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  • 5 Reasons Why B2B Companies Need Marketing Automation
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2018-08-31

    Marketing Automation, which is very well practiced by B2C companies, is now being extensively used by B2B companies. As per a research conducted by CMI, nowadays more than 55% companies are using marketing automation and empowering their marketing strategies, while investing fewer effort...

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  • Business-To-Business Marketplace: A Boon for Small Businesses
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2018-05-23

    Establishing a small business may be easy but ensuring steady growth is a big challenge for the entrepreneurs. With limited funds and human capital, small business has to manage several business operations, stay competitive, and scale the performance. Apart from these, there are other ch...

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  • 5 Trends That Will Change The Face of B2B Marketing In 2018
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2017-12-29

    The evolution of the digital world has changed the way B2B marketers think, plan and work. Incessant progression in the online ecosystem is significantly influencing the decision-making process of B2B marketing strategies and activities.In fact, B2B marketing has now, almost entirely, mo...

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  • To Go Or Not To Go Digital: Decoding A B2B Buyer Persona
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2017-11-30

    A lot has changed with time in the B2B e-commerce ecosystem. While the vendors have become more attentive to the buyer needs, the B2B buyer has grown more demanding and complicated. To understand the changing dynamics of digitized B2B sales, it is indispensable to decipher how the mind o...

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  • Understanding The Modern B2B Buyer
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2017-03-30

    C-Suite Executives have always been considered the “Holy Grail” for B2B marketers. However, times have changed now. A study in 2014 proved that nearly 50% of all the B2B researchers are the millennials, which is a 70% increase from the 2012 study. These millennials are those modern buyers wh...

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  • How IOT Advancements are Helping B2B Marketers?
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-09-05

    From the watch wrapped around your wrist to the shoes in your feet; the internet has slowly integrated into every silo of our life. Not just that, the applications of internet are deeply rooted in the practices of different marketing firms and the entrepreneurs are making millions from them....

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  • Why Your Start-up Needs B2B Model And How To Begin?
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-08-22

    Do you want to start your own business? If the answer is yes, then starting a business that grows by helping the other businesses is worth giving a try. B2B model for start-ups might not appear the easy way out; however, the returns can pay the business back heavily. With a bit of right guid...

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  • The Benefits of Buyers Personas in B2B Business
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-07-28

    Getting yourself aligned on the same path where the buyers are may be difficult for you. Here arises a need for you to know the buying behavior (personas) of your customers. Things which become important for you to know about your customers are:

    • To know who your customers are

    • To ...

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  • How to Boost Your B2B Business Through Online Network?
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-07-19

    Up to a few years ago, B2B sellers and buyers made business deals mainly through physical interaction. But now the physical interaction has lost its value up to a large extent, just because of the overwhelming virtual interaction.

    Most buyers are continuously heading towards the virtu...

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  • How To Promote Your Business Through B2B Portals Effectively
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-02-15

    Do you know that 90% of the business buyers rely on the internet for fulfilling their business requirements and the direct contact with suppliers is made only until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete? That is why, even if your business is rolling in splendid revenue every yea...

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  • B2B Sales Resolutions For 2016
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-01-04

      The fresh year is just around the corner and it is the time to look back and see how well the organizations have fared in the last year and what are their resolutions for the coming year. If you notice the new and digitally-adept world of B2B sales and marketing, it was exceedingly ruled b...

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  • Benefits Of Purchasing Car Parts Direct From Suppliers
    By: Admin | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2015-03-11

    Gone are the days when buying a car was a dream come true. Nowadays cars have become an integral part of the human life. Most of you might feel that maintaining a car is more difficult than buying one; the reason being the sky-rocketing prices of auto parts. Car Parts replacements are one of ...

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