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Call it ‘Varanasi’ or ‘Banaras’, the old spiritual city leaves everyone in sheer admiration echoing with the jingles of holy bells and overwhelming ‘ghats’ jammed with the heaps of religious devotees. This North Indian city is positioned on the banks of the sacred Ganges in Uttar Pradesh and is alleged to be the oldest settled cities in the world. The congested inter-connected lanes of this city lead to the tightly-packed old houses & haveli, rustic bazaars, falling ancient buildings, historic temples and few intrusive modern buildings. Known for its intricate weaves and wafts, the city has the much-sought-after silk & textile industry.

Theology and Culture

Considered as one of the 7 holy cities in India, Varanasi is the heartbeat of the Hindu worshippers from every corner of the globe. But, the glimpse of Buddist, Muslim and the people of other faiths can also be found here. Pilgrims visit the city to wash away their sins or cremate their loved ones. The art culture of Varanasi is renowned worldwide and the tourists continuously seek for the Banarasi Sarees, silk handlooms, ornaments, metal work, woodwork and other handicrafts made here.

Also, Varanasi is the land of knowledge, where the legends like ‘Kabir Das’, ‘Tulsi Das’, ‘Munshi Prem Chand’, ‘Jaishankar Prasad’, ‘Ravi Shankar’, ‘Bismillah Khan’ and many others spent the considerable portion of their lives. The local cuisines like the ‘Jalebi-Dahi’, ‘Gujjiya’, ‘Kachodi’, ‘Dahi Bhalle’, ‘Pani Puri’, ‘Samosa’ and the endless other varieties attract every foodie.

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