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How to Trigger the Emotions of Buyer to Generate More Leads

By: Admin In: Sales & Marketing Last Updated: 2018-02-28

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In-depth research, rational analysis, and competitive analysis are believed to be the key influencers of any purchase. But secretly orchestrating all these key influencers and manipulating any purchase decision are the emotions of the buyers. No matter how much we believe that purchase decisions are a result of rational analysis, the truth remains that ‘buyers’ emotions trigger actions’. Despite performing an in-depth research about the product and rationally thinking about other alternatives, the emotional response of the buyers actively influences their purchase decision. All humans have different emotional triggers that drive action. In order to drive the buying action of humans, the sellers need to understand their buyers first. This way they can know what type of emotional triggers can drive the buyers to make buying decisions. Before we get started on talking about the emotions of buyers that can be triggered for lead generation, it is important to understand the buyers first.

Know Your Buyer First
Knowing the buyers is crucial to understand their emotions. Only after understanding the buyers and their emotions can the seller trigger them for lead generation. Developing a buyer persona is imperative here. Buyer persona is an important aspect of your marketing research. It helps in understanding who your buyer is, what he/she needs from you, and how you can satisfy that need. Marketers can learn everything about their target audience by creating a strong buyer persona.

For creating the buyer persona of any buyer, you need to analyze the behavior data collected through previous marketing campaigns. Next, compile all the observations post the analysis to create your buyer’s profile. Understand where your buyers spend majority of their time online. Analyze their buying decisions and what prompts them into buying. Buyer persona helps in knowing your target audience and understanding their emotions better. And once you’ve understood their emotions, you can trigger or influence them for lead generation.

Emotions That Can Be Triggered To Generate More Leads

  • Buyers Are In Constant Need Of Validation

Buyers are constantly looking for validation for their purchase decisions. They have a fear of buying something wrong. This inhibits them from buying. Target this thought process of the buyers and offer them points that validate their choice. Provide social proofs for your products, add user reviews, and testimonials from influencers or industry experts to eliminate any doubts about your product from the buyers’ mind.

  • Buyers Love Novelty

Buyers are always inclined towards novelty. Anything new or unfamiliar stimulates the brain and increases the release of dopamine. Novelty sows the seed of potential pleasure post-purchase. They show more interest in new things that trigger their brain into knowing something new. Think like your buyer and target their brain that wants novelty every now and then. Like automobile companies release new models every year or Apple comes up with new iPhones every now and then (with a few tweaks), you should also come up with newer versions of products to offer novelty. This would trigger the buyers’ brain into getting something new, ultimately leading to product purchase.

  • Buyers are Visually-Inclined Beings

The brain of the buyer is visually-inclined. They can make impulsive purchases because of the images displayed on the advertisement. Visual content touches the emotional chord of the buyer and triggers the buying action. By doing a cognitive research, marketers can target the visual instinct of the buyers and hypnotize them into making a purchase. Use the right images, majorly positive ones, to play on buyer emotions. Think from the buyers’ perspective and analyze what effect it can have on the purchase decision. Images or any visual content, when chosen properly for marketing, can have a substantial effect on conversions and lead generation.

  • Buyers Love It When They Are Made To Feel Special

Buyers always want to feel that the buying experience is specially tailored to cater their needs. They love it when they are made to feel special. Personalized shopping experience is what you can offer your buyers to make them feel special. There are many advanced technologies like AI-enabled chatbots, big data etc., that can help in offering a personalized experience. Thus, making the buyers feel special. By making them feel unique and special, you can increase certainty of purchases.

  • Buyers Want To Know Everything

Become an extraordinary seller and offer everything that your buyer wants to know. In today’s time, any buying decision is made after a lot of research on various sites, social media platforms and discussion among peers. You need to understand that present buyer wants to know everything. He/she performs extensive research for the same. Offer them enough proof of your products by having substantial content on various platforms. Whether it is blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, informational videos or e-newsletters, use various means to provide information about your product. Offer as much information as your buyer can desire to reinforce their trust in your product.

Let’s Sum Up
The five emotions discussed above play a chief role in manipulating the buying decision of any buyer. By triggering these emotions, the sellers can ensure more leads and conversions without much effort. Trigger the visual instincts, offer them novelty, provide validation, make them feel special, and give all the information they need to boost lead generation.

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