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Our offered Product range includes and China Clay.

China Clay

Pure China Clay is processed by weathering or hydrothermal alteration of felspathic rocks. China Clay is chemically denoted as Al 2 , (Si 2 O 5 )(OH)4. The Snow White China Clay offered by us processed at our highly advanced unit using latest technology. Besides, we are one of the prominent China Clay Powder Exporters in India. Deposits High grade china clay deposits are present in West Bengal, Orissa, Rajasthan, M.P. & Gujarat. First we collect the samples from various mines which is analysed for composition and physical and chemical properties and its suitability for various applications is then studied. Moreover, sustained availability of the material with no variation from mines is given utmost importance to ensure consistency in final product. Processing The raw china clay is subject to a refining process including spiral classification, hydrocycloning, deflocculation, bleaching and finally drying, micronizing, air-classification and surface treatment. Our processing ensures consistent composition, control of top-cut and average particle size and freedom from free silica. Our quality assurance system extends from mining to micronizing to ensure near-Zero-defect products :- Mining Manual sorting to recover white lumps. On site chemical analysis before despatch to our factories. Micronizing Test for physical properties like Bulk density, Oil absorption, Whiteness etc. Particle - size distribution analysis. Surface Treatment Testing of hydrophobicity, oil absorption and uniformity of coating. Quality Test Certification Quality Test Certificate is provided to customers, certifying values within specifications. Services Just-in-time inventory management support by despatch from ready stock. Before sales technical feedback and problem solving in collaboration with the customer by our technical service engineers. Application development at customer's end supported by the central R&D laboratory of MLA Group. After sales services & trouble-shooting by the sales & service engineers. GRADES TULSI-052 EXTRA WHITE CLAY This grade has a whiteness unmatched by any other clay available worldwide. It has low bulk-density, plasticity & near zero grit content. It has very high wettability, dispersibility in non-acqueous solvents. Some of this application are in :- PAINTS : Due to its whiteness it is used to extend and partially replace titanium-dioxide. The low bulk density facilitates lower concentration per volume. RUBBER Moulded parts, lining, flaps, as anti-sticking agent in thread rubber. PAPER : As a body filler and for coating. CALCIUM CARBONATE SUBSTITUTE : Due to whiteness, fineness and low B.D. it can replace ppt. CaCO3 in many applications e.g. Hawai Footwear Straps. INSECTICIDES : As a filler in various technical formulations. TULSI-053 EXTRA-FINE EXTRA WHITE CLAY This grade is remarkable for its purity, very high fineness, whiteness and easy dispersibility. It conforms to I.P. standards for Kaolin due to chemical purification and freedom from heavy metallic impurities. Besides the applications mentioned for TULSI-052 it can be used as a filler/diluent in Pharmaceuticals, Animal Feed, Food Products, Marine Food Preservation & Cosmetics. MICRO-5-SW EXTRA WHITE CLAY (ECONOMY) This grade is reasonably white and free from impurities and can be used as an economical substitute of TULSI-052 in various cost sensitive applications e.g. putties & primers. MICRO-2-FW EXTRA FINE WHITE PLASTIC CLAY This grade is hard china clay having semi-reinforcing properties and high plasticity due to its very small average particle size. It is easily wettable & dispersible in acqueous solutions and has anti setting characterstics. It is an excellent filler for :- PAINTS : Water based and emulsions. RUBBER : Checks retardation due to basic pH . MICRO-2-LW EXTRA LIGHT REINFORCING CLAY This clay has been specially processed to a very fine particle size and surface characteristics by modification of its basic structure. It has a very low BD and high oil absorption, unmatched by any mineral filler. It is highly suitable for :- RUBBER : As a reinforcing agent - replaces ppt. silica partially e.g. EVA Footwear sheets. PAINTS : For gloss reduction in matt-finishes, control of consistency (rheology) besides acting as a low bulking filler. INSECTICIDES : As a superior substitute for mineral fillers. Serves dual purpose as a better carrying agent and provides free flow properties. Due to excellent dispersibility especially suited for WDPs.

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