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Wall & Floor Tiles

Our Complete range of products are Acid Resistant Tiles, industrial flooring tiles, heavy duty industrial tiles, Acid Proof Tiles and industrial floor tiles.

Acid Resistant Tiles

Lanexis provides a great selection of AcidAlkaliChemical Resistant industrial tiles. These fully vitrified tiles which are manufactured using special nonferrous clay, processed at extremely high temperatures gives the tile a very strong body and very hard surface.

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industrial flooring tiles

Our Industrial Tiles are extremely durable. The compressive strength of these tiles is several times higher than that of reinforced concrete. Being acid and alkali resistant as per IS 4457:2007 and confirming to ENASTMDIN & ISO Standards, these tiles can withstand the most corrosive of chemicals.

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heavy duty industrial tiles

Lanexis is a global leader in the feild of Industrial Floorings and Heavy duty industrial ceramic tiles. We are currently executing turnkey flooring projects throughout India. We have also successfully completed high-performance factory & warehouse floors in Middle East, Africa, Srilanka & Bangaladesh. Modern Industrial floors are subjected to wear from new equipment and processes, Whrooming forklifts, thumping of machines, extreme temperatures, occasional spillage of liquids, oil or acids, continuous heavy pedestrian and hard wheeled trolley traffic.

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Acid Proof Tiles

The acid resistant tiles come in a range of sizes and thicknesses from ranging from 8-25mm. Our acid proof tiles meet stringent specification norms of IS 4457:2007 and relevant ASTMDIN standards which ensure excellent performance in AcidAlkaliChemical (expect Hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives). Our acid proof tiles provide excellent abrasion resistance, anti-skid properties for worker safety and high aesthetic appeal. We also provide specialized corner tiles for reducing chances for acid attack through construction joints. Our standard sizes are 200x100, 200x200 & 300x300 millimeters.

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industrial floor tiles

Lanexis provides complete solution for Industrial flooring system with high quality industrial flooring materials. We manufacturer and supply Industrial floor tiles, anti skid floor tiles, acid alkali floor tiles for industrial and commercial building flooring in New Delhi, India. LANTUFF Industrial floor tiles come in a wide range of colors which can allow you match your floors to your corporate colors. LANTUFF durable lining solution is key industrial flooring solutions for major industries worldwide. Modern industrial floors are subjected to wear from new equipment and process, whrooming forklifts, thumping of machines, extreme temperatures, occasional spillage of liquids, oil or acids, continuous heavy pedestrian and hard wheeled trolley traffic.

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refractory tiles

Our Durabrick range of high performance alumino silicate refractories are the preferred choice by several Industries worldwide. The term derived from durability of the brick means durability and improved performance to perform well under severe conditions. Durabrick is a custom made product with controlled Fe2O3 content and high RUL & PCE properties. Durabricks have been designed with special raw materials which has helped to reduce the Fe2O3 percentage. Manufactured as per international standards, Durabricks have high refractoriness and can sustain easily even in high temperatures. Durabricks are highly resistant to corrosion which is caused by metal fluid and oxidation. Each lot is manufactured using high quality tested raw materials, fired efficiently under strict quality control and proven production technology to maintain consistency.

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