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Industrial Pump

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of 1" Rotary Gear Pump, Gear Oil Pump with motor, progessive cavity screw pump, pneumatic grease pumps and Vacuum pumps.

1" Rotary Gear Pump

4 k /Piece
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 10 Piece(s)
  • Type Rotary Gear Pump
  • Application Viscous Liquids handling
  • Weight Below 10 kg
  • Color Blue
  • Condition New
  • Automatic Grade Semi Automatic
  • Power 1hp
  • Driven Type Electric
  • Warranty 6 months
  • Country of Origin India
  • Brand Name POWERPOINT

rotary gear pump 1" x 1" suction & delivery, flow capacity 50 litres per minute, recommended motor 1 hp , rpm 1440, construction-cast iron body aplication:viscous liquids, oils

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : Carton Box

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Gear Oil Pump with motor

12.50 k /Piece
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Piece(s)

PowerPoint Gear Oil Pump with motor 1 Hp 3 phase 415 volt ac , 50 litres per minute capacity 1440 rpm, Suitable for viscous liquids, oil

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : T/T

Packaging Details : Carton Box

Delivery Time : Ex stock

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progessive cavity screw pump

45 k /Piece
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Piece(s)
  • Type Screw Pumps
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Driven Type Electric
  • Warrenty 6 months
  • Pump Speed 100-1000RPM
  • Brand Name POWERPOINT
  • Country of Origin India

1" Stainless steel Screw Pump for viscous liquids

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : wooden case

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pneumatic grease pumps

We offer a wide range of superior quality pumps to suit your specific lubricating requirements. Its range of grease pumps is avaliable in Pneumatic & Hand operated models. The pumps are specially designed with minimum moving parts for long & trouble free operation.      FEATURES OF ACCESSORIES :- Swivel Arrangement :- The swivel arrangement at both ends of hose for easy movement of the grease pump. Pressure Plate :- The pressure plates are provided to ensure easy flow of grease thereby making them extremely convenient to use. Wheels :- Wheels are provided in all models for easy mobility. Hose :- 2 meter high pressure wire braided hose with 6.3 mm I.D. & Hydraulically crimped at both ends

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Vacuum pumps

  • Model PVP1-20
  • HP 1/8
  • Displacement LPM 20
  • Vacuum mm/Hg 710
  • Oil charge gm. 100

powerpoint® monoblock rotary high vacuum pumps single & double stage  pvp-1 and pvp-2 series direct drive single and double stage rotary vane type high vacuum pumps are the latest addition in already existing wide range of powerpoint® pumps. These are monoblock type directlycoupled to very reliable electric motors.  these are not only compact in design but are also unbelievably noisless, vibration free and light in weight and at the same time are capable of creating ultimate vacuum to the tune of 0.05 m/hg with a charge of only a few grams of vacuum oil. A sleek but study handle is provided on their tops for lifting - a real boon for airconditioning and refrigeration mechanics for their outdoor jobs, service stations, and also for those who need high vacuum in their laboratories, plants and other host applications. 


    Model HP Displacement LPM Vacuum mm/Hg Oil charge gm.
    PVP1-20 1/8 20 710 100
    PVP1-50 1/4 50 710 150
    PVP1-100 1/2 100 710 150


    Model HP Displacement LPM Ultimate Vacuum mm/hg Oil charge gm.
    PVP2-50 1/4 50 0.05 150
    PVP2-100 1/2 100 0.05 200
    PVP2-150 3/4 150 0.05 225
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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION : Liquid ring vacuum pumps are of the postive displacement type . Service liquid is regulated and due to the eccentrically mounted impeller, the service liquid is thrown towards the periphery of the stator thus forming a sealant ring .Process is trapped in this space between the impeller blades, compressed and expelled in a continuous suction exhaust cycle.            MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION: Stainless steel 316/304 impeller and shaft grinded all over. Tolerances is standard .All other contact parts in graded cast iron.     AS PER REQUIREMENT: Material of construction to be used as per customer requirement.   OUTSTANDING FEATURES: - Silent and considerable vibration free running. - Needs no silencer. - Mechanical Seals balanced on computerised machine. - Maximum vacuum using water as a sealant at 30°c and at sea level conditions.Dual stage model will be 720mm Hg vacuum - Negligible maintenance and easy overhauling procedures. - Modification for use as compressor possible.   PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS DOUBLE STAGE Liquid ring Vacuum pumps   Liquid ring vacuum pumps for higher speed on request. * Capacity of Two stage pumps are for dry air and service liquid (water) at30°c sea level conditions. * We recommend to use two stage vacuum pumps for applications upto 24" Hp vacuum. * Service liquid flows are approximate, exact quantity will be determined by actual installations. * Any change in the interest of technical development are reserved.           PRRFORMENCE OF TWO STAGE VACUUM PUMP

    DI 25 5 95 54.5 40 1440 10 720
    DI 27 7.5 175 100.5 40 1440 18 720
    DI 110 10 230 132 40 1440 20 720
    DI 115 15 340 196 40 1440 22 720
    DI 120 20 450 258.5 40 1440 33 720


    This Performance is tested for 755 Barometric pressures & 30°c/80°F.Temperature of service liquid.This pump can give maximum vacuum of 750 mmhg, if service liquid's temperature is 15°c &755 barometric pressure.





    HP RPM
    DI 30 7 11 14 19 19
    1 2850
    DI 150 65 101 126 152 165
    7.5 1440
    DI 220 88 131 172 212 254
    10 1440
    DI 330 128 182 224 276 325
    15 1440
    DI 440 182 231 298 356 405
    20 1440
    DI 660 234 305 390 455 515
    25 144
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Horizontal Split Casing Pumps

Horizonal Split Casing Pumps - a new concept for better performance and higher efficiencies. For greater interchangeability and ease of maintenance, Horizontal Split Casing Pumps allow easy access to facilitate maintenance and inspection of rotor assembly without disturbing pipe connectors and prime mover. These Horizontal Split Casing Pumps give higher efficiencies, stable head and non over loading power characteristics with better suction capabilities. The Pumps are available in standard cast iron construction or in bronze, bronze fitted and stainless steel materials.

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Centrifugal Pumps


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Chemical Process Pumps

  • Capacity Up to 600 LPM
  • Head Up to 100 Feet
  • Temperature Up to 90°C
  • Speed Up to 2800 RPM

standard feature   volute casing heavy duty casing with integral foot and multi - ribbed discharge flange provides superior resistance to pipe loads and improves reliability. Back pullout design allows for removal of the rotating elements without disturbing the casing pipework of motor to simplify routine maintenance.   impeller duplex stainless casted, open impeller for high efficiency performance, low running cost and long life, impeller back vanes and shroud design provides axial balance which reduces maintenance and downtime cost by extending seal and bearing reliability.   shaft seal cpp - series process pumps can be supplied either with gland packing compatible to the pumped liquid or with mechanical seal in the stuffing box having suitable connection / stamping for sealing / slushing / circulation / cooling etc.   applications chemicals, petrochemicals, refineries, suger, food stuffs, paper, dyes, textilies, rubber, environmental engineering, handing of hydrocarbons, organic and inorganic chemicals, condensate dm water etc.   shaft made of en -8 steel and ss304, ss316 specificaltion, ample size to transmit power without distortion or vibration   bearings antifriction ball bearings, single row deep grooved heavy duty selected to provide maximum service. Oil lubrication arranged by oil point.   stuffing box deep gland box used with graphite packing. Packing are lubricated by lantern ring with grease.   rotation marked with arrow on the casing of each pump. Check before coupling with prime mover.   base plates suitable base can be supplied with the pump.

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PFP Series-Applications: High precision positive displacement internal gear pumps to match the most demanding application in Boilers, Burners, Hydraulic, fuel pressuring and injection. This pump is ideally suitable for handling liquid like LDO, FO, LSHS and HSD and Can be used as booster pump for diesel locomotive, pump for force feed lubrication, in oil filtration systems, oil pumping and heating systems and in machine tool units.

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Fuel Internal Gear Pumps

PFP Series-Applications: High precision positive displacement internal gear pumps to match the most demanding application in Boilers, Burners, Hydraulic, fuel pressuring and injection. This pump is ideally suitable for handling liquid like LDO, FO, LSHS and HSD and Can be used as booster pump for diesel locomotive, pump for force feed lubrication, in oil filtration systems, oil pumping and heating systems and in machine tool units.   These pumps give max. pressure of 35kg/cm². However for continuos duty max. recommended pressure is 30kg/cm². Pump model PFP-050 can also be used at 2900 RPM, where the capacity will get aprox, double of normal duty condition. These pumps are strictly recommended for use in Non- corrosive and Non- abrasive liquids. Pumps without relief valve are available optionally.     Features : Powerpoint fuel pressuring pump type PFP are made out of graded casting with internal gears to give long trouble free life and precision performance. This pump is flange mounted type and comes with built in pressure relief valve and external by passing arrangement, The sealing is done with mechanical seal to ensure zero leakage at max. Pressure. This pump is self priming type and creates max. Vacuum of 600/650 mm Hg. which gives higher suction lift than normal external gear pump. This pump can handle liquid up to 500 cst viscosity and up to temperature 200° C. The direction of rotation of the pump can be clockwise & anti-clockwise as per requirement.

  • Model Inlet Outlet Sizes Capacity in LPH Speed RPM Recommended Motor HP
    5 Kg/Cm³ 15 Kg/Cm³ 30 Kg/Cm³
    PFP 050 ½"x½" BSP 150
    0.25 HP
    0.25 HP
    0.50 HP
    0.50 HP
    0.75 HP
    0.75 HP
    1 HP
    1 HP
    1.5 HP
    1.5 HP
    2 HP
    2 HP
    PFP-075 ¾"x¾" BSP 1000
    0.75 HP
    0.75 HP
    1 HP
    2 HP
    2 HP
    3 HP
    3 HP
    3 HP
    3 HP 
    5 HP
    5 HP

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Screw Pumps

the pumping element comprises of a single external helix precision machined metal rotor and a double internal helix elastomer stator. As the rotor rotates eccentrically inside the stationary stator, continuous sealed cavities are formed 180 degrees apart which progress from the suction to the delivery end of the pump carrying the fluid to be pumped.   uniform non-pulsating metered flow proportional to speed.   head developed independent of speed. avoids use of foot valve.   ability to handle entrained air/gas in fluid. handles high percentage of suspended solids.   ability to handle shear senstive products. provides flexibility of operation. 'a' series bare shaft industrial pumps apart from handling heavy duty materials under arduous conditions, 'a' range pumps will gently transfer delicate and shear sensitive products such as latex, thixotropic products and solids in suspension with minimum agitation and aeration. The series comprises a hollow shaft which shortens the length of pump and are of cast iron construction with alloy steel/stainless steel rotating parts. Shaft sealing is ensured by quality gland packing or mechanical seal. Rotor and stator material combinations are available for pumping of highly abrasive or corrosive fluids.   user industries : coal mines, construction, cosmetics, detergents, distillery, dye stuff, effulent, ediable oil, fertilizer, marine, mining, paper, paint, sewage, sugar, textile etc.   fluids handled : acid, acrylic emulsion, ceramic, chemical slurries, dyestuff, effulent, emulsion, explosive slurry, paint, magma, molasses, oil printing ink, solvents, vegetable oil, viscose, yeast etc.   'ao' series bare shaft industrial pumps 'ao' series single screw pumps are of cast iron construction with alloy steel/stainless steel rotating parts. Parts in contact with the fluid in stainless steel / alloy steel. Shaft sealing is ensured by soft gland packing or mechanical seal. Simple economy design. An integral motor base plate eliminates the requirement of a base plate, motor placed just above the bearing housing and driven by v belt pulleys thereby reducing the space requirement drastically.   user industries : construction, cosmetics, detergents, distillery, dye stuff, effulent, ediable oil, fertilizer, marine, mining, paper, paint, sewage, sugar, textile etc.   fluids handled : oils and water, light slurries, light creams, hair oil, shampoos and light cosmetic creams. Deck wash, cooling & lubricating oil etc.  

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These pumps are suitable for the borewells of 4" and above and openwells where discharge requirement is limited. The pump is suitable for both Vertical and Horizontal installation.

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Single Screw Pump

  • Make Powerpoint
  • Mode 5401
  • Pump hsg & end cover SS fabricated
  • Rotor & Shaft SS304 HCP
  • Other rotating parts SS304
  • Suc/del 2"×2" INCH
  • Pump RPM 400
  • Discharge 6000lph
  • Motor required 3hp 1440 RPM

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DIAPHRAGM TYPE BARREL PUMP (AC / DC ) MODEL: ACAD40 Model No : ACAD40/ DCAD40 Available Features : Maximum flow rate 40 LPM Maximum head 15 mtr Operating Range: Voltage 230 V AC, 12 V DC. Self priming Permanent magnet and continuous duty, Inbuilt – Pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when Faucets is opened and closed, Self priming so pump can be located above water tank/drum, Runs dry for extended periods of time without damage, Ideal for drum application, Suitable for oil diesel and light acids, Not suitable for petrol, solvents and chemicals which affect On properties of plastic and rubber

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Available Features : Stainless steel & Polypropylene Operating Range: Available with flame proof motor also (non CMRI)   Outer tube diameter: 40 mm, Speed: 10000 rpm, Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz Fitted with on‐off switch, Available with flame proof motor also (non CMRI)

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Available Features : Cast iron pump body finished with anti‐corrosion paint, Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vane, By‐pass valve incorporated in the pump body, Direct current brush motor with permanent magnet stator, Motor protection class IP55, Used in intermittent service with 30‐minute work cycles, Pump attachment support bracket Operating Range: 40 LPM to 60 LPM, 2800 RPM DC / AC diesel pump Cast iron pump body complete anticorrosive paint

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Hydraulic Gear Pumps

We bring forth an extensive range of  Hydraulic Gear Pumps  which is manufactured using world class technology. Widely used in various industry applications, it has superior performance and lasts longer. Further, these equipment also consume less power and generate low noise. High pressure combined with small size and less weight SALIENT FEATURES: Wide range in terms of speed Longer Life due to reinforced design of shaft and housing Well proven and modular design Operates in wide range of temperature & viscosity VITON Seals used for Higher temperature resistance Operating temperature can be as low as - 20 Degree Centigrade to as high as +110 Degree Centigrade Continuous operation at 210 bar and upto 3500 Rpm

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Available Features : Liquid of any viscosity can be used, Diaphragm is of PTEF material, Inlet x out let = 1”x 1” Operating Range: Capacity = @ 16 lit / Min   Made from cast iron / ss / pp as per customer’s requirement, Work in any position vertical / horizontal upside down Very easy installation, Made from 4 parts only

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Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

  • Make Powerpoint
  • Size 1× 1 INCH
  • Construction Cast Iron Body/ Bronze Impeller
  • No. of size 2Recommended motor
  • HP 1.0
  • RPM 1500
  • Capacity 2000 LPH

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Direct Driven Vacuum Pump

9.50 k /Piece
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  • Features Compact and light weight,Smooth and silent running,High Ultimate Vacuum

We are the leading manufacturers, exporters and supplier of this products.

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DC Water Pump

  • Power Electric
  • Application Water Pump
  • Installation Portable
  • Volt 12V DC
  • Watt 40W
  • Pipe size 42
  • RPM 3000

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Semi Rotary Hand Pump

  • Pipe Size 3/4″×3/4″ inch
  • Make Powerpoint
  • Model SRH-1
  • Flow Rate 1190 litres per head
  • No of strokes per minute 100
  • Construction Cast Iron

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Centrifugal Monoblock Pump

  • Voltage 415V AC 3 Phase
  • Make Powerpoint
  • HP 2.0
  • Pipe size 50×40 mm Suction & Delivery
  • RPM 2900
  • Construction SS-316
  • Sealing Mechanical (Silicon carbide)

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Monoblock Gear Pump

  • Voltage 415Volt AC,3 phase
  • Pressure 4kg/cm2
  • Pump Make Powerpoint
  • Pump Type Rotary Gear Monoblock Pump
  • Model PGX100
  • Port Size 1" x 1" Suction X Delivery
  • Discharge Capacity 50 LPM
  • Rpm 1450
  • MOC Cast Iron Body
  • Reliable for Transfer of Viscous & Semi-viscus Liquids like LDO, FO, HSD, Lubricating Oils etc.

compact & highly useful for standardizing on : centralized lubricating system pumping & heating system oil filtration & cleaning system transformer oil purification system .

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Diaphragm Dosing Pump

  • Type Mechanically Actuated
  • Pressure 4 Bar
  • Make Powerpoint
  • Capacity 0-100 LPH
  • Construction PP
  • Motor 0.5HP
  • RPM 415RPM
  • Phase Three

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Diaphragm Metering Pump

34.50 k /Piece
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  • Features Rugged design,Unlimited dry running capability,Reliable operation

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SELF PRIMING CENTRIPETAL / CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS Model No : AL Available Features : 1" to 21/2"   Total head – static suction Lift + static delivery + friction loss in pipes & fitting, Last but one figure in numerical reference indicate stage or stages, Motor B. H. P. – recommended includes ample margin when pumping clean and pure water for liquids of higher H.P otor will be required, Standard Rotation – the shaft are clockwise when seen from the driving end of the pump

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Diaphragm Hand Pump

Available Features : 1" to 2" Operating Range: is a low cost substitute for motorized barrel pumps such as Lutz, Graco, etc. It can empty a 55 gallon (200 ltr) drum in 8 minutes (1" pump) or 4 minutes (1.5" pump) Diaphragm Hand Pumps. One of the most popular applications of a diaphragm hand pump is as barrel pump, for emptying drums, barrels and carboys. It can handle all types of liquids, such as clear liquids, liquids containing solids, latexes (shear sensitive liquids/ thyrotrophic liquids), slurries, corrosive liquids. It is ideal for handling of inflammable liquids, such as solvents, as its operation is without friction, and hence is suitable for flame-proof plant conditions. It is self-priming and requires no special mounting. Just dip suction tube in the barrel and apply handle. It can suck out last drops of liquid from drum. 1" or 1.5" pump is recommended for this duty. It is a low cost substitute for motorized barrel pumps such as Lutz, Graco, etc. It can empty a 55 gallon (200 ltr) drum in 8 minutes (1" pump) or 4 minutes (1.5" pump). Depending on the application, these pumps area available in different materials of construction (MOC).

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Diaphragm Barrel Pumps

DIAPHRAGM TYPE BARREL PUMP (AC / DC ) Model No : ACAD40 / DCAD40 Available Features : Available in Polypropylene, CI & SS Operating Range: CAPACITY : 16 LPM, INTEX OUTLET SIZE : 1”X 1”   Permanent magnet and continuous duty.Inbuilt – Pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when Faucets is opened and closed. Self priming so pump can be located above water tank / drum. Runs dry for extended periods of time without damage.Ideal for drum application. Suitable for oil diesel and light acids. Not suitable for petrol, solvents and chemicals which affect. On properties of plastic and rubbe.

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fuel injection gear pumps

Available Features : MANUFACTURED FROM SPECIALLY SELECTED MATERIALS AND PROCESSED TO CLOSE TOLERANCES FOR A LONG. TROUBLE FREE WORKING LIFE.BODY AND COVER MADE OF CLOSE GRAINDED. GEAR AND SHAFT ALLOY STEEL, HEATTREATED, MECHANICAL DYNAMIC SEAL FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE AND HIGH SPEED USE . Operating Range: MAX TEMPERATURE : 200° C, MAX RPM : 2880   POWERPOINT offers a range of high quality positive displacement gear pumps for fuel injection in industrial burners. These pumps provide fuel at finely controlled pressure and flow rates for optimum combustion resulting in long term fuel saving and reduced pollution.

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heavy duty gear pumps

Available Features : Pump model PENX are recommended to run at rated speed up to 500 cst viscosity between 500 to 1250 cst pump speed should be reduce up to 60% of rated speed for viscosity between 1250 to 2500 cst speed should be reduce up to 30% of rated speed Operating Range: • For loading unloading & transfer of all kinds of petroleum products and any kind viscous liquids for continuous uninterrupted service.   Gear pump is self priming positive displacement pump with positive pressure chart eristic. the capacity of pump is directly proportional to the speed and remain constant regardless of differential pressure the difference between theoretical and delivered capacity in the slip of the pump which depends up on the pump speed. Differential pressure viscosity of liquids working clearance and workman ship the pumps are capable of handling any viscosity the slip reduce with viscosity of the fluid share. The pump has a self priming capability however some net in let the pressure available must always equal or exceed to the pumps required NPSH to avoid cavitation depending up on the viscosity of the liquids to be pumped & pump speed.

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helical gear pumps

Available Features : Pump size : 1/4" x 1/4" to 3" x 3" Operating Range: 5 LPM to 500 LPM

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Internal Gear Pumps

Available Features : 0.25 HP to 5 HP

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Hand Operated Barrel Pump

HAND OPERATED PISTON TYPE BARREL PUMP (LEVER ACTION) Model No : HPB Available Features : Outer Tube Diameter: - 40 mm, Out let size:-1” BSP Coupling, All wetted parts in SS 316 AND PTFE. Operating Range: Suitable for any type of oil, chemicals, solvents, acids etc…, In Built Filters    

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Available Features : It is Equipped with 76.2 mm washer which helps to suck water easily. Operating Range: sucks water from 20 to 25 feet from ground level, also available in polypropylent   This hand pumps suction water from 20 to 25 feet from ground level. It is Equipped with 76.2 mm washer which helps to suck water easily. Hand pump is made from Cast Iron for long lasting life. PowerPoint Pumps 4 no Water hand pump is equipped with flat washer with weight for water storage in body. Water hand pump is also equipped with Piston Rode with Inner Flower, Head, and Flange and Handle.

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High Pressure Plunger Pumps

Available Features : simplex / duplex / triplex / sixplex Operating Range: Air port & Ship Yards, Railway Workshop & Cleaning Yards, State Transport and Workshop, Industrial and Agriculture Purpose, Auto Two and Four Wheel Workshop for washing /cleaning application, RO water   POWERPOINT High-pressure (simplex / duplex / triplex / sixplex) plunger pump is a positive displacement pump. Which can able to deliver high flow stream at high pressure with high efficiency and These pumps are also know as hydro test pump, Pressure test pump, hydrostatic test pump.

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High Pressure Regenerative Pumps

Available Features : Size : 19 mm x 19 mm   Ideal for pressure boosing operation, very useful for RO/ SODA plant

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Pressure Booster Pumps

Available Features : Can be used for hotwater upto 100 deg   Our pumps confirm with European Standards IEC-EN 60335-2-41

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Hydraulic Test Pumps Motorised

MOTORISED HYDRAULIC TEST PUMP HT SERIES Model No : Available Features : Test Pressure Up to 1000 kg/cm2, Water Flow Capacity up to 150 LPH, Motor Up to 7.5 hp Operating Range: Boilers, Pressure Vessels, C.I. Mains, Castings parts, Gas Cylinders, Pipes and Tubes Parts Subjected to Hydraulic Pressure Standard Accessories   Electric Motorized driven system, Totally Enclosed drive Mechanism, Heavy duty precision gear box, Large Air Chamber, Self Oiling system quick acting Relief valve, Totally Dependable, Reliable and Efficient performance.

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Water Pressure Pump

  • Pressure 5kg/cm2
  • Voltage 220V AC
  • Size 1.5 HP
  • Suitable for 2 Bathroom
  • Tank 24L
  • RPM 2900

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Pressure Booster Pump

  • Driven Type Electric
  • Pressure High Pressure, Low Pressure, Medium Pressure
  • Warranty 1year
  • Power 1 Hp Pressure Booster Pump
  • Pump make Crompton
  • Accessories 24 Litres Vertical Tank, Pressure Control Switch, Brass Connector

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Sea Water/Marine Pumps

    The Sea Water/ MarinePumps are centrifugal Type bare pumps with a special coating inside(corro coat EP-F 5002) which protects the pump against corrosion from salt and other things.This is an imported coating, the details of which are given below:     Corro-Coat EP-F 5002   Product Description: Corro-Coat EP-F 5002 is a Fusion Bond Epoxy coating designed for valves and fittings protection. It is typically applied up to 500gm. thickness. Corro-Coat EP-F 5002 is normally applied in the temperature range of 190°C to 240°C (374°F to 464°F). Operating Conditions: Corro-Coat EP-F 5002 is designed for non potable water and chemical systems. It is available in a range of colors enabling custom color valves coating. Storage Conditions: A shelf Life of at least 12 months is obtained when stored at maximum 25°C (77°F) with relative humidity of 65%. Do not exceed 33°C (91°F).

  • Description Norm Result
    Gel time ISO 8130.6@ 200.C (392°F) 25 - 65 seconds
    Gel time ISO 8130.6@ 240°C (464°F) 5 - 35 seconds
    Moisture content CSA-Z245.20-02 (12.4B) Below 0.50% (at time of manufacture)
    Time to cure @240°C (464°F) 50-150 seconds
    Time to cure @220°C (428°F) 150-250 seconds
    Time to cure @200°C (392°F) 250-350 seconds
    Gloss @ 60 degrees 70 - 90
    Hardness Buchholz DIN 53153/ISO 2815 80
    Abrasion resistance ASTM D 1944, 1000g load, 3000 cycles, CS17 wheels Less than 0.200g weight loss
    Water immersion ASTM D-870. distilled water 3000 hours. no blistering or loss of adhesion
    Acetic acid 10% Excellent Nitric acid 10% limited resistance
    Acetic acid concentrated little/no resistance Nitric acid 3% limited resistance
    Acetone Limited resistance Nitric acid 30% limited resistance
    Ammonia 10% Limited resistance Petroleum Excellent
    Ammonia concentrated Limited resistance Phenol little/no resistance
    Butanel Excellent Phosphoric acid 10% Excellent
    Chemicals Resistance Phosphoric acid 4% Excellent
    Citric acid 10% Limited resistance Phosphoric acid 43% Excellent
    Crude oil Excellent Seawater Excellent
    Cyclohexanone little/no resistance Sodium bi chromate Excellent
    Distilled water Excellent Sodium carbonate 10% Excellent
    Edible oil Excellent Sodium chloride 2% Excellent
    Ethyl acetate Limited resistance Sodium chloride 20% Excellent
    Ethyl alcohol 96% Excellent Sodium hydroxide 30% Excellent
    Glycerol Excellent Sodium hydroxide 5% Excellent
    Hydrochloric acid 10% Limited resistance Salphuric acid 20% Excellent
    Hydrogen peroxide Limited resistance Tap water Excellent
    Isopropyl alcohol Excellent Toluene Excellent
    Lactic acid 10% Excellent Turpentine Excellent
    Methyl-ethyl ketone Limited resistance Urea Excellent
    Na-hypochlorite. dilute Limited resistance Xylene Excellent


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Vertical Glandless Pump

PVGP Series * No seal, stuffing box & gland * pump can run even in dry condition * Maintenance free

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multistage centrifugal pumps

HIGH PRESSURE MULTISTAGE CENTRIFUGAL PUMP Model No : CHP & CMS Available Features : Capacities: ‐ 2500 LPM Maximum, Heads: ‐ 400 Mtrs Maximum, Sizes: ‐ 1 “to 6”, Temperature: ‐ 140 deg c Maximum Operating Range: Irrigation – Sprinkler Installations, Pressure Boosting – Multistage story Building, Hydro – Pneumatic, Water Works Fire Fighting – Mining wash down Applications, Hydraulic press / Circuits.  

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Rotary Gear Pumps

  • Pump Model Inlet Outlet Size
  • Capacity Recommended Motor HP At Differential Pressure Of 'X' kg/ cm² With 1500 SSU Viscosity & Specific Gravity @ 0.8g/CC
  • WT. of Bare Shaft Pump in KG. LPM
  • US GPM M3/hr
  • 1 2
  • 3 4
  • 5 6
  • 7 8
  • 9 10
  • PG-050 ½"x½"
  • 20 5.30
  • 1.20 0.50 0.75
  • 0.50 0.75
  • 2.80 PG-075
  • ¾"x¾" 30
  • 7.92 1.80
  • 0.50 0.75 1.00 0.50
  • 0.75 1.00
  • 4.50 PG-100
  • 1"x1" 50
  • 13.20 3.00
  • 0.50 0.75 1.00 1.50 0.50
  • 1.50 6.20
  • PG-125 1¼"x1½"
  • 75 19.80
  • 4.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 3.00
  • 1.00 1.50
  • 2.00 3.00
  • 8.50 PG-150
  • 1½"x1½" 110
  • 29.00 6.60
  • 1.50 2.00 3.00 5.00 1.50
  • 5.00 10.50
  • PG-200 2"x 2"
  • 225 59.40
  • 13.50 3.00 5.00 7.50
  • 3.00 5.00
  • 7.50 18.00
  • PG-250 2½"x2½"
  • 350 92.50
  • 21.00 5.00 7.50 10.00 12.50
  • 5.00 7.50
  • 10.00 12.50
  • 27.30 PG-300
  • 3"x3" 500
  • 131.60 30.00
  • 10.00 12.50 15.00 20.00 10.00
  • 12.50 15.00
  • 20.00 37.00

PG Series-Features: Single Helical Gears Hardened & Ground Shafts. Max. Capacity-500 Lpm Max. Pressure- 10 Kgcm² Max. Temperature-80 degree C Modified Version For High Temp. Up To-200 degree C Modified Version For Molasses and Vacuum Application Higher Aesthetic Value PG Series-Features: Single Helical Gears Hardened & Ground Shafts. Max. Capacity-500 Lpm Max. Pressure- 10 Kg/cm² Max. Temperature-80 degree C Modified Version For High Temp. Up To-200 degree C Modified Version For Molasses and Vacuum Application Higher Aesthetic Value

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single screw pumps

'AYT' series single screw pumps are designed specially for hygienic applications. All internal contours are designed to be swept away by product flow or by detergents when 'in-line' cleaning. All metallic parts in contact with the fluids are in smooth finish stainless steel, and stator is of non-contaminating food grade elastomer viz. Nirtile, EPDM, Silicon and Viton. Shaft sealing is ensured by hygienic quality gland packing or mechanical seal. These pumps are available in IDF/ SMS or equivalent suction discharge end connections. User Industries : Bakery, Brewery, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Diary, Ediable Oils, Fruit Processing, Winery Food Processing, Ice Cream, Malt & Cocoa, Pharmaceuticals etc.   Fluids Handled : Apple Pulp, Amla Pulp, Chocolate Mix, Minced Meat, Beverages, Butter Oil, Cream, Curd, Fruit Pulp, Glucose, Jam, Liquor, Squashes, Sugar Syrup, Medical Formulations, Yeast, Yoghurt etc.

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Industrial Pumps

'ANA ' SERIES INDUSTRIAL PUMPS 'ANA' series pumps are used for a wide variety of pumping and transfer duties. They are found in tough rugged industrial application handling anything from abrasive slurries, aggressive or reactive chemicals, to viscous liquids, oils, or suspensions and aqueous solutions at elevated temperatures. These pumps consists torsion free metal-bonded stator for increased stator life, higher efficiency and per stage pressure. Simple Cast Iron construction with internal rotating parts of Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel depending on the fluids to be handled. Shaft sealing ensured by gland packing with Mechanical Seal Optional.   User Industries : Brewery, Ceramics, Chemical, Construction, Cosmetics, Detergents, Distillery, Effluent, Edible oil, Fertilizer, Marine, Mining, Oil exploration, Paper, Pulp, Paint & Vernish, Sewage treatment, Sugar, Soap & Detergents, Textile, Toiletries etc.   Fluids Handled : Acidic & Alkaline slurry, Acrylic Emulsion, Black liquor, Ceramic slurry, Chemical Slurries, Dyestuff, Effulent, Emulsion, Explosive Slurry, Glue, Paint, Magma, Molasses(all grades), Oil, Petroleum jelly, Printing Ink, Solvents, Sodium Silicate, Sulphited Suger juice, Vegetable Oil, Viscose, Yeast etc.

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Rotary Vane Pump

  • Motor Required : 0.5 HP X 1450 RPM Single / Three phase 110 / 210 / 410 volts 50 / 60 Hz
  • Transfer Rate : 15 KG per minute
  • Material Construction for Pump : Body- Heavy Duty Casting / Shaft- EN 8 / Vane-Copper, Carbon
  • Standard Accessories : Inlet valve, Inlet pipe , Filter , Outlet pipe, Outlet valve suitable to fit in car / bike.
  • Free Spares with Pump : 4 nos vane , set of “O” rings.
  • Packing Weight : 19 . 700 Kg
  • Packing Dimensions : L x H x W  19 x 13 x 5.10 Inch

Detailed Product Description:  A Small rotary vane of ¼” size is suitable for thin liquid of any viscosity. Ideal for kerosene, diesel, solvents, petrol, or even it can handle gas. This is a high pressure pump. At present 0.5 HP pump is available. It can deliver approx 14 kg/cm² per min. These pumps are also available with flame proof motors. 

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