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We offer a complete product range of Rotary Sterilizer, Superheated Water Spray Sterilizer, Air Steam Mixture Sterilizer, Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Class B and Hot Air Sterilizer

Rotary Sterilizer

  • Meet GMP & FDA requirements Meet pharmaceutical & food industry standards
  • Digital readouts of all parameters 304 / 316 stainless steel construction
  • Thermal printer Total concealed wiring
  • Automatic door locking mechanism Vibration and thermal shock resistant

Bionics Scientific offers a comprehensive range of rotary sterilizers that are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries for sterilization for suspension and emulsion applications. Working based on saturated steam sterilization, these continuous rotary sterilizers fulfill GMP and FDA requirements. The rotation speed is adjustable and controlled via magnetic drive unit inside of unit. We have designed our rotating sterilizers in such a way so that the operator can use the machine in very easy and safe way. The whole unit is made of high grade stainless steel, which ensures long service life without corrosion on the surface. Doors are heavy duty in nature and electrically balanced ensure safe operation every time you load and unload the trays. Our rotary sterilizer machine is fitted with PLC and touch screen in order to offer fully automatic functions throughout the process. Thermal printer is also attached to record and print parameters, temperature, sterilization cycles etc.    

  • Model Inner  Chamber  (DIA. × L) mm Overall  Size
    (L× W× H) mm
    Steam  Consumption  kg /cycle Water  Consumption
    BST-XZ-0.6 1100 × 1580 1825× 1905× 1850 90 1500
    BST-XZ-1.2 1250 × 2300 3460× 1980× 2000 170 4500
    BST-XZ-2.5 1400 × 3080 3200× 2130× 2120 300 7000
    BST-XZ-5.0 2000 × 3100 3500× 2800× 2800 580 15000
    BST-XZ-8.0 2000 × 4850 5250× 2800× 2800 700 18000
    BST-XZ-10 2500 × 4100 4600× 3200× 3300 850 30000
    BST-XZ-12 2500 × 4800 5300× 3200× 3300 1000 35000
    Steam Pressure

    0.4 – 0.6 Mpa

    Design Pressure

    0.17 – 0.27 Mpa

    Water Pressure

    0.2 – 0.3 Mpa

    Working Pressure 0.15 – 0.27 Mpa
    Compressed Air Pressure 0.5 – 0.7 Mpa
    Working Temperature 134°C
    Rotation Speed 1 - 20 rpm
    Door Electrically balanced door
    Construction Stainless steel
    Control PLC and Touch screen
    Power Supply AC 380 Volts / 50 Hz. 3 Phase

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Superheated Water Spray Sterilizer

  • Terminal sterilization of glassware and plastic bottles High degree of operational flexibility
  • Follow cGMP requirements Can compliant to EN and DIN standards
  • Chamber piping and fittings in AISI SS 316L Uniform distribution of spray through nozzles
  • Recirculation through sanitary grade pump High grade thermal insulation
  • Fitted with wide range of alarms and safety devices Operation through PLC + HMI control system

Based on the principle of moist-heat sterilization under counter pressure, Superheated Water Spray Sterilizers are designed to meet terminal sterilization requirements in pharmaceutical industry. These Superheated Sterilizers are fitted with water recirculation through sanitary pump and spray system to heat up and cool down the products to be sterilized. These units are ideal for infusion products, blister packed products and large volumes of liquids sealed in glass or plastic containers. We manufacture super heated water spray sterilizers focusing pharmaceutical industry in compliance with EN and DIN standards where applicable. Each unit has circular inner chamber and rectangular door. These units feature fully automatic control system; touch screen control panel and thermal printer enabling users to operate the machine in very convenient way. In addition to our standard model and displayed sizes, our superheated water spray sterilizers can be custom designed. If you have specific requirements in dimensions, loading capacities or control systems, we can provide you exact machine at highly competitive price in India.

  • Model Chamber size
    (L x Dia.) mm
    Steam consumption
    (Kg / cycle)
    Water Consumption
    (Kg / cycle)
    Cooling water consumption
    (Kg / cycle)
    Compressed air consumption
    (m3 / cycle)
    BST/DKS-10 3160 x Ø2000 650 1000 8000 12
    BST/DKS-14 4260 x Ø2000 800 1300 12000 17
    BST/DKS-17 5260 x Ø2000 1000 1600 15000 20
    BST/DKS-22 6790 x Ø2000 1200 2000 20000 25
    BST/DKS-31 9860 x Ø2000 1700 3000 28000 34
    BST/DKS-35 10980 x Ø2000 1850 3300 32000 39
    BST/DKS-40 8360 x Ø2500 2100 3500 38000 45
    Steam pressure 0.4 – 0.6 MPa
    Design pressure 0.17 – 0.30 MPa
    Water pressure 0.2 – 0.4 MPa
    Working pressure 0.15 – 0.27 MPa
    Compressed air pressure 0.5 – 0.7 MPa
    Working Temperature 126°C
    Optional - Load rotation systems
    - Load / unloading trolley
    - Shelf trays
    - Shelf trolley

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Air Steam Mixture Sterilizer

  • Uniform air steam mixture spread Products come out dry and ready to use
  • Rapid adjustment of cycle parameters Fast heating and cooling times
  • Chamber doors secured on four sides Validation support documentation

Designed for ventilator sterilization, an air steam mixture sterilizer is used to sterilize large volume parenterals (LVP), blood bags, flip-off seals, blister packs and heat sensitive products etc. It is also called Ventilator Autoclave, which is known as a device used for sterilizing pre-filled containers. Unlike steam sterilizers, air is maintained inside the chamber in order to support the pressure in order to prevent container deformation or damage. We closely work with pharmaceutical companies and design such steam air mixture sterilizers that meet requirements of effective terminal sterilization of products. Each unit demonstrates superior level of user friendliness and possesses features that make working safe and convenient. These units exhibit excellent uniformity of air steam distribution across the chamber. Our air steam sterilizers feature advanced control system, which enable users to adjust the cycle parameters extremely rapidly. Each unit is equipped with thermal printer in order to give comprehensive documentation of various cycles, enable user to convey information to others in convenient manner. The best feature of our air steam sterilizers is that products come out dry and can be ready to use. Each machine can be equipped with fully automatic loading and unloading trolleys for maximum productivity. We custom engineer air steam mixture sterilizers to fit into your application with full service satisfactory installation at client's site. We supply these units to all over India and overseas at factory price with excellent warranty and reliable after sales support.

  • Model Chamber Size
    (W x H x D) mm
    Working Pressure
    Abs, bar
    BST/VS-12 900 x 900 x 1050 1350 3.6
    BST/VS-13 900 x 900 x 2100 1350 3.6
    BST/VS-14 1050 x 1100 x 1200 1560 3.6
    BST/VS-15 1050 x 1100 x 2400 1560 3.6
    BST/VS-16 1200 x 1200 x 2400 1700 3.6
    BST/VS-17 1200 x 1200 x 3600 1700 3.6
    Steam pressure 0.3 – 0.5 MPa
    Design pressure 0.17 MPa
    Water pressure 0.2 – 0.4 MPa
    Working pressure 0.15 MPa
    Compressed air pressure 0.5 – 0.7 MPa
    Working Temperature 126°C
    Optional - Load / unloading trolley
    - Shelf trays
    - Shelf trolley

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Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Class B

  • Adopts European Class B standard Excellent vacuum dry effect
  • Automatic water filling option Built-in steam generator
  • High quality stainless steel chamber Meets European Standard EN 13060
  • Stainless steel chamber Digital control panel
  • Descriptive indictors and alarms Independent Pressure Gauge
  • Built-in printer PC connection interface
  • Over heat protection Double locking system ensures safety

Only B type cycles are considered safe, when providing sterilization of all 18 load types. Class B Sterilizers are class 1 medical device, extensively used in dentistry, medical and veterinary practices ensuring the safety of doctors, their staff and patients and legally protects their practice. A Class B Autoclave must meet the stringent European Standard EN 13060 , which classifies loads into three categories based on their structure of the items to be sterilized such as hollow, porous and wrapped items. These systems work on the principle of pre and post vacuum technology, where a vacuum pump is fitted in the unit for air removal. Bionics Scientific is setting up new standards in dental industry with its range of user-friendly Class B Autoclaves. Following European standards, these sterilizers are designed for providing efficient class b sterilization for all types of instruments and materials including all wrapped (single and double) or unwrapped items. Our standard models of class B sterilizers are available with volume 16 to 23 liters and offers performance guarantee of unmatched quality of Class B Cycles. These systems are easy to operate and do not require any training before operating.   Class B autoclave sterilizers manufactured by us are successfully working in many Government hospitals, research labs and Universities. These dental autoclave machines have been appreciated by many industry professionals due to simple, practical and perfect Class B sterilization features. If you are looking to buy a Class B autoclave for your dental clinic, please contact our sales team for brochure and price list.

  • Model BST/DA-16 BST/DA-18 BST/DA-23
    Sterilization Class European Class B standard Dental Autoclave
    Capacity 16 liters 18 liters 23 liter
    Sterilizing temperature 121°C, 134°C
    Special function Kill the AIDS (HIV), hepatitis B (HBV) mad cow virus and Bacillus
    Dry procedure Vacuum drying
    Display LED screen
    Test program Bowie & Dick test, Helix test, Vacuum test
    Safety Features Safe Valve Double-control lock system and self-test alarm system
    Water supply system Two water tanks inside
    Capacity of water tank 3.5L clean water tank and 5 liter waste water tank
    Instrument container 5-layer tray rack with 3 trays
    Voltage 220V±10%, 50Hz
    Optional Accessories -Print by optional external mini-printer or download from USB port ( Sterilizing data)
    -Extra stainless steel trays

  • Program Temperature Sterilziation Time(Min) Sterilziation Time(Min) Total Time(Min)
    SOLID 134°C 2.1 4 18-30
    SOLID 121°C 1.1 20 30-45
    WRAPPED 134°C 2.1 6 30-40
    WRAPPED 121°C 1.1 20 35-50
    TEXTILE 134°C 2.1 10 45-65
    TEXTILE 121°C 1.1 30 50-75
    PRION 134°C 2.1 18 45-70
    PLASTIC 105°C 0.2 30 50-65
    B&D TEST 134°C 2.1 3.5 22-35
    VACUUM TEST ------ ----- 3.5 4-10
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Hot Air Sterilizer

  • Outer Cabinet (W × D × H) mm 1650 × 900 × 1750
  • Supplementary fan flow 300 m3/h
  • Capacity 225 Liters

Dry Heat Sterilizers are designed to meet Sterilization and Depyrogenation requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As the name suggests, these sterilizers use dry heat (hot air) for sterilization. Dry Heat Sterilization is the most accepted technique, which is employed to sterilize products that are moisture sensitive and medicinal in nature that cannot be sterilized with steam. Dry heat sterilization or depyrogenation is a process, which is used to reduce pyrogen level with the use of hot air in temperature ranges from 160°C to 300°C. Dry powder drugs, oil, waxes, soft hard paraffin silicone, injections, implants, ointment, sharp objects, metal parts etc. are some of examples that require dry heat sterilization or Depyrogenation.

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Bottle Sterilizer

  • Meet GMP & FDA requirements Meet Class 100 (ISO 5) standards
  • Meet pharmaceutical industry standards 304 / 316 stainless steel construction
  • High temperature HEPA filter Vibration and thermal shock resistant

Dry Heat Sterilizers are designed to meet Sterilization and Depyrogenation requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As the name suggests, these sterilizers use dry heat (hot air) for sterilization. Dry Heat Sterilization is the most accepted technique, which is employed to sterilize products that are moisture sensitive and medicinal in nature that cannot be sterilized with steam. Dry heat sterilization or depyrogenation is a process, which is used to reduce pyrogen level with the use of hot air in temperature ranges from 160°C to 300°C. Dry powder drugs, oil, waxes, soft hard paraffin silicone, injections, implants, ointment, sharp objects, metal parts etc. are some of examples that require dry heat sterilization or Depyrogenation.

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sterilizing machine

Dry Heat Sterilizers are designed to meet Sterilization and Depyrogenation requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As the name suggests, these sterilizers use dry heat (hot air) for sterilization. Dry Heat Sterilization is the most accepted technique, which is employed to sterilize products that are moisture sensitive and medicinal in nature that cannot be sterilized with steam. Dry heat sterilization or depyrogenation is a process, which is used to reduce pyrogen level with the use of hot air in temperature ranges from 160°C to 300°C. Dry powder drugs, oil, waxes, soft hard paraffin silicone, injections, implants, ointment, sharp objects, metal parts etc. are some of examples that require dry heat sterilization or Depyrogenation.

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Dry Heat Sterilizer

  • Ampoules Vials Metal and glass Vials
  • Schering bottles Aluminum caps
  • Injection bottles Infusion bottles
  • Filters Textiles
  • Garment Bandage
  • Gauze Stoppers
  • Metal containers Equipment parts
  • Dry powder drugs Oil and wax
  • Soft hard paraffin silicone Ointment

Dry Heat Sterilizers are designed to meet Sterilization and Depyrogenation requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As the name suggests, these sterilizers use dry heat (hot air) for sterilization. Dry Heat Sterilization is the most accepted technique, which is employed to sterilize products that are moisture sensitive and medicinal in nature that cannot be sterilized with steam. Dry heat sterilization or depyrogenation is a process, which is used to reduce pyrogen level with the use of hot air in temperature ranges from 160°C to 300°C. Dry powder drugs, oil, waxes, soft hard paraffin silicone, injections, implants, ointment, sharp objects, metal parts etc. are some of examples that require dry heat sterilization or Depyrogenation.   Innovative Technology Experience the improved technique of dry heat sterilization with Bionics Scientific, a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry heat sterilizers (Depyrogenation Ovens) based in New Delhi, India. Dry heat sterilizer machines manufactured by us are perfect for sterilization of pharmaceutical products, where these systems are utilized to sterilize powder and oils, glassware, vessels and metal parts etc. All our dry heat sterilizers comply with Quality Assurance procedures, which require validation that dry heat sterilization and depyrogenation have been achieved accurately. These machines can be bought at competitive price with variety of options and accessories. Our dry heat sterilizer or hot air sterilizer units accept cGMP and FDA standards and guarantee Class 100 entire temperature phase (heating, sterilizing / depyrogenation and cooling). Excellent temperature uniformity is achieved in the entire sterilization chamber. The Different cycles of DHS includes Exhaust cycle, pre-sterilization, sterilization, stabilization, cooling, cycles. These dry heat sterilization systems are equipped with PLC operated fully automatic control panel, which controls all these cycles automatically. Strip chart recorders and data logger with printers are added features that enable operators to keep hard records of their every sterilization process. Scope of Customization As we have in-house manufacturing of dry heat sterilizers (hot air sterilizer) , we offer our customers a wide range of customization facilities essential to make your work easier, while ensure optimum performance and user flexibility in the most demanding conditions. Our customization work includes Class 100 or Class 10, 000 conditions , chamber size (up to 5000 liters), temperature range, loading configurations, process control and many more.

  • Meet GMP & FDA requirements Meet Class 100 (ISO 5) standards
    Meet pharmaceutical industry standards 304 / 316 stainless steel construction
    Uniform air circulation for efficient sterilization Total concealed wiring
    Digital readouts of all parameters Thermal printer
    High temperature HEPA filter Vibration and thermal shock resistant
    Uniform heat distribution Automatic door locking mechanism
  • Model BST/DMH-0.22 BST/DMH-0.64 BST/DMH-1.2 BST/DMH-1.8
    Capacity 225 Liters 640 Liters 1200 Liters 1800 Liters
    Temperature range Room temperature to 300°C Room temperature to 300°C Room temperature to 300°C Room temperature to 300°C
    Clean Level Class 100 Class 100 Class 100 Class 100
    Heating  Power 9 KW 15 KW 22 KW 28 KW
    Circulating fan power 0.75 KW 2.2 KW 3.0 KW 4.0 KW
    Supplementary fan power 0.18 KW 0.18 KW 0.25 KW 0.25 KW
    Moisture fan power 0.18 KW 0.25 KW 0.37 KW 0.75 KW
    Circulation fan flow 3500 m3/h 4600 m3/h 5500 m3/h 6300 m3/h
    Supplementary fan flow 300 m3/h 300 m3/h 408 m3/h 408 m3/h
    Operating Chamber
    (W × D × H) mm
    600 × 500 × 750 800 × 800 × 1000 1000 × 1000 × 1200 1000 × 1200 × 1500
    Outer Cabinet
    (W × D × H) mm
    1650 × 900 × 1750 1850 × 1200 × 1950 2050 × 1400 × 2150 2050 × 1600 × 2450
    Control system HMI based fully automatic functions
    Printer Thermal printer
    Cooling Water cooling system
    Construction 304 Stainless steel (316 optional)
    Doors Leak proof doors w/ pressurized locking system
    Air Supply Pressure module with pre filter and HEPA filter to ensure fresh filtered air entry
    Optional - Strip chart recorder
    - Provision to attach laser jet printer
    - Trolley
    - Trays
    - Wire baskets
    - Additional temperature probes

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double door sterilizer

  • Chamber Capacity 150 Liters
  • Operating temperature range Up to 134°C
  • Steam source pressure 0.30 to 0.60 MPa

Double door autoclave sterilizers by Bionics Scientific are designed and manufactured according to Quality Management Systems which are in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, CMDCAS and FDA's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Medical Devices: General Regulation (21CFR Part 820). These machines are horizontal type and feature two (double) doors option. These double door autoclave systems are medical grade and are designed for medical, pharmaceutical manufacturing and clean room applications. These units are manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless steel construction and equipped with many advanced features and options enabling users to achieve fast, reliable, reproducible and validatable sterilization.

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Glass Bead Sterilizer

  • Initial Stabilization Time 30 Minutes
  • Display LED / Analog
  • Power Supply 220 Volts
  • Quick warm up time Low power consumption
  • Compact design Temperature control to desired limits
  • Optimum efficiency Easy, safe and precise sterilization applications
  • Easy to operate No additional supplies to purchase
  • Long lasting performance Low maintenance

We introduce a range of glass bead sterilizers or Glass Bead Tool Sterilizers perfect for sterilization of your instruments within 5 to 15 seconds. These units come with compact size, feature maximum efficiency with fast warms up time and ideal for dental, surgical clinics and other laboratory uses. Further more, these systems are efficient in terms of quick sterilization of small metal and glass implements within few seconds.   The body of these Glass Bead Sterilizers is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel that makes the equipment durable for long years. Temperatures is controlled by international standard quality thermostat which provides accuracy of + / - 1% of the preset range. These units can be supplied with LED or Analog temperature display . Our Glass Bead Sterilizers are compact enough to be used on any Laminar Air Flow Work benches or any other work side tables in a clean room atmosphere.   These glass bead sterilizers are designed for laboratory use and provide continuous working with desired optimum performance. As a manufacturer, exporter and supplier in India, we are offering custom built services to meet specific requirements. You are welcome to discuss your laboratory glass bead sterilizer design with our engineers and we provide you the same with quality beyond the imagination. You can send us an email or simply talk to us to discussing about glass bead sterilizer price, cost, quotation and warranty details.

  • Model BST-GBS5525 BST-GBS5535
    Operating Temperature 250°C 350°C
    Sterilization Time 5 to 15 seconds
    Initial Stabilization Time 30 Minutes
    Outer Case Rust proof steel / aluminum
    Bead Well Rust proof nickel steel
    Display LED / Analog
    Validation CE & Other International Standard Approved
    Power Supply 220 Volts
  • Biotechnology Tissue Culture
    Life Science Research Medical
    Dental Laboratory
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laboratory sterilizers

We manufacture autoclave and sterilizers that meet stringent sterilization requirements anywhere in hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories etc. From general sterilization applications to special sterilization needs, these autoclave machines deliver reliable results while offering simple operation and almost no maintenance features. Our company is committed to produce such autoclave sterilizers that meet or exceed industry standards required for effective sterilization. Our autoclaves can be successfully utilized in many industry sectors including laboratory, healthcare, clinics and hospitals, pharmaceutical research, tissue culture and agriculture, etc. In addition to supply pre-engineered standard models, we also manufacture autoclaves with customer provided specifications with a choice of optional accessories that may be used to add flexibility in operation.

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Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer

  • Meet GMP sterilization specifications Confirms ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 13485 standards
  • Certification: CE, GMP, FDA & EMEA Thermial printer for record keeping
  • Highly efficient vacuum drying Easy maintenance and servicing
  • Excellent built-in steam generator Convenient HMI
  • High-quality acid-proof stainless steel Convenient trays for laying sterilizing objects
  • Air proof & heat resistant rubber sealing Automatic control of each sterilization process
  • Reliable door locking device Complying to international standards
  • Safe and simple process control Short batch times

Each Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer by Bionics Scientific is designed and developed to meet the GMP sterilizing requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects. These pharma grade sterilizers are new generation sterilization and vacuum drying equipment, equipped with printer, PLC and Touch Screen HMI to provide a friendly man-machine interface for automatic controlling, automatic temperature recording, vacuum drying etc. These pulsating vacuum sterilizers use full steam as sterilizing medium and configured for either single entry or pass-through (single door or double doors) As first stage, these sterilizers adopt pulsation vacuum exhausting process to remove cold air influence to temperature. When sterilizing process finishes, these sterilizers adopt vacuum drying to dry the materials. These units have been proven in a wide range of material sterilizing including clothes, dressings, metal instruments and glass containers. With more than 25 years of experience and a team of talented professionals, we are bringing to you a series of Pulse Vacuum Fully Automatic Steam Sterilizers, which is in full accordance with GMP regulations and meets all designing and manufacturing standards. To maintain reliability and performance, we use only branded and imported components. Not limited to India, we also cover market of Asia, Africa and Middle East countries to give worldwide exposure. Each unit is sold at factory price with assistance of installation.   Quality Standards Our Pulse Vacuum Sterilizers are designed to meet all national and international quality standards including GMP Standard, ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 13485 . Construction The outer and inner chambers are made of high grades stainless steel 304, 316 and 316L providing acid and corrosion resistant performance. The inner chamber is polished and easy to clean. The inner chamber is polished mechanically and chemically, meets GMP requirements and European IDF Standard as well. Capacity The standard models of our units are available in 120 liters to 2500 liters of capacity, however we design and develop sterilizers matched with exact requirements of customers. Controls Our Pulsating vacuum high pressure steam sterilizers are auto-controlled by PLC, a convenient and visual operation interface of a touch screen between the user and the machine. For easy operation of the equipment the working flow and the parameters of temperature, pressure and time during the sterilization course are displayed dynamically. Parameter revision can be done based on actual conditions. Special program assembly and easy manual operation can be performed on relative requirements as well. A printer is provided to record parameters throughout the course for future reference. Doors Doors are made of stainless steel and are automatic motorized, level sliding or hand operated type. A provision to manually open the door is provided in case of power failure or mishandling of equipment. Depending upon use, these pharmaceutical Sterilizers are available with single or double doors . Within the double-door unit, the clean room and the sterile room can be separated to avoid cross-contamination. Doors are designed to provide enough user and equipment safety. The program can not start until the door is closed and the door cannot be opened if there is pressure inside the chamber. Moreover the airproof door is locked and can't be opened as soon as the program starts.   Pipeline System An efficient pipeline system is essential for controlling channels of sterilizer. The pipeline system includes pneumatic valve, pipelines and air filter. The pipeline is polished and easy to clean. Vacuum System An efficient vacuum system is the most important part of any vacuum sterilizer which is used to vacuum dry clothes, dressings and other materials. Our Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer systems use branded vacuum pump for disposing of the cool air. After the program, the chamber is vacuumed, and dried through the interlayer, also the material in is rapidly dried. Safety System Our Pulse Vacuum Autoclave equipment are equipped with a number of safety features which include door interlocking system, over-pressure protection, low water level protection, over loading, and short circuit etc.

  • Model Inner Chamber (L×W×H)mm Overall Size (L×W×H)mm
    Single / Double Door
    Steam Consumption
    Water Consumption
    BST-MD-0.24 670×600×600 950×1500×1800 20 230
    BST-MD-0.36 1000×600×600 1280×1500×1800 25 230
    BST-MD-0.6 1170×610×910 1450×1500×1900 30 290
    BST-MD-0.8 1450×610×910 1730×1500×1900 30 290
    BST-MD-1.0 1250×680×1180 1580×1600×2000 40 380
    BST-MD-1.2 1500×680×1180 1780×1600×2000 40 380
    BST-MD-1.5 1870×680×1180 2150×1600×2000 50 500
    BST-MD-2.0 1700×1000×1200 2040×2000×2000 70 600
    BST-MD-2.5 1700×1000×1500 2040×2000×2000 80 650
    BST-MD-3.0 2000×1000×1500 2340×2000×2200 100 650
    BST-MD-4.0 2670×1000×1500 3010×2000×2200 120 750
    BST-MD-5.0 3340×1000×1500 3680×2000×2200 150 850
    BST-MD-6.0 4000×1000×1500 4340×2000×2200 180 1000
    Design Temperature 139°C
    Max. Working Temperature 134°C
    Doors Single / Double (two sides) w/ pressurized locking system
    Optional - Stainless steel trolley with removable shelves
    - Cooling arrangement
    - Class 100 construction w/ High temperature HEPA filter
    - Strip chart recorder & data logger
    - Provision to attach laser jet printer
    - RO System
    - Water softener
    Power Supply 440 Volts 3 Phase

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plasma sterilizer

  • Construction Stainless Steel 316 / 316L
  • Display Touch Screen
  • Power Supply 230 / 110 V, Single Phase 50/60 Hz
  • Can be easily installed and relocate User friendly chamber design
  • No special facilities required (Water / vent) Easy to clean and maintain
  • Rapid cycle time Corrosion & Acid proof housing
  • Optimize utilization of instrument inventory Easy to use sterilization agent cassette
  • Processes a wide range of surgical instrument High vacuum pump for deep penetration
  • Compatible with moisture / heat-sensitive materials Thermal printer for complete cycle information
  • Environment friendly design Spare parts available in stock
  • No aeration after sterilization Caster wheels for easy relocation

We are designing and manufacturing range of hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) low temperature plasma sterilizer machines that can be economically purchased by all around hospitals. Using the trusted technology and enhanced capabilities, these systems are used to sterilize various medical instruments such as surgical endoscope and other accessories. Even long, narrow lumens can be effectively sterilized! These Plasma sterilizers feature advanced technology for safe low-temperature sterilization that uses hydrogen peroxide as sterilization agent with plasma technology inside chamber with homogeneous Plasma distribution.   With more than 25 years, we have been trying to fulfill customers' satisfaction through the means of distinguished features with easy-to-use and strong sterilization efficacy that can be differentiated from conventional product. Central Sterilization Departments and O.R.'s will appreciate the rapid turnaround time and cost-effective, validated, sterilization of moisture and / or heat sensitive devices.   Construction: Only high grade stainless steel material ; SS 316 stainless steel is used for chamber including internal shelving, jacket and door to guarantee high performance and durability of the pressure vessel. The frames, external panels, valves and piping are also manufactured by stainless steel. The chamber is designed to withstand pressure from absolute vacuum up to +3.5 bars. Door Options: These machines are provided by either one or two doors as an option. Monitoring and Control: Equipped with microprocessor based control system, which features simple operation of the units; furthermore, these also offer effective monitoring and control. These systems come with: Easy to read touch screen User-friendly interface indicating cycle stage and elapsed time Biological and chemical indicators housed in vials are used in routine control Safety Features: These units ensure safety for all the users, patients and the environment. Safety features include: No hazardous or odourous emissions Low temperature and pressure during sterilization The sterilization process results in water and oxygen by-products Door is locked during cycle operation Validation: These plasma sterilizer systems are able to perform independent validation according to the ISO 14937 with an optional validation kit. Each phase of the cycle is validated. The validation kit includes Temperature and pressure sensors and PC software. Lumen Guidelines: Validated for stainless steel lumens with 1 mm diameter and 50 cm in length, and soft lumens with 1 mm diameter and 10 meters in length. Standards and Directives: Developed according to the following international standards and directives: Standards NP EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 13485:2003, EN ISO 14937, EN 61010-2-040, EN 61010-2-042 Directives 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC, 98/37/EEC, 93/42/EEC, CE Medical Device Mark 0344 H202 agent (6 x 80ml) H202 agent (6 x 140 ml) Printer paper (5 rolls per box) Biological Indicator (30 per case) Incubator Chemical Indicator Strip (250 per pack) Chemical Indicator Tape (5 rolls per box) Smart Card reader Our company is your one stop source for high quality plasma Sterilizers designed and developed to meet stringent quality standards and are supplied to all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East countries. We are pleased to get you in contact by sending us email or by phone. Choose from our standard models or send us your unique specifications, we will quote you with highly reasonable price. We promise to offer you highly personalized service.    

  • Models BST-PLWS40 BST-PLWS80 BST-PLWS150
    Chamber Volume Actual: 44 Liters
    Usable: 40 Liters
    Actual: 80 Liters
    Usable: 71 Liters
    Actual: 156 Liters
    Usable: 126 Liters
    Construction Stainless Steel 316 / 316L
    Processing Temperature Below 55°C
    Control System Microprocessor
    Display Touch Screen
    Printer Thermal Printer
    Touch Screen
    Date and time
    Cycle Selected
    Set point follow up
    Option for manual interaction
    Data Storage Memory Card
    Total Cycle Time Around 45 Minutes
    Noise < 60 db
    Door One / Two
    Alarm Door Lock
    Power Failure
    Low / High Temp. range
    Vacuum & Pressure
    Peripheral Devices Biological Incubator
    Power Consumption 2.5 KVA
    Power Supply 230 / 110 V, Single Phase 50/60 Hz
    Mobility 4 Wheels
    Standards NP EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 13485:2003
    EN ISO 14937, EN 61010-2-040, EN 61010-2-042

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Vertical Autoclave Sterilizer

  • Tank volume 20 to 175 liters Equipped with joint less silicon rubber gasket
  • Provided with immersion type heater Double, triple wall & GMP construction
  • Comply with NABL standards Radial or wing nut type door locking
  • Supply with drums (extra cost) Water level indicator
  • Easy operation and low maintenance Digital temperature indicator
  • IQ / OQ / PQ Documentation Temperature chart recorder
  • Provision to attach dot matrix printer USB interface for data transfer

Standard models of Vertical autoclave units manufactured by Bionics Scientific are available with chamber volumes of 22 liters to 175 liters that accommodate two and three drums accordingly. These systems are designed for meeting effective sterilization requirements in bacteriological and research laboratories, hospitals and clinics and food and beverage units. The vertical chamber design maximizes space utilization, while microprocessor control system enables comfortable working all the time you operate the machine. Also called vertical steam sterilizers , our vertical type autoclaves deliver flexible solutions of steam sterilization in hospitals, clinics and other areas of application, where reliable steam sterilization is a mandatory process. Vertically designed chamber provides guaranty of safe and efficient sterilization even in confined spaces. In order to suit specific application, these units are fabricated as fully GMP stainless steel double and triple walled construction ; in addition, we also manufacture vertical autoclaves with other configurations, which include stainless steel inner and exterior made of Mild Steel (MS). The most important feature that keeps our range of vertical autoclaves top of others is meeting all relevant guidelines and standards such as NABH standards. As an option, we also provide IQ / OQ / PQ calibration documentation with extra cost. These systems are fully customizable and provided with large scope of customization; to meet individual budget, we can equipment your vertical autoclave with a number of optional accessories such as temperature chart recorder, digital temperature indicator, PID Controller and provision to attach a dot matrix printer.

  • Model BST/VA-22 BST/VA-40 BST/VA-50 BST/VA-95 BST/VA-175
    Internal Tank Capacity 22 Liter 40 Liter 50 Liter 95 Liter 175 Liter
    Load 2.00 KW 3.00 KW 3.00 KW 4.00 KW 6.00 KW
    Chamber dimension 10” x 18” 12” x 22” 14” x 22” 18” x 24” 22” x 36”
    No.of Drums & Sizes - 2 (9” x11”) 2 (9” x11”) 2 (12” x 15”) 3 (12” x 15”)
    Working Pressure 1.2 kgf/cm sq.g (15 psi - 17 psi) (Can be Upgraded up to 30 PSI)
    Sterilizing Temperature 121°C to 134°C (150°C - Optional)
    Heat Average <=±1°C
    Sterilization Time 25 to 30 Minutes
    Digital Timer 0 to 99 min
    Construction Double / Triple wall & SS GMP construction
    Outer Chamber Mild Steel (304 stainless Steel – Optional)
    Inner Chamber 304 SS (316 / 316L grades Stainless Steel – Optional)
    Insulation Glass Wool
    Waste Container Stainless Steel
    Door / Lid Foot lifted with safety and interlock device
    Door Locking type Radial Type (Wing Nut Optional)
    Water Filling & Removal Manual
    Safety Features Radial locking, safety valve, low water detector and pressure interlock
    Optional accessories - PID controller
    - Low / High water cut-off device
    - Digital alarm
    - Temperature chart recorder
    - Dot Matrix Printer
    - RS 232 / USB PC Connection Port
    - NABL certification
    - Stainless Steel wire mesh carrier
    - Dressing drum
    - Sterilization indicator tape
    - Autoclave bags
    - PLC control system
    - IQ / OQ / PQ Documentation
    Power Supply 220 Volts / 440 Volts

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