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Some Important Facts About Apple

Top Apple Producing Countries In The World
Rank Country Apple Production (tonnes)
1 China 37001601
2 United States 4110050
3 Turkey 2889000
4 Poland 2877340
5 India 2203400
6 Italy 1991310
7 Brazil 1810000
8 Chile 1625000
9 Russia 1403000
10 France 1382900



List of Top Apple Producing States in India
States Cultivation Area (Thousand Hectares) Production (Thousand Metric Tonnes)
Arunachal Pradesh 12.8 10
Himachal Pradesh 99.6 280.1
Jammu & Kashmir 138.1 1373
Tamil Nadu 0 0.1
Uttranchal 32.4 114
Total 282.9 1777.2



List of Top Apples Exporting Countries In the World
Exporter Country 2015 Apples Exports % World Total
China US$1 billion 0.147
United States $1 billion 0.146
Italy $960.3 million 0.137
France $616.2 million 0.088
Chile $591.5 million 0.084
New Zealand $432.2 million 0.061
South Africa $386.5 million 0.055
Poland $319 million 0.045
Netherlands $187.6 million 0.027
Belgium $141.6 million 0.02


What are the major varieties of apples produced in the world?

There are many types of apples produced in the world. The major varieties of apples among them are:

Which is the largest apple producing country in the world?

China surpasses all the country in terms of apple production. Almost 63 million tons of apples are produced annually in the world out of which almost 43 million tons are produced in China itself. The United States and Turkey bag the second and third position in the list of top apple producing countries in the world.

Which is the largest apple producing state in India?

Jammu & Kashmir tops the list of largest apple producing state in India with more than 70% of share in its bag. Because of the amazing weather condition and adequate soil type, Jammu is the ideal place for apple production. The states next in the list are Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Arunachal Pradesh.

Which is the largest apple exporting country in the world?

China has usurped the number one position in the list of apple exporting countries in the world. With an enormous increase of 1.3 million tons from the past years, China has managed to rise as the largest exporter of apples beating Thailand, Philippines, and India. The total export made by China in 2016 was 1.32 million tons, which accounts for a total worth of USD1.45 billion for apples.

Which country is known as the “Top Apple Importing Country in the World”?

Russia has been crowned with the title of “Top Apple Importing Country in the World”. Due to the low produce and increasing demands of apple in the country, Russia has to import more than 1,300,000 metric tons of apples annually from top apple exporting nations. Russia is followed by Germany, the United Kingdoms, Netherlands, and China.