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Things You Must Know About Suppliers From China

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2013-11-26

A wide number of retailers and e-tailers would second the point that sourcing products from Chinese Suppliers leads to a win-win situation. Undoubtedly, the low prices of Chinese products along with the high amounts of profits, make China imports hard-to-beat! However, many prospective importers are clueless about how to begin the importing process. So, here are few practical steps that can help the importers to choose a trustworthy Supplier from China:

  • Finding Suppliers
    The best way to find Suppliers from China is to search the online business directories. Online directories are the straightforward and simple channels that help in locating overseas suppliers who are legitimate and supply the exact products they claim to offer. Apart from this, the Hong Kong or Mainland China Trade Show is another option to find prominent Suppliers. A face-to-face interaction with thousands of Chinese suppliers displaying their product line can certainly help the importers to find the one that meets all the requirements and expectations.

  • Working With Suppliers
    Once you have chosen a Supplier from China, explain the company about your business functions. Before placing bulk orders, request samples to examine the quality of products. Also as an importer, make sure to review the packaging and instructions related to the products. Once you are satisfied with supplier, it is very important to have a conversation about product details, lead times as well as completion dates for the consignment.

  • Paying Suppliers
    The most reliable method of payment is wire transfer. 30-70 is the safest payment ratio, with 30% payment upfront and the remaining 70% at the time of shipping. However, on negotiation, you can also try to fix the payment term at 30-40-30, with 30% down payment, 40% at shipping and the remaining 30% after the receipt and inspection of products.

Points To Remember

  • Try to find prospective suppliers that are certified and have relevant experience in the export domain
  • Never buy products from the oversees supplier, if no certifications are provided along
  • You can hire a third-party inspection company for quality testing of the products before making payments

Thus, to conclude, studying different options, choosing the eminent supplier and placing small orders are the small steps that make the entire importing process smooth and easy along with being profitable.

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