• Understanding The Modern B2B Buyer
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2017-03-30

    C-Suite Executives have always been considered the “Holy Grail” for B2B marketers. However, times have changed now. A study in 2014 proved that nearly 50% of all the B2B researchers are the millennials, which is a 70% increase from the 2012 study. These millennials are those modern buyers wh...

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  • Why Your Start-up Needs B2B Model And How To Begin?
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-08-22

    Do you want to start your own business? If the answer is yes, then starting a business that grows by helping the other businesses is worth giving a try. B2B model for start-ups might not appear the easy way out; however, the returns can pay the business back heavily. With a bit of right guid...

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  • The Benefits of Buyers Personas in B2B Business
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-07-28

    Getting yourself aligned on the same path where the buyers are may be difficult for you. Here arises a need for you to know the buying behavior (personas) of your customers. Things which become important for you to know about your customers are:

    • To know who your customers are

    • To ...

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  • How to Boost Your B2B Business Through Online Network?
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2016-07-19

    Up to a few years ago, B2B sellers and buyers made business deals mainly through physical interaction. But now the physical interaction has lost its value up to a large extent, just because of the overwhelming virtual interaction.

    Most buyers are continuously heading towards the virtu...

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  • 10 Tips To Use Facebook For B2B
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2012-09-10

    For those who think that social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are useful only for businesses that want to reach out to consumers and end-users, the truth could not be more distorted. While it is true that B2C setups are having a great time using the power of social media f...

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  • How To Look For a Specific B2B Trade Lead
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2012-07-09

    Internet plays a significant role in the modern business environment. Business organizations are heavily reliant on the internet for rapid exchange of information. In the recent years, this dependency on the virtual world has become more organized and structured with the advent of Business-t...

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  • Tips To Generate B2B Leads For Perfect Business
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2012-05-03

    Lead generation is the most essential process of any business and entrepreneurs have realized it as well. Discussion to improve Lead generation has been always hot topic amongst entrepreneurs and the most frequent question has been "how quality B2B leads can be generated?" Results of current...

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  • B2B Marketing Trends - 2012
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2012-04-26

    Charting the business trends of 2012 gives major indications towards online activities, especially in context of B2B marketing. In order to get additional advantage over rivals, entrepreneurs have to mold their strategies in accordance to the statistics and trends of 2012. The major indicati...

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  • Equip Yourself With Export Import Information
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: B2B |Last Updated: 2012-03-12

    Today's world is called as the Information Age. To achieve success and progress in any field, you have to be equipped with the right kind of information. This is true especially in the world of Business. Business has taken on a global identity. The import and export sector offers lucrative a...

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