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B2B Portals - A Boon For International Trading

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2011-12-26

Business to Business Portals and Online Directories facilitate entrepreneurs in International Trading to a great extent. The use of internet has increased tremendously in the last decade. People have realized that internet is a great mode of communication. Subsequently, many online portals have been launched with the aim of providing a common platform to the exporters and importers. These portals help them explore their possibilities of striking a deal or working together.

No Need To Rely On Middlemen:
Before the B2B portals were launched, businessmen had to rely on middlemen and brokers for expanding their reach. The process was time taking and very costly. Since, the brokers were to be given a set commission, the price of products and services also increased. Moreover, the middlemen had also had their limitations. The B2B directories offer a lot more growth and they do not have any barriers as far as the geographical areas are concerned.

Expanding The Area Of Operations:
With B2B Directories, you can go through the profiles of a number of prospective business associates and contact the one you find most suitable. You can undertake projects and orders from any clients based in any country successfully. At present, expanding a business does not solely depend on the resources one has rather the entrepreneurs can take the advantage of online portals and make their presence felt globally.

Trouble Free Access:
These B2B Online Directories are very simple to access. The contact details, area of operations, experience, quality certifications, memberships, etc. of all the companies are mentioned clearly on these portals. Among the thousands and lakhs of business profiles listed with Web Directories, one can easily select a few that suit the requirements. Contacting a business house and developing a business association with the help of these directories is also very convenient. Currently, there are a number of Online Directories that claim to provide the best online promotion services. In such a situation, it is advisable that one selects the portal that has secure dealing systems and distinct online identity.

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