When Social Networking Does A Business More Harm Than Good

By: Gaurav Batra In: Social Media Last Updated: 2010-05-01

The world has advanced and so are the businesses and their mode of development. For a business to grow expansively, the need of the hour demands a well-developed online social network. A rapid rise in the trend of social networking has been witnessed in the current era.

What is social networking?
In terms of Internet it is the medium that connects individuals, organizations, businesses, etc. from all over the world. There have been several social networking groups and sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, etc. that have served as a common platform for people and businesses to interact.

There are countless benefits of signing up with social networks like maximum business promotion, more leads, etc. Businesses have incorporated this trend in the very root of their system but as we know overdoing of anything is harmful. Social networks also have drawbacks, if used extensively.


  • A large set of connections doesn't always mean increased sales, businesses invest considerable amount of money and time on having a firm position on the social networks but it doesn't always provide good results.
  • People before using latest technologies or products ask for opinions from their friends on the social network. The opinion may or may not be positive and lead people to step back from not using the product. Businesses suffer due to this reason as their product might receive negative feedbacks.

Businesses who wish to do well with the help of social networking should ensure the following:

  • Do not completely rely on promotion on social networking sites.
  • Always remember that your key to success is the quality of your products or services that will earn you advertizing through word-of-mouth.
  • Handle your customer's complaints and queries in an efficient manner. This will make the users praise your services or products on the social networks.
  • Offering free sample or discounts might help your business to acquire a better word of mouth.

Thus reading the above mentioned must have enlightened you about the harms that social networking might cause your business and the ways to overcome it. So, it is advisable to use the social networking platform as a promotional base but combine it with your skills and capability to satisfy the customers.

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