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Why Customer Feedback Is Important For A Company

By: Admin In: Others Last Updated: 2014-05-28

The success of any business lies in understanding and meeting the expectations of its customers. Now, the big question is how can these expectations be channeled from one party to another? It's simple- by routine gathering of customers' input on the company's offerings. A direct, uninterrupted interaction between the company and its clients is of paramount importance. It serves a number of purposes and benefits both the parties. Here are a few examples underlining the importance of customer feedback.

  • The Times, a prestigious British newspaper collects customers' feedback by conducting a monthly survey on a panel of 2000 readers. It helps the publishing stalwart understand the likes and dislikes of the readers and to accordingly modify the content it presents. This strategy primarily enables this newspaper to identify new opportunities and at the same time, conveys the strong message the readers hold great importance. Eventually, the sales of the newspaper stand by this approach of valuing customer feedback.
  •, one of India's leading B2B portals, too has an organized mechanism for collecting customer feedback. The portal, managed by Weblink.In Pvt. Ltd., has gone a step ahead and set up dedicated feedback and complaints forum where its customers can post and share their views, feedback, compliments and complaints online. This way the company has sent a message that it values its customers and is willing to take actions on feedback, reviews and complaints. Such steps play a constructive role in brand building and creating goodwill for the company.

How To Gather Customer Feedback? There are a number of ways by which a company can engage with its customers and collect their inputs on specific products and services. Here's a list of a few.

  • By means of third party surveys as the analysis will be more objective in this case
  • Through online forum as has been done by
  • By surveying a set of customers
  • By inviting open suggestions through mails, etc.

Whatever be the media connecting the customer with the company, the communication should be clear and speedy. In the past it has been seen that new products and services came into existence only after active customer participation. Eventually, this sort of information sharing benefits both the stakeholders, brings improvements, resolves issues and promotes the business. As such, it's incumbent on the businesses today to have a separate model that closely monitors customers' queries, feedback and complaints.

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