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Other Products / Services

Our offered Product range includes Refractory Durabricks, Thermal Shock Resistance, refractory brick lining, carbon brick lining and Rubber Lining Solutions.

Refractory Durabricks

Our durabrick range of high performance alumino silicate refractories are the preferred choice by several industries worldwide. The term derived from durability of the brick means durability and improved performance to perform well under severe conditions. Durabrick is a custom made product with controlled fe2o3 content and high rul & pce properties.

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Thermal Shock Resistance

Lanexis provides advance high purity alumina and alumina Titanate thermal shock resistancee products mainly used in non-ferrous cast-houses and foundries due to its extraordinary properties of high thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and non-wettability to most non-ferrous molten metal. These properties are achieved by combining high purity alumina and titania in a precision controlled reaction-sintered process to engineer a micro-porous micro structure manufactured by ISO-STATIC pressing. Application Feeders/risers/stalk for low pressure die casting Dosing tubes Sprue/Gate bushes, Cups and Connectors Casting spouts, Flow rods, Retainer rings Nozzles, Crucibles Tap hole plugs and rings Customised special components

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refractory brick lining

We offer refractory brick lining solutions for all types of furnaces, Boilers, Ladles, chimneys, pipelines and other heating equipment. Our products include Fire bricks, Insulation Bricks, Refractory Monolithics- Castables & Mortars, Ceramic fibre, Rockwool, Silicon Carbide and Magnesite Refractories. Our Refractory services include Design, Estimation, Supply & Installation. Applications Industries Chemical Plants Dairy food and beverages Iron & Steel Plants Petrochemical Plants Oil & Gas Refineries Pulp & paper Industries Thermal Power plants Battery Manufacturing Unit Automobile & Ancillary Unit We specialize in single source responsibility of Refractory Brick Lining materials . We give lining, coating and acid-proof Brick Lining . Acid-Proof Brick Installations provide protection against mechanical abuse and elevated temperatures. We have a complete line of Acid-proof Brick Flooring Systems for protection of plant floors that are subject to corrosion

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carbon brick lining

Carbon Bricks are used as linings in high temperature vessels and corrosive environments with acid/alkali attack. Carbon bricks can withstand most chemical attacks, high temperatures or sudden temperature changes, thermal shock associated with vessels of such conditions. Carbon bricks & Carbon tiles are recommended for hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluorosilicic acid, their salts and caustic environments.The characteristics of carbon brick have proved outstanding in numerous areas of the chemical industry for the lining of baths, lining of chambers and towers in chemical plants, reaction vessels and boilers as well as corrosion resistant masonry construction and floor coverings. Carbon bricks/ tiles / shapes / sleeves are supplied in grades manufactured using the latest production techniques as per IS, ASTMC 1160 or DIN standards.

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Rubber Lining Solutions

Rubber Lining is an integral part of corrosion resistant liners. Intermediate or Exposed lining - we offer an outstanding range of surface protection through Rubber Lining which is also used for corrosive applications in DM plants, Phosphoric Acid Plants, Reactors, Desalination Plants, Caustic-chlorine, Wastewater Treatment and Ammonium Sulphate plants including many other industries and chemical resistant applications. The rubber lining can be applied as either unvulcanised material which is then vulcanised and hot bonded – usually in a steam autoclave; or as pre vulcanised material which is cold bonded using two part adhesives. PRIMARILY USED FOR Backup Lining for AR Bricks & Tiles Phosphoric Acid Plants Lining of Reactors Desalination Plants, DM Plants Caustic-Chlorine and Ammonium Sulphate Plants Wastewater Treatment Plants

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drainage solutions

We offer fully customized drainage channel systems manufactured as per customer process. We suggest channels systems according to flow rates, temperature, chemical aggression and mechanical loads. Our channels are made of SS 304, SS 316 or polymer concrete. Lanexis offers complete drainage management from flow rate calculation to finalizing design according to working conditions, product supply and complete installation. Our drainage systems are specifically designed to reduce the build-up of liquids by disposing of water and grease effectively and immediately. ADVANTAGES Excellent hygienic properties Excellent flow capacities High strength and low weight Corrosion resistant & Resistant to impacts of thermal stress Long product life expectancy Can Take Heavy Loads of Forklift & Trolleys Low maintenance- Easy to clean Resists Bacterial & Fungal Growth & Stops Odors Highly Aesthetic USP's of our Drains Collect The surface water or the liquids being treated are collected from the surface as quickly and as completely as possible by the drainage system. This part of the system chain guarantees protection, safety and comfort for the people, buildings and traffic routes in immediate vicinity. Clean The collected liquids are treated using integrated physics, chemical or biological processes that ensure they can be discharged into the public sewers - the minimum requirement. This part of the system chain creates the condition for recycling and sustainable use. Hold Containers, barriers and valves ensure that the liquid stay within the drainage system where they can be properly controlled. This part of the system chain enhances protection and safety of food, your building and environment. Release Pumps, lifting plant and pipe system transfer the collected, treated and controlled water into the downstream systems and processes. This part of the system chain brings the collected treated and controlled water to the interfaces for further treatment reuse or release.

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Concrete Floor System

The life of an industrial floor is majorly dependent on the base concrete flooring. A successful flooring requires a strong, even & defect free surface to properly install industrial tiles or resin floors. We offer specialized semi-dry concrete flooring- Eco-friendly, hydraulic, normal-setting, rapid-drying mineral binder for high-performance screeds and heat-radiant slabs, ideal for use of industrial floors. ADVANTAGES Prolonged workability both in manual and mechanical laying Excellent for laying industrial tiles, natural stone and hardwood floors No water curing required Low water/cement ratio, low shrinkage Mechanical performances superior to those of Portland cements High dimensional stability and long-lasting performance High Flexural & Compressive strength

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Bedding System

With ours years of research and development on industrial flooring, we have come to a conclusion that the most critical part of our flooring is the substrate preparation and bedding mix. This plays an important part in the life and performance of an industrial floor. Our bedding technology, a multi -component system - comprises of highly polymerized mineral adhesives, elastomeric latex additives which are shrink free, quick setting, high adherence and shock absorbing all essential® requirements for a long lasting industrial floor. LANTUFF® Flooring is done using specialized highly polymerized cements specially engineered and manufactured for Lanexis. For replacement of existing flooring - we have solutions for substrate preparation & removal of Epoxy, PU, Tile, stone, Oil & Acid and getting the floor ready for the new permanent LANTUFF® Flooring.

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MASTICS LINERS - Mastic compound is mainly used as an impermeable inter-liner with acid resisting brick/tile lining on floors, tanks, drains, sumps. It can also be applied, as open mastic flooring, where diluted chemicals are to be handled and traffic is not very high.

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