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Industrial Heaters

Our offered Product range includes Tubular Band Heaters, Porcelain Heater, High Density Cartridge Heaters, CASTED NOZZLE HEATERS and glass heaters.

Tubular Band Heaters

220 /Piece
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  • Features High-temperature,Easy installation
  • Usage Industrial

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Porcelain Heater

Porcelain Heaters are produced from best quality of raw material and extraordinary temperatures bearing insulators, the Porcelain Heaters provide is used in various industries. The Porcelain Heater is the combinations of the elements that are bare partly in air for better heating Transfer Process for the application, plant and machinery. Porcelain Heater is widely used in ovens, tanks wherever there draining cannot be possible to change the Electric heaters. The Porcelain Heaters offered by Antique Heating Elements are known for their extraordinary accuracy, performance and durability.

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High Density Cartridge Heaters

  • Sheath temperature 800oC

High Density Pencil Heaters are confirmed to be the small cost solution for most of the warming applications. High density cartridge heater appropriate for many multifarious applications. Cartridge heater shaped in a way so that its upcoming applications and effecting encroach other cartridge radiators.High Density Heaters are manufactured with high class materials so that they can function in any extreme condition also. Main areas of use of high density cartridge heater are tools heating in foundry technology, packaging-machines, medical devices, plastics-plants, Automobile industry; paper Industries Machinery, Plastics processing Machinery etc.If talk some more about it then high density cartridge heater manufacturers mainly show the grade of heater available in the market nowadays.

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Casted heaters/ Cast in Heaters The  cast in aluminium heaters  consists of the cast in elements which is embedded into single or multiple brasses, aluminium alloy, copper-nickel, iron-type material.  Cast in heaters  can be equipped with the sheath to ensure heating of pressurized gas and cooling by circulating water.  Electric heater are used for  heating element , as well to maintain the shape of product . Casted heaters  or  casted aluminium heaters  consist of following parts: Tube: protects resistance wire, shock protection and resistance to corrosion. Terminal connection: allow electrical connection of heating element and depend on current rating. Edge insulation: provide dielectric insulation The Seal: provide insulation against external moisture Output Rods: It is non-heating (CN) part of which section depends on current applied and diameter. Length is defined by the process. The Wire (Joule Effect): Nickel Chromium Alloy (80/20) Insulation: Compressed magnesium oxide to ensure good dielectric insulation and rapid heat transfer. Fastening device   Application of  Cast Heaters : Semiconductor processing Plastic processing cast in heaters packaging machinery Foodservice Paper processing medical equipment textile manufacturing heat transfer press Based on the application, cast in heaters/Cast heaters are further categorized into following sections: Cast in Heaters for Semi-conductor Processing: A line of the cast in aluminium and bronze alloys heater is manufactured to meet the requirement of semiconductor processing industry. Black platen heaters, bake/chill pedestal heaters, platen heaters, cast in hot chunk heaters, high-temperature platen heater and standard pedestal heaters. Cast in heaters for Plastic processing: Plastic processing application of cast heaters include Air Cooled Cast-in  Barrel Heaters , Liquid Cooled Cast in Barrel Heaters, Air Cooled Cast In Heaters with Shrouds, L-Shaped Square Cast In Barrel Heaters, Vent Cut Out Cast in Heater, Heat-Only Cast-In Heaters, Hollow Cast  Nozzle Heaters , Cast-in Cooling Jackets which provides effective heating and cooling for plastic extrusion barrel, sheath and corrosion protection. Cast in Platen Heaters: These  platen heaters  are used in heat transferring press, foodservice equipment, commercial pre-heaters, and die heaters. This platen heater consists of tubular heating elements and manufactured of aluminium or bronze alloys to provide maximum efficiency and temperature uniformity on working surface of the casting. Specification of Cast in Heaters: The temperature of the cast in heaters in Aluminium, brass, and copper-nickel can’t be more than 400°C (Max Wt.: 400 kg), 600°C and 650°C (Max Wt. 300 Kg) respectively. Finally, if you are looking to purchase cast in heaters, give your specification such as the seal type protective enclosure or ATEX, on request machining, insulation on request following temperature and ask for the quote. If all the things meet with your need, order cast in heaters. For any query regarding product, contact us without any shyness. FEATURES: – Complete foundry capabilities assure precise and uniform placement of the element in the casting. Our manufacturing plant assures quality management control from product design through production and servicing. We produce castings with low porosity for better heat transfer. The system also minimizes internal voids and defects by precisely controlling molten metal temperature and feed rate. Optional cast-in tubing provides faster cooling or can be used to heat liquids or gases that run through it, functioning as a circulation heater. High thermal conductivity of aluminum provides extremely uniform surface temperatures to avoid damaging hot or cold spots when operating the heaters Product Details:   Minimum Order Quantity:     6 Piece Power(Watts):                             As per requirement of application Voltage:                                          As per requirement of application Size:                                                 As per requirement of application   Specification: Liquid cooled or air cooled specification. Cast in material: Aluminum, Bronze or Iron. Largest possible diameter with maximum length steel sheath tubular heater to maintain good heater life.

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glass heaters

Glass Heaters:  Chrome Nickel Steel With Power Saving Designed for Higher Temperature Available with Heating Proof Pads and Plates Standard Quality Nichrome wire for Uniform Temperature Maximum Amperage Carrying Capacity Easy to Configure and Install

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Tubular Heaters

Material: Stainless steel, Encloy, copper, Mild Steel, Wattage/Power: 100 – 6000 Watt. Operation Running Voltage: 24 volt, 220 volt, 230 volt, 240 volt, 415 volt Available: In .312″, 375″, 430″, 475″and.625″ element diameter. Temperature Up to 850° F /550° C. Tubular / manifold Heaters A designed helical coil of Nickel-Chromium alloy resistance wire with the ration of 80%-20% is welded to nickel-coated steel terminated cold pin. Once this coil assembly is stretched and centered in the element sheath, then the coil is filled with MgO (Magnesium Oxide) powder. Tubular heaters are the widely used heaters in many commercial, industrial and scientific applications. The Tubular heater can be formed in any shape and cast into elements. Once the coil is filled with MgO powder, it is then compacted to permanently stabilize the coil in the center of the tube. Tubular heaters are also called  electric tubular heaters . Ultimately, a good quality of tubular heater provides excellent rapid heat transfer, dielectric strength between coil and sheath, durability with an industry resistance tolerance of -5%, +10% which reciprocate and translate to wattage resistance tolerance of -10%, +5%. Length tolerance of tubular heater is +/- 1% with available customized diameter of tolerance +/- 1%. Watt density of tubular heaters will govern internal resistance wire temperature and sheath and is calculated with the following formula: Watt Density (w/in2) = Element Wattage / (π × Element Dia. × Element Heated Length) Water heating coil  or the  electric heating coil  is used in winters everywhere to heat the water for bathing and drinking. Following are the elements to construct  tubular Heaters : Tubular sheath material selection: It is based on chemical composition of the gas or liquid being heated, process control and the characteristics of elements entering into solution. Incoloy® 840 for maximum sheath temperature: 1600°F / 871°C (Air Heating Application) Incoloy® 800 for maximum sheath temperature: 1600°F / 871°C (Air heating, immersion heating of portable water and liquid applications) 316 Stainless Steel for maximum sheath temperature: 1200°F / 649°C (improve corrosion resistance used in deionized water) 304 Stainless Steel for maximum sheath temperature: 1200°F / 649°C (Industrial, Medical, and Chemical Application) 321 Stainless Steel for maximum sheath temperature: 1200°F / 649°C (To prevent carbide precipitation in certain medium) Copper for maximum sheath temperature: 350°F / 177°C (used for clean heating water) Steel for maximum sheath temperature: 750°F / 399°C (used for high to low viscosity oils, asphalt, tar, wax, molten salt, heat transfer liquid media) Inconel ® 600 for maximum sheath temperature: 1800°F / 982°C Incoloy® 825 for maximum sheath temperature: 1100°F / 593°C Same like this, you need to define your sheath surface treatment material, termination style and option with mounting methods, bending formation and moisture seals in standard sizes and ratings. For orders and inquiries of the Tubular heater, one needs to specify the following requirement to manufacture company. As well as you should know about  tubular heater manufacturers  and  heating coil manufacturers.  Some of the eaters are called  ring heaters,   as they have round shape. Shape, dimensions Application purpose, medium Tube diameter, material, unheated tube length Installation and fastening elements Electrical connection Voltage, power rating Desired quantity Once you provide these requirements, ask for quote and order! If you have any question or any query. Please contact us if want to know about some more about our product. Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity:     6 Piece Power(Watts):                             As per requirement of application Voltage:                                          As per requirement of application Size:                                                 As per requirement of application

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Mica Heaters

Mica Heaters Mica heaters are the terrific choice when cost and performance succeed substrate flexibility.  Mica is a firm substrate able to resist very high temperatures and is used for applications where heat is up to 500°F (260°C). These heaters can be designed in an extensive range of different sizes and watt densities and their high Watt densities are up to >100/in² (15.5W/cm²). Mica heaters are manufactured for operations where effective temperature is much higher, leakage is lower and material cost is also low in comparison to other flexible heater technology. Such as packaging equipment, food service equipment, air heaters etc. Mica Heaters can simply be designed to accommodate a multiple of components such as thermocouples, thermistors, thermostats, thermal fuses, RTDs, or specialty wiring joints. Mica heaters are also referred as Micathermic heaters, which is a type of space heater wherein heating element is covered with a thin sheet of mica. These heaters generate both radiant and convection heat, these are generally thinner in comparison to other types of heaters. Applications of Mica Heaters Rubber vulcanizing machine Tank heating Extrusion machine Semiconductor processing Plastic Processing Blown film dies Heating of nozzles of injection molding machine Air heaters Enclosure systems Mica Heaters  offers comprise class mica heating element that delivers superior heating efficiency with adjustable thermostat backing so as to provide optimum functional support. Further, Mica heaters are manufactured with IP23 power switches and inbuilt thermal cut-off preference for safe and secure jobs. Flexibility is its most important feature and they can be mounted on a wall or could be used in standing option which increases efficiency and economical working solutions that meet specific heating requirements. Moreover, these heaters can manage maximum covered temperature of 900°F with customized power, voltage and size options, which is most convenient and suitable for plastic industry. Plate Heater  are used nowadays for several applications like as extruder barrels, hot plates. All these heaters like electric space heaters, band heater or electric heater have their own importance for the various products but some time they act as same in some fields. Some of them are heating elements as well. Terminations of Mica Heaters Mica heaters are available with many types of electrical terminations. The termination styles are selected according to amperage, diameter, electrical safety, voltage and cost. Three main termination styles are: Lead Wire Terminals-  In lead wire terminals High-temperature wire is internally connected to the band heater. These terminals has maximum amperage up to 20 Amps European Plugs –  European plugs are safe and simple to use and are generally used where the electrical termination has to be detached regularly. Screw Terminal-  Stainless steel screw terminals are generally suggested when high amperages (up to 30 amps) are implicated and the temperature restriction is 840°F. Feel free to ask your query whatever it is about the product. You can contact us also if want to know more about the product. Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity:   6 Piece Power(Watts):                               As per requirement of application Voltage:                                          As per requirement of application Size:                                                As per requirement of application Specification:-   Brass tubular sheath (available in stainless steel for corrosive materials such as PVC). Power standard density: max brass 5 W/cm² or 25 watt/sq. inch. Tear-resistant connection of power cable of Teflon wire or glass wire according to wattage required for application Diameter is available from 25 mm up to 1500 mm. Height is available from 25 mm up to 800mm. With mounted Thermocouple “K type” or “J type” is available. Inner sleeve is made of Steeliness steel, mild steel, Copper, brass. Features:- Versatile. Compact structure. Efficient and Reliable.

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Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters Cartridge heaters  are the heavy duty tube-shaped Heating Elements which is used in heating industry process based on its intended application and requirement of specific watt density. Based on various properties of cartridge heater, it is divided into 6 categories out of which low-density cartridge heater is one of the product used for low density and limited temperature range of 400°C. Let’s check out the explanation of Low Density Cartridge Heater below: Cartridge heater are also called  pencil heaters, electric heaters and bolt Heater . Electric heaters are used for  heating element . Low Density Cartridge Heater: Low density cartridge heaters are made of helical wound nickel chrome resistance wire evenly stretched and placed in ceramic insulators. Remaining space of ceramic insulator is filled with high-grade magnesium oxide powder. This assembled element is inserted into Stainless steel 304/316/321, Brass tube. Normally, a Low-density cartridge heater is used in hot stamping, food processing machinery, medical equipment, Packaging Machinery, Rubber Manufacturing Process Machinery, Automobile Industries and mold & dies industry. Specification of Low Density Cartridge Heater: Max Operating Temperature: 400°C for SS 304 and 250°C for brass From diameter 8mm to 45mm and length 50mm to 3000mm Max surface load 4 watt/cm2 Nickel Chrome Resistance Wire Power 200W – 500W Application of Low Density Cartridge Heater: Hot Stamping Moulds & Dies Plastic Process Machinery Food Processing Machinery Medical and Packing Equipment Heating gases and liquids Labelling Machines Many more… Utilization of high-grade raw materials and modern machines is required to provide the best combination of resistance to heat oxidation and physical strength. If High purity magnesium oxide (Mgo) and specially selected grain size powder are used to fill the space then cartridge offers higher thermal conductivity, strength and long operating life of Cartridge Heaters. If you want to design or purchasing a Customised Low-Density Cartridge Heater, just tell us your requirement based on the application either you want cartridge heater for stamping or Electric Heaters for labelling machines, pencil heaters for blister Machines and get the quote. If you are going to buy such products from  cartridge heaters manufacturers , then you should have provide the Wattage , voltage, diameter, length of Low density cartridge Heaters. Applications :- Plastic Processing Machinery. Moulds & Dies. Hot Stamping. Food Processing Machinery. Packing Equipment. Heating Gases & Liquids. Medical Equipment. Product Details:   Minimum Order Quantity:     6 Piece Power(Watts):                             As per requirement of application Voltage:                                          As per requirement of application Size:                                                 As per requirement of application Nickel Chrome Resistance Wire. Maximum Operating Temperature 250°C for Brass & 400°C for SS 304. Maximum Surface load 4 watts / cm2. Available From Dia. 8 mm to 45 mm & length 50 mm to 3000 mm.      

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High Density Pencil Heaters High Density Pencil Heaters  are proven to be the low cost solution for most of heating applications. They are suitable for many assorted applications. They are produced in a manner so that its future applications and execution encroach other cartridge radiators. High Density Heaters  are manufactured with high quality materials so that they can operate in any extreme condition also. Main areas of use of these heaters are tools heating in foundry technology, packaging-machines, medical devices, plastics-plants, Automobile industry, paper Industries Machinery, Plastics processing Machinery etc. If talk some more about it then  Cartridge heaters manufacturers  mainly show the grade of heater available in the market nowadays. Bolt heaters  are also used for preheat process and holding heated bolts. Key Features: High radiance magnesium oxide fill choose for the biggest kick to the bucket electrical quality. Very compacted, warm conductivity for the most extreme hotness exchange. Safety wire of chromium-nickel for the extreme warmer life, equitably wound for hotness conveyance. Stainless Steel 304 sheath for safe oxidation in many situations. Nicolay and Stainless Steel 316 are accessible likewise. Lead wires of these heaters are of high temperatures Like Teflon Wire and Glass Wire. Can be accessed with inbuilt thermocouple of J Type Thermocouple and K Type Thermocouple. In our Company, We Are Manufacturer the High Density Cartridge Heater With power/Wattage is between 100 and 4000 watts. So, they are appropriate for most of the industry applications for fast delivery of Electric Heaters Heating Process. Benefits of High Density Pencil Heaters Smaller Bolt heaters can be used without sacrificing of life anticipation because of high density Wattage. In this way, we can save cost and Energy (long-term and up-front). Maximum support is provided through swaged construction for the resistance wire to eliminate the effects of shock, vibration and Electric Heaters Heating loss. High density transfer characteristics that allow improved life anticipation as compared to other style, size and type of Electric heaters. Special features and termination styles permit customization to any application. The extensive line of controlling devices and accessories provide us with complete solution for industrial heating problems by Industrial Electric Heaters. Applications up to 8200C (15000F). Typical Application of these Heaters Plastic Molding Heating Gases and Liquids Plastic Extruders Dies and Molds Food Processing Packaging Equipment Shoe Machinery Medical Equipment Hot Stamping Glue Guns Hot Runner Molds Custom or Standard Designs High Density  Pencil Heaters  are designed and manufactured in such a way to meet our requirements by industrial Heaters Manufacturers. They are designed in a complete range of physical dimensions, lead terminations and standard electric Heaters ratings. Cartridge heater  which is a tube shaped like structure   and used for  heating element  in the heating process.  Electric Heaters  are also a best choice for heating process. You can find a variety of  High Density Pencil Heaters  in our company. These industrial Electric heaters can be customized for special applications to suit any individual needs for Electric Heating process, for example, individual connections and special power/Wattage, Voltage distribution for easy installation. Hope you will like the technical Information of high Density cartridge Heaters, so please post and share your query by contacting us. Features: Available within Built in ‘J’ Type Thermocouple or ‘K’ type Thermocouple. Rugged & Durable Construction of Electric Heaters. Available as per process required For Customized Heating. Product Details:   Minimum Order Quantity:     6 Piece Power(Watts):                             As per requirement of application Voltage:                                          As per requirement of application Size:                                                 As per requirement of application   Temperature: Maximum sheath temperature 800 o C. Material: Nickel Chrome Resistance Wire, Stainless Steel Tube Temperature: Temperatures to 1400 o F (760°C) on Incloy sheath, >temperatures to 1000 o F (540 o C) on optional stainless steel sheath.

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Pencil Heater

  • Diameter Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm

A leading pencil heaters manufacturer in Ghaziabad. Pencil heaters can be deliberated “Small heaters” that are meant to produce heat in various applications by their low density and high density. Cartridge heaters are principally used in molds and fit inside a cavity and helps heat solids by attainment of high temperature (by High Density Cartridge Heater or High Density Pencil Heater). Pencil heaters have the flexibility of being capable to fit thermocouple inside to help control temperature ofindustrial heaters more precisely. Various dimensions allow for it to be used in any opening and can be customized with any cold section. Lead wires range from the end to your control panels. Pencil heaterscartridge heaters are also used as a water heater element and in an extensive diversity of applications. Specific of these procedures include bag sealing application, hydraulic oil application, motor oil application, gearboxes, water heating application along with laboratory and food equipment. Sheaths can grasp extreme temperature as Pencil heaterscartridge heaters can be aimed with greater watt densities.

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