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Chemical Machinery & Plant

Our product range comtains a wide range of distillery plant, salt refining plant, distillery machine and detergent powder plant

distillery plant

Raj process equipments is a process Equipments manufacturing company with vision to become one of the leading Indian Multinational Company in next decade. Through our continued efforts we are spreading our wings all over the globe. We are presently exporting to Italy, Ukraine, Finland, Indonesia, USA, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain etc. We plan to expand in domestic as well as international market by setting up strong local support by setting up marketing offices & representatives. Our expertise is in providing turnkey plants for Distillery, Detergent, Starch & Starch Derivatives, Guar Gum, Zero Liquid Discharge Plant. We are one of the leaders in Dryers, Evaporators and Blenders. We have recently developed import substitute for continuous mixer for coal impregnation and hydrocarbon recovery unit. We continue to develop new products and enhance existing products for better results.

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salt refining plant

Salt is the common name for the substance sodium chloride (NaCI), which occurs in the form of transparent cubic crystals. In industry salt with its' converted forms such as chlorine, caustic, soda ash are being used in various industries such as petrochemical refining, petro chemistry, organic synthesis , bulk drug and pharmaceutical industries. In consideration of edible salt it should be processed hygienically so as to make it consumable for human being, which raises the need of suitable refining process of salt to meet today's demands such as its purity, color, crystalline nature, particle size distribution and free flowing behaviour.

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distillery machine

Production & consumption of alcohol is an age old practice. But with time, the usage areas as well as production techniques have gone through a major transformation. Apart from potable purposes, alcohol today finds application in a varied mix of industrial areas. And with state-of the-art technology, we now have techniques & systems that bring out much higher quality of the product while effectively lowering production costs. The process of distillation is one with slow dynamics and is accompanied by side streams, making it essential to have a carefully planned and designed control system.

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detergent powder plant

An enzyme has various industrial uses nowadays. It is used in Food processing, Detergent and Textile industry, Brewery & Rubber industry, Biofuel industry, Biological detergent and Pharmaceutical industries. The production of enzymes Fermentation is a method of generating enzymes for indust r ial purposes. Fermentation involves the use of Preparation of raw material Fermentation Removal of cells Centrifugation for cell Separation Liquid Form Dry Powder Form Granulated Form (FBD) Fine Powder (Spray Drying) Refining Process microorganisms, like bacteria and yeast to produce the enzymes. After recovery and purification, the enzymes are standardized in a liquid or powder form, depending on the later application. Powder is made with Raj Process's Drying technology.

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