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Measuring Instruments & Equipment

Our offered Product range includes Kilo Volt Meters, Million Mega Ohm Meter, Contact Resistance Meter, Winding Resistance Meter and Micro Ohm Meter.

Kilo Volt Meters

  • Sr. No.  Parameters
  • Description 1
  • Maximum Capacity Up to 800kV
  • 2 Number of Sections
  • One for each 200kV or one for 100kV depends on capacity 3
  • Length of Section  100kV - 0.75 meter 200kV - 1.25meter
  • 4 Capacitance of the unit 
  • Generally 200pF 5
  • Measured Parameter Peak Voltage, RMS Voltage, DC Voltage and peak/ √2
  • 6 Frequency  Response (AC)
  • AC 40 to 60HZ AC 40 to 200HZ
  • 7 Frequency  Response (DC)
  • Up to 1MHz 8
  • Least Count 0.1kV
  • 9 Enclosure

Kilo Volt Meter (kV) meters used tomeasure the kilo volt value of an Instrument Transformer, CTPT etc. The unit is used for higher value calibration with a wide range from 1% to 110%. Kilo Voltmeters are highly accurate, portable voltage measurement systems traceable to NABL standards. The Kilo meter series consists of a high voltage divider assembly, a precision readout device and interconnection leads. The battery operation makes the system completely portable for field testing while the precision divider assembly and readout device makes it suitable for laboratory use.Used to measure ACDC voltage measurement partial Discharge measurement from any High Voltage source such as AC HV test system, PTCT power distribution transformer.DC measurement, AC peak, AC-RMS, True Value.

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Million Mega Ohm Meter

  • Features Solid State Circuit,Simple to operate

Million mega ohm Meters are designed for measurement of insulation resistance of insulating materials, Electrical & Electronic Components, Cables, Panels, Transformers, chokes, PCB's, Plugs & Sockets and many similar products. They are especially designed for testing cables & wires keeping in view high charging current of capacitive loads.The unit consists of built in arrangement for charging the capacitor and indicates the value of insulation after preset time. This facility ensures efficient working of the unit.

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Contact Resistance Meter

  • Condition New
  • Accuracy Class High
  • Measuring time 1 Minute
  • MOQ As per Client Requirement

'RE' Contact Resistance Micro-Ohm Meter model RE-CR-100 is capable to measure resistance between 0.1 micro ohm to 2 milli ohm. The instrument can provide test current between 20A - 200A subject to the load resistance and supply voltage. The system uses four terminals - two for current supply and two for resistance measurement.   The unit has high current capability and is of compact design suitable for testing high current contacts for circuit breakers, switches, bus-bar joints, and other application where high current junctions exist. The unit is housed in M.S. sheet housing is light in weight and is supplied complete with 2 nos. Current leads with clamps and 2 nos. potential leads with clips.   Special Features Compact size for portability Easy to operate and operation manual is provided Built in safety arrangement for operator and equipment Efficient after sales service Guarantee for one year against manufacturing defects

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Winding Resistance Meter

High Current Resistance Meter delivers high performance where it counts. With unmatched speed, range and accuracy it is the best solution for low resistance measurements on transformers, motors, breakers, switchgear, etc. Virtually all sizes of transformer can be measured – from small pole top units to the largest transmission units with Y or D configuration. High precision – typical 0.5%. Compact and rugged for field or factory use. Fully automatic operation.

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Micro Ohm Meter

  • capacity 1 amp

Micro-ohm Meter 1 amps capacity 3.5 digit suitable to checking low resistance of copper wires and other conductors from 1 micro-ohm to 19.99 ohm in 5 ranges.The unit is designed for working on 230 V AC + 10% and consumes 12 W Power.The resistance is displayed directly on seven segment LED display

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