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How To Design An Effective Online Products Catalog?

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2010-10-25

Product Catalogs are one of the most efficient online media advertising tools that are trusted by companies for providing required information to the clients and expanding business in the global markets. Online Product Catalog is also termed as a Sales-Generating Copy, which holds a significant value in the B2B Space for making Business Transactions simple, quick, and profitable for Sellers as well as Buyers.

What is an Online Product Catalog?

Online Product Catalog is a Sales-Generating Copy that is designed, keeping the specific requirements of the clients in mind like-product/service information, price, availability, etc. Product Catalog works as an effective Online Media Advertising Tool, only when it is designed appropriately in terms of Layout, Categories, Product Description, Product Pictures etc.

But so much terminology can be baffling for a company trying to get its product catalog designed and you need to be familiar with the concepts to make your catalog successful. This article will give you beneficial insights and tips on how to handle the development part conveniently.

Tips On How To Generate An Effective Online Product?

  • Design a rough layout for the Online Products Catalog
  • To give a professional look and feel to the product catalog, try different templates and designs
  • Organize all the required information in the specified sections
  • Maintain user friendliness in reading and conceptualization
  • Use specified areas for placing
    • Company information
    • Product details
    • Call to action line
    • Other information
  • Create separate categories for products with different nature
  • Keep product description crisp and informative
  • Mention appropriate data in product catalog including:
    • Name of the product & description
    • Varieties in the terms of size, shape, color and composition and prices
    • Distinct qualities or unique selling features of the products
    • Shipping and handling charges
  • Include product pictures that are clicked from different angles and positions, giving a detailed overview of the product
  • Available payment options
  • Test catalog design in different browsers to ensure its quality and attractiveness.
  • Avoid confusing and messy content. Also, do not mention unnecessary information.
  • Keep clear distinction among different sections.

Considering the rising competition in Online Business Directories, providing Online Product Catalog has become the need of every commercialist. Now is the time when companies need to come up with Effective Product Catalogs, if they wish to expand their commerce and want exposure in the Global Trade Market.

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