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We offer a complete product range of and Sensor Faucets, Accessories

Sensor Faucets, Accessories

We are offering sensor faucets, accessories sensor faucets are meant to save 70% of water in our daily life. As the situation is going from bad to worse in finding sources of water, the same will soon move in to a luxury item of real life necessities. Narrowing the concept of conservation of water in our water tank at one’s own house rather than in lakes and rivers, will bring home the urgency of sensors in faucet. It’s all about saving water in your tank at home. Giving this technology a try at your own home, office, hotels or anywhere you like is not a big deal while considering its short and long term benefits. it is affordable. easy to fix even with existing faucet. easy to operate. flexible with ac or dc supply. prevents wastage of water through human error. stops spread of bacteria and germs. saves water and money. long life. save water in wash basin, urinals and toilets. limited payback period. hands free taps # sensor faucet control box: (included in most sensor tap package like rjy-6110ad, rjy-6150ad) is a square box that sits or mounted underneath the sink as part of a typical sensor electronic faucet installation process. Most of our sensor faucets range come with a control box, except our 2-in-1series range. the control box is like a hub which enables water to flow in (from main water supply) and out (to sensor faucet). When you open up a control box, you will find a solenoid valve, battery casetransformer and infrared signal wire connection. following components are included in the control box. 1) solenoid valve a solenoid valve is a device that allows or restricts water from passing through it. It has a built-in magnetic latch that opens and closes whenever an electric signal is sent or received from the infrared sensor. 2) battery case the battery case holds 4 aa alkaline batteries, which means dc 6v voltage. The battery can be used in conjuction with the main power supply. For example, if the power goes, the dc battery power will automatically take over. The battery should last upto 1.5 years on an average usage of 20, 000 cycles per month (av. 600 cycles a day). 3) sensor infra red senor with adjustable sensing distance with dc input voltage.

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