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Listen, Leverage and Lead - Customer Service and Customer Complaints Handling

By: Admin In: Sales & Marketing Last Updated: 2014-08-08

Listen,-Leverage-and-Lead---Customer-Service-and-Customer-Complaints-HandlingIn the simplest words, complaints can be termed as dissatisfaction expressed by the customers in the context of the products and services of any company. A successful company is the one which is committed towards finding effective solutions for problems being faced by its customers & learns from all feedback, whether it is positive or negative.

Why Effective Complaint Handling Is Essential

  • Out of five, almost four of the customers would surely spread the word if their complaint was not handled properly.

  • Also, almost all the customers would recommend the company to friends if their complaint was resolved in an effective manner.

  • Most customers are ready to pay a little extra for first-rate services.

  • Not many companies invest in a dedicated complaint handling process, so it is easy to gain a competitive edge over them.

  • The costs involved in attracting a new customer are five times that of retaining an existing one. & Its Customer Complaints Handling Process :

  • An Open Policy Towards Complaints
    It is open towards customers that provide negative feedback regarding any of the company's products or services. There is a proper process which has been formulated for handling negative Feedback

  • Trained Staff To Deal With Customer Complaints
    The staff is given regular training in effectively handling Complaints. The staff is trained to listen carefully and be empathetic. It is also given special training to handle angry customers & to always be polite.

  • High Priority To Complaints
    At, all complaints are given high priority and the complaint handling staff has the required authority to resolve them in an effective and timely manner.

  • Right Outlook
    All complaint made my customers regarding any aspect of the products or services are treated as genuine, unless proved so. To start off, it is ensured that all the facts related to the situation are collected. Once all the facts are collected, appropriate steps are taken to correct the problem.

  • Effective Resolution
    There is no use of having a customer handling process if you do not fix the problems highlighted by the customers. It is not enough to pacify the angry customers or those who complained by giving them free gifts or providing them with a replacement (in case of faulty products). To ensure that others do not face a similar problem. At, the staff ensures that root of the problem is found and fixed promptly.

At this popular B2B portal, all Reviews, whether positive or negative, are given equal importance. The effective complaint handling system is one of the reasons that the portal has managed to establish a stronghold in the online B2B marketplace.

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