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Start Small to Go Big: 10 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2019-11-12

There are many people in India, who wish to earn big money by starting their own business. They are always in search of business ideas that require low investments. To support them, here is a list of 10 business ideas that are free from geographical restrictions and market scenarios.

1. Real Estate Agent/ Broker:

Real Estate Agent

If you have good communication and people skills, you can think about becoming a real estate agent. With a little research on the real estate trends & demands and understanding the prospects for both commercial & residential real estate, one can earn handsome commission by mediating the gap between property holders and property seekers. The investment requirements for being a real estate broker is very less and as you build your network and start-playing role in more deals, your earnings can make the business venture a highly profitable one.

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2. Travel Agency:

Travel Agency

The travel industry has witnessed a boom in the past decade. Changing habits and desire for the ultimate wanderlust of people demand a travel service provider. The Best method to open up a travel agency is to get associated with a host-agency. This will help you receive the benefits of pace by helping you get your ARC, CLIA, or IATA number faster, convenience for performing all the back-end functions. There are assured high commissions earning and low-cost investments. The rates might differ depending on the host agency.

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3. E-Commerce Website:

E-Commerce Website

Online shopping is an emerging trend in India. It facilitates buyers to browse, compare, shortlist, and purchase products from thousands of options. All you need is a website and network of vendors offering products. With this, you can easily run your b2b and b2c operations.

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4. Tuition Center:

Tuition Center

It is said that knowledge is power. And, if you are good at explaining things, teaching would be the best source of generating income. It is the most cost-effective business with almost zero starting cost. All you need is to dedicate a room of your home for teaching students. As a tuition teacher, you need to advertise yourself on social media. Other advertising methods like flyers or word-of-mouth recommendations can also work.

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5. Manpower Supply:

Manpower Supply

If you are good at networking, then this business can help you earn money more than expectations. Manpower requirements for performing daily chores at home and handling tedious tasks at the office are different. So, build a network of people having different skill-sets and earn a handsome income on a commission basis.

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6. Blogging:


Blogging is no more a work from home career. It can be considered as a serious small business. You can start at home if you have some space or take some space on rent. In order to earn filthy money, you can either team up with like-minded people to work on your blog or you need to hire a content writer, SEO professional, and content marketer. By making a proper strategy for your blog, one can gain huge returns.

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7. CCTV & Surveillance:

CCTV & Surveillance

Nowadays, people are becoming conscious when it comes to the security of their property, people, and valuables. They seek support to get access to monitor their valuables anywhere from across the globe. Therefore, more and more people are installing CCTV and surveillance cameras in their homes and offices. You can invest in not just CCTV installation business but also provide maintenance & repairing services. This is a low investment and high return business idea.

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8. Mobile Garage:

Mobile Garage

The unfortunate owner of the vehicle that got a breakdown in the middle of the busy road usually faces a dilemma about where to get repairs. For such unforeseen situations, you can offer a mobile garage. For this low investment business, you need a phone, a vehicle and repairing tools & equipment. All you need to do is, rush to the site and perform repairs.

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9. Babysitting/ Childcare:


This is a low investment small business that can be started from home or small premises. Working parents seek support to take care of their children throughout the day. By investing in equipping your space with toys, cribs and games, mattresses, and decors, you can start your business.

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10. Meal Service:

Meal Service

Thousands of people migrate to metro or big cities for a job or study. This leads to the demands for home and workplace delivery of meals. The low investment small business of tiffin services can be easily launched from your kitchen by preparing fresh meals and delivering them to homes and offices.

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These were the small business ideas to get inspiration. But, keep in mind that having ample capital to invest in a small business is not enough. Having skills and expertise in that domain will help you run smooth operations. Before entering into any venture, it is advised to know the legal formalities involved and licensing concerned. A legitimize business can help you get loans and subsidies in the future and protects you against any lawsuits. If you are seeking an answer to How To Start A Business? Go online or consult with an expert.

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