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Surveillance Systems

Our offered Product range includes Bushing Monitoring System, Airgap Monitoring System, partial discharge monitoring system, Magnetic Flux Monitoring System and Transformer Partial Discharge Monitoring system.

Bushing Monitoring System

Application:  Integrated diagnostic monitoring system for 110~330kV transformer insulation condition which is Very easy to integrate it into existing protection systems. Monitors bushing insulation based on the sum of currents method which usually Monitors PD caused by bushing and transformer insulation defects. Also Monitors load current signals to detect critical winding deformation resulting from short circuits and Estimates an efficiency of the transformer cooling system.  

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Airgap Monitoring System

Application:  Air gap monitoring measures thedistance between rotor and stator in the hydro generator. Rotor and stator shape and location are affected by operating centrifugal, thermal, and magnetic forces. Off-center or out-of-round conditions might reduce operating efficiency. In more severe cases, they might lead to damage from magnetically induced heating or rotor-to-stator rub. TYPICAL FAULTS DETECTIONS Rotor-to-stator rub Pole mechanical instability Loss of operating efficiency Magnetic unbalance Thermal hotspots Typical Installation:  Depending on the stator size, between 4 to 12 airgap sensors glued equally around the stator core. 

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partial discharge monitoring system

Application:  Online partial discharge measurements detect failures in the stator winding insulation in operation. Online partial discharge measurements can be taken either periodically with a portable partial discharge analyzer or continuously with a permanently installed monitoring system. Partial discharge monitoring is applicable on large hydro-generators or on turbo-generators. TYPICAL FAULTS DETECTIONS Delamination of single conductor to main insulation Delamination of the main insulation Abrasion of the corona slot protection Typical Installation:  Partial discharge couplers installed on each generator/ motor phase exit. Shaft and Bearing Vibration for Hydro Generator Application:  Shaft and bearing vibration monitors the vibration amplitude to detect wear of bearings, shaft imbalance and misalignment. The shaft and bearing vibration monitoring is specified in the ISO-7919 and ISO-10816 norms respectively. Plain bearings deterioration and failures can be detected using condition monitoring tools such as shaft center path (orbits) and shaft centerline. Shaft and bearing vibration are applicable on any rotating machines such as hydro turbines, gas turbines, steam turbines, pumps, fans, cooling fan towers. TYPICAL FAULTS DETECTIONS Mechanical unbalance Misalignment Damages or wear of plainbearings Misc. tribological issues on plain bearings Typical installation:  2 proximity probes or absolute vibration sensors installed at 90° apart located in the radial direction.  

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Magnetic Flux Monitoring System

Application:  Magnetic flux monitoring measures the flux of each rotor poles to detect defaults in the magnetic field homogeneity. Such failure can be explained by short circuit in a specific pole and might reduce operating efficiency or generate high vibrations due to magnetic unbalance. TYPICAL FAULTS DETECTIONS magnetic unbalance pole mechanical instability Typical Installation:  One magnetic flux sensor installed on the stator. 

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Transformer Partial Discharge Monitoring system

Application:  This System is designed to detect and localize Partial Discharge activity by correlating acoustic and electric sensors (HFCT & UHF) data. The AE-150 has many acquisition modes, each used for detecting and locating Partial Discharge activity in a transformer. The AE-150 unit is mounted on the transformer tank using its powerful magnets that also hold four acoustic sensors. Acquired data is sent to Mirador-Tx software where all advanced positioning functions are implemented. This cutting-edge software allows easy data interpretation and reporting. ADVANTAGES OF ACOUSTIC EMISSION TECHNIQUE On-Line Non-Invasive Detects Activity in Real Time Early Prediction Fault Location Quick Inspection Highly Sensitive Permanent Record of Test Global Monitoring Cost Reduction Focus Inspections Where They Provide Better Returns

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