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  • The Role Of Outdoor Banners In Marketing
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: Market Research |Last Updated: 2013-01-24

    Undeniably, it is only the quality product that sells and can be praised by the users. But then, to persuade the same users to buy that product it is important that they are first familiarized with it. Unless and until there is sufficient information about the product, how can people buy it...

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  • Trading Business And It\\\'s Concerns
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: Market Research |Last Updated: 2012-04-19

    It is a general fact that world economies need goods and resources from each other to develop and prosper along with the global markets. And, to fulfill these needs, a number of traders put in their time, effort and money in a trading business that can also pay off lucratively. All these tra...

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  • Some Effective Niche Marketing Tips
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: Market Research |Last Updated: 2012-02-23

    A particular segment of a market that has some special aspects and that is worth marketing refers to niche marketing. The need for niche market is very specific. Companies that have products and services catering to a particular group follow the path of Niche Marketing. Such Niche Marketing ...

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  • Global Allegiances, A Wise Strategy
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: Market Research |Last Updated: 2012-01-09

    Strength in numbers is a popular saying that you must have heard frequently. The same rule applies in the world of business as well. Having waded in the deep waters so far on your own relying solely on your own strategies and plans, you are probably considering the option of collaborations w...

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