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The End of Advertising: What Will It Mean for You?

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2010-05-06

Wherever you go you can see banners, hoardings, TV commercials, radio advertisements, newspaper ads and promotional pamphlets. The online world is equally dominated by the ad world as the real time world is. It is hard to find websites or web pages without an advertisement.So, in this world, can you imagine the end of advertising? The answer will ofcourse be 'no you cannot'.

But as the time is progressing at a rapid rate, the advertisement industry needs to employ certain changes, it has to incorporate new methods and in a way bring an end to the old advertising trends. The various studies conducted by the marketers' state that the advertising industry will soon witness a noticeable change in its working. End of advertising will mean loss to the businesses so rather than ending, it needs a substantial change.

What is the cause of worry for the advertising industry?

  • The consumers now are more aware and have control over their thoughts. They just do not accept what they see rather exercise their power to filter out ads that they wish to see.
  • With the increasing popularity of social networking sites, the amateurs create their own ads on these sites. This creates difficulty for the brands to restore their image.
  • As the pay-per-click advertising is increasing day by day, the results are more measurable so a threat to the traditional ads has increased to a greater degree.
  • The advertisements are posted in bulk on the online networks.

These four above mentioned are the major factors that will bring about a massive change in the ad world and may put an end to the old advertizing trends. It is believed that two components that are:

  • Increasing control of consumers over marketing
  • Ad-inventory system growth

are the guiding factors of the change in the advertizing industry. If these two are managed properly then ad world will witness an escalating growth.

The future era demands something creative; the need of the hour expects the marketers to develop agile strategies.

Some of the inexpensive ad-strategies that you can use are:

  • Crowdsource an ad campaign: have a contest or advertize your company at a local event.
  • Make your ad campaign a fun moment: add some interactive phrases to it. Seeing your ad should be fun for the viewers.

If you are engaged in any kind of business then you must have a clear idea of the importance of advertising. So, keep track of the points that we have mentioned and try and give your ad campaign a fresh look. By incorporating the above mentioned tips ad world will never witness an end.

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