Cashew Nuts in Namakkal

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Some Important Facts About Cashew Nut

Top Ten Cashew Nut Producing States in India
Rank State Name Area Production Yield
1 Maharashtra 184 225 1221
2 Andhra Pradesh 184 118 641
3 Odisha 164 101 616
4 Kerala 85 77 906
5 Karnataka 122 75 611
6 Tamil Nadu 136 62 454
7 Others 36 49 1357
8 Goa 57 30 526
9 West Bengal 11 12 1091
10 Jharkhand 12 5 417



Top Ten Cashewnut Producing Countries in the World
Rank Country Production (Metric Tons)
1 Vietnam 1237300
2 Nigeria 836,500
3 India 680,000
4 Ivory Coast 450,000
5 Benin 170,000
6 Philippines 132,541
7 Guinea 130,000
8 Tanzania 122,274
9 Indonesia 117,400
10 Brazil 80,630



Cashewnuts Yield World Statistics and Data
S.No Country Cashew Nuts, Yield (Hectogram Per Hectare) 
1 Philippines 51038
2 Peru  49924
3 Vietnam 36921
4 Mexico  30131
5 Nigeria 25000
6 Malaysia 20760
7 Thailand 16875
8 Gambia 16663
9 Togo 14615
10 Honduras 14189
11 Guinea 11544
12 Kenya 9677
13 Burkina Faso 9583
14 Belize 9067
15 Burma 8516
16 El Salvador 8219
17 Mozambique 8125
18 India 7591
19 Angola 7071
20 Guinea-Bissau 5580


Which state is the largest producer of cashew nuts in India?

Maharashtra ranks first in the list of the states that are largest producers of cashew nuts in India. The average production of cashew nuts in this state is approximately 111,334.4 metric tons annually. Maharashtra has always witnessed a positive trend in cashew nut with a gradual increase in production every year except for 1997-98, 2000-01 and 2009-10.

Which country is the leading producer of cashew nuts in the world?

Vietnam tops the list of the largest cashew nut producing countries in the world. Not just that, it is also a major cashew nut exporter. The country has approximately one-third of the global share of cashew nut production. More than 300,000 hectares of Vietnam land is utilized for the production of cashew nuts and has a productivity of 1,000 kilograms per square kilometer. The country has a separate association for cashew nuts called Vietnam Cashew Association, which was formed in the year 1990 and takes care of the development of the Vietnam cashew industry.

Which country has the highest cashew nut yield?

The Philippines, a Southeast Asian country, has the highest yield of cashew nuts in the world.

What are the different types of cashew nuts found in the world?

While there are approximately 33 types of cashews produced in the world, not all of them are exported or available for commercial use. The major types of cashew found in the world are:
·    W – 180: This type of cashew nut is popularly known as the ‘King of Cashew’ as they have a larger size and are the most expensive ones.
·    W – 210: These nuts are also called the ‘Jumbo’ nuts owing to their size.
·    W – 240: This is one of the most attractive grades of cashew nuts available at an affordable price.
·    W – 320: These are the most widely used cashew nuts that are also most easily available in the world.
·    W – 450: These are the cheapest cashew nuts found in the world, which makes them a favorite among the people.

What are some of the things we should know about cashew nuts?

Here are some of the most important things that you must know about cashew nuts.

·    The first cashew tree was found in Brazil. Now many countries like Ivory Coast, Vietnam, Nigeria, Indonesia and India not just cultivate this nut but also export it to different parts of the world.

·    Contrary to its name, cashews are not nuts but are seeds instead.

·    They are produced in a pseudo-fruit called cashew apple from which a kidney-shaped shell protrudes. The nuts are naturally double-wrapped in toxins.

·    The cashew apple, which is a reddish pear-shaped fruit, has a sweet taste and its juice makes a great refreshing drink. However, as this fruit cannot be transferred for long distance, its juice is only consumed by the people of Brazil.

·    Cashews need to be roasted to remove the toxins. These raw nuts, sans toxins, are then roasted again to enhance their flavor.

·    One ounce of cashews carry 150 calories but has the capability to keep the hunger at bay for a longer time as compared to any other food of same calories. They contain healthy fats and proteins to provide a balanced nutrition.

·    From the toxic wrapper of the nut, a cashew shell oil is derived which can be used as an alternative to brake fluid in industries.