modified for gunning of furnace linings.

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Insulating Castables

Our range of insulating castables from the Insulyte series to conserve heat in furnaces. They are light but adequately strong, and have low conductivity, thus serve as either hot face or back- up insulating refractory lining. INSULYTE castables are produced in the density range of 400 to 1600 kg/m 3 . They are available mainly in two different grades - medium purity and high purity. In addition to standard products, tailor-made compositions are also supplied to suit customer requirements.

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A reality steady, young and dynamic, specialized in supplying graphite and refractory materials for industrial, non-ferrous metal foundries for bronze, copper, brass, aluminium, gold, silver, etc. Our staff, with a very long experience in the field, is able to satisfy you with solutions, with any type of graphite part for each kind of application and use. Try us ! We’ll provide solutions.   Graphite Tiles It is made from low ash, hard calcined grade Electro graphite powders which are selected carefully and mixed with bituminous binders in varying proportions. The mix is then extruded or moulded as per requirement and heated to high temperatures in a furnace. The stock material formed has high porosity around 25%. Since its mechanical strength and abrasion resistance is not adequate, the product is impregnated with resins of unmatched chemical resistance, in vacuum autoclaves depending on duty service. The final material is thus made impervious to liquids and gases. This process greatly improves all physical properties such as compressive and impact strength, abrasive resistance, bringing down porosity of the brick to minimum. The process through cumbersome has found to be unique in combating any chemical attack of corrosion and abrasion at elevated temperatures. It has been established that Impervious graphite materials withstand continuously temperatures up to 190°C and such linings have been known to be working for years, trouble free. OUTSTANDING PROPERTIES High crushing strength and impact resistance. Withstands severe corrosion and abrasion upto 190°C. High Thermal conductivity – next to Copper and Aluminium. Excellent resistance to thermal shocks. Not wetted by liquids. Impervious to liquids and gases. One third the weight of steel. Excellent lubricating properties and good machinability on lathes for any shapes etc.

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With high dimensional accuracy and surface finishes, Lanexis supplies custom-engineered products with Alumina (90% to 99.86%), Alluminium Titanate, Yttria Partially stabilized Zirconia, Magnesia Partially stabilized Zirconia, Reaction Bonded / Silicon Infiltrated Silicon Carbide, Sintered Silicon Carbide materials. CERAMICS FOR MOLTEN METAL HANDLING APPLICATIONS Reaction Sintered Aluminium Titanate.   APPLICATIONS Feeders / Risers / Stalk for low pressure Die casting Dosing tubes Sprue / Gate bushes, Cups & Connectors Casting spouts, flow rods, Retainer rings Nozzles, Crucibles Tap hole plugs & rings Customized special components Launders Induction heating   Advantages Near Zero Thermal Expansion / Thermal shock resistance Non - Wettability Low thermal Conductivity Chemical Inertness

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