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  6. Medicines Tonics and Drugs 1 Products / Services available
  7. Oil Plant and Extraction Machinery 1 Products / Services available
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  9. Industrial Mixers & Homogenizers 1 Products / Services available
  10. Heat Exchanger Parts 1 Products / Services available
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Other Products / Services

We offer a complete product range of Thermal Desorption Unit, Egg Powder Plant, Food Flavour Powder Plant, Petrochemical & Refineries and Potassium Iodate Plant

Thermal Desorption Unit

Thermal Desorption Unit The dryer is provided with external jacket through which hot air generated in hot air generator is passed to heat the material at design temperature. The flue gas coming out from the dryer jacket is recycled back to hot air generator.

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Egg Powder Plant

Egg Powder Plant is an excellent nutritious food. Eggs drying is an economical method of preservation and also improves the shelf life. The egg powder can be easily stored and transported without refrigeration at room temperature.

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Food Flavour Powder Plant

Food Flavour Powder Plant of natural andor artificial aromatic substances plant extracts, essential oils, reaction products, etc. The flavors have wide range of applications in many Industries. The flavor of the food, as such, can be altered with natural or artificial flavorants.

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Petrochemical & Refineries

Petrochemical & Refineries and parts to the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry and process plant projects. This includes Gas Process Plants, Refining Units, Vessels and Columns, LPG Storage Tanks, Propane Tanks etc.Heat exchangers, Fired Heaters Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

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Potassium Iodate Plant

Potassium Iodate Plant It is also used as a raw material in many industrial applications. In other countries, potassium Iodate is used as source for iodine. Production of potassium is done by electrochemical production in which iodine is dissolved in potassium hydroxide and the potassium iodide so obtained. It is then electrolytically oxidized.

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Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

  • Capacity 1 kL per day to 1000 kL per day.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plants have become a necessity for all the industries generating liquid effluents. Common effluent treatment plants in most areas have a limited capacity. The zero liquid discharge systems are normally incorporated to treat the R.O. reject streams.

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Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder Plant

Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder Plant It comprises purified, de-polymerised, Micro Crystalline sub micron size colloidal particles. It is produced by treating Alfa Cellulose obtained as a pulp from fibrous plants with minerals acid.

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Nutraceutical Powder Plant

Nutraceutical Powder Plant is used by many people of different ages as a food supplement as it has very good nutrition values and milk proteins.The tanks are also provided with the heating arrangement so as to maintain proper temperature. The feed is homogenized in a specially design homogenizer.

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Glucose Plants

Starch & Glucose Plants is that starch is produced according to the requirement of the end users depending upon changing reaction condition (Temp, pH2 additives) and strict process control methods. Customized or specially developed starch is popularly known as Modified starch. This is superior quality starch applicable for varied industrial usages.

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