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Our product range comtains a wide range of Fali-M Alcohol Dry Yeast, Pinnacle Distillers Yeast (M) and Fali-G Active Dry Yeast

Fali-M Alcohol Dry Yeast

  • Application Yeast
  • Name of Product GFALI M
  • Dosing/Ton of Starch 5-6 Kg/Lakh of wash
  • Technical Details Fali M for higher alcohol concentration, higher yield molasses fermentation active dry yeast.
  • Benefits Higher yield, Fast fermentation, up to 13 % alcohol tolerance, high cell count, less fusel oil generation, and controlled contamination.

It is bio-ethanol Yeast (Molasses) is an active dried yeast well-suited for use in batch and continuous fermentations of molasses and pure sugars. It has a high tolerance to osmotic pressure at high sugar. It is manufacture by AB MAURI.   Key Benefits: a. Increase fermentation efficiency. b. Reduce formation of higher alcohol c. High sugar tolerance d. Higher alcohol % in wash e. Reduce spent wash generation f. Enhance yield

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Pinnacle Distillers Yeast (M)

  • Optimum Range 28°C to 32°C (82°F to 90°F)
  • High Cell Count >20 x 109 cells/g
  • Dosing 1to3 kg/MT of grain
  • Regulatory All Yeast Conforms to Current Local Regulations.
  • Packaging Each box contains either 1 x 10kg or 20 x 500g bags (22lb) with 72 boxes per pallet.
  • Storage Opened packages can be stored cool and used within 3-4 days.

Manufactured by AB MAURI, imported from Italy. It is active dried yeast well-suited for use in malt based fermentation. it rapidly consumes maltose and produce a flavorful sprit. It has a high cell count >20 x 109 cells/g, resulting sprit having high organoleptic qualities. (Literature attached ) Dosing – 1to3 kg/MT of grain.

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Fali-G Active Dry Yeast

  • Application Yeast
  • Name of Product Fali -G Active Dry Yeast
  • Dosing/Ton of Starch 0.2-0.3 kg/ton of starch
  • Benefits fast fermentation, Higher alcohol tolerance ,low residual sugar ,higher yield.

It is manufactured by AB MAURI thermo stable , high alcohol tolerant yeast strain developed under stringent condition in Mexico plant, that can help in deliver in excess of 15 % alcohol at high conversion efficiencies.   Technical Details : Exclusive grain fermentation sacchsromycescerevisiae strain, high temperature and low pH tolerance.

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