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5 Products & Services That Can Make Money In The Rainy Season

By: Admin In: Market Research Last Updated: 2018-07-27

Product to Sell this Rainy Season

The scorching summer sun gives way to the dark monsoon clouds which not just bring relief from the heat with the cool breeze and the pleasant soil smell but also brings along a host of opportunities for businesses to make money. There are a number of products like raincoats, umbrellas, etc., and services like pest control, waterproofing etc., that you can sell in the rainy season. If you are also looking for some amazing ideas to make money in the monsoon, read on to find a list of cool products and services that can help you make money.

Products To Sell In The Rainy Season

  • Umbrellas

Undoubtedly, one of the hottest products to sell during the rainy season is the umbrella. It protects people from the rain and becomes an indispensable need for everyone stepping out of the house during the rains. From basic umbrellas to colorful and designer umbrellas, umbrella sellers sell all types of umbrellas in the rainy season to make a lot of money.

  • Mosquito Nets

Standing rainwater becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos, increasing their number several times. Mosquito nets can be an amazing product to sell in the rainy season as people start looking for different products to protect themselves from the bites of disease-spreading mosquitos. Apart from mosquito nets, you can also sell other things like mosquito repellant lotions, creams, gels, ointments etc.

  • Hot Drinks & Fritters

Setting up a shop near any corporate firm or in any other place to sell products like hot drinks and fritters can also be a big hit. During rains, people desire for hot drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc., and hot fritters like vegetable pakoras, bread pakoras, samosas, etc. You can start your own small business and sell such products. To avoid the cost of setting up a physical shop, you can set up an online business and receive orders from people and deliver fresh-cooked hot products to the homes or offices in your nearby location.

  • Raincoats & Rubber Boots

Raincoats and rubber boots are also great to sell during the rainy season. The demand for these products increases as the people stepping out of their homes in rain need to protect themselves with a water-proof covering. And raincoats and rubber boots are effective in such protection.

  • Tarpaulins & Vehicle Covers

Rain tends to damage a number of things and to prevent the damage, people cover it with tarpaulins. Tarpaulins are large sheets of plastic that can be covered over anything and prevents the rainwater from damaging the things under it. Moreover, the demand for vehicle covers also increases tremendously during the rains.

Services To Sell In The Rainy Season

  • Pest Control

As the rain washes away the holes that act as homes for different types of pests, pest attack gets on its full swing during this period. You can offer pest control services to help people regulate pest attack. All you need is some knowledge about the different types of pests and the controlling measures along with the desired resources to start a pest control business right from your home.

  • Mobile Car Wash

Another great business idea for the monsoons is mobile car wash. The dirty muddy water on the roads, pouring rains, and the dirt in the air tend to make the cars even dirtier during the rains. With your mobile car wash services, you can offer car wash to the vehicle by visiting the location instead of them coming to your car wash. You do not need any retail business location or any other capital investment. With simple car wash materials in hand, you can offer car wash in the garage, parking lots, homes etc.

  • Waterproofing

Rain brings with it leakage. A great opportunity to make a lot of money during the monsoons is to start providing waterproofing solutions. You need very little capital and can take orders for waterproofing the ceilings, walls, etc., in people’s homes, offices and other places.

  • Laundry

With the sun playing ‘hide & seek’ and humidity is at its peak during the monsoons, washing the clothes becomes a big problem. You can start offering laundry services to clean and dry clothes during monsoon. This can especially be beneficial in areas with a number of paying guests, students etc.

  • Pick-Up & Delivery

Getting stranded in the rain is one of the biggest problems many of us face during the heavy pouring. You can simply set up a pick-up service for those stranded in rain. You can extend your service and help people by delivery different things from one place to another. This business is especially favorable for those who have their own vehicle and can offer their services to people in their route.

Whether we talk about selling raincoats and umbrellas or about offering waterproofing and pest control services, the monsoon rains bring along with them a heap full of opportunities. You can sell any or all of these products during the rainy season or offer any of the services listed above to make great profits during the monsoons.

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