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Testing Equipment

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Distribution Transformer Tester, ART-3D Transformer Ratio Testers, Transformer Oil BDV Tester, high voltage dc tester and CTTx2 Current Transformer Testers.

Distribution Transformer Tester

The DOC-2000™ is intended for de-energised distribution transformer testing. It can determine the presence of short circuits or an open circuit in the distribution transformer primary winding and also short circuits on the secondary winding. The DOC-2000™ is designed to be operated from an arial device or from the ground at the end of a hot stick without disconnecting the transformer's secondary windings. FEATURES Transformers up to 167 KVA single or three phase (Pole mount or Pad mount) Measurement by contact on the transformer primary bushing and neutral/ground Used on de-energized transformers Detects primary transformer short-circuit, open circuit, & secondary short circuits Visual and audible warning. Automatic self-test & Auto shut-off Low battery indicator Operating temperature range -25°C to 55°C

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ART-3D Transformer Ratio Testers

The ART-3D series of Automatic Ratio Testers are precision instruments, designed to measure the turn ratios, phase displacements, excitation currents of single phase and three phase power, distribution and instrument transformers in conformity to the IEEE C57.12.90 & IEC 60076. Now featuring an enhanced test lead design, the ART-3D is the perfect instrument for real-life field usage. ART-3D series also has Anti Induction circuit which makes it suitable for system voltages upto 765KV.

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Transformer Oil BDV Tester

OTS series insulating oil testers are fully automatic micro controller based system, completely self-contained, compact and portable giving smooth variable test voltage from 0 to 60, 80 or 100 kV for testing the dielectric strength of insulating oil in accordance with all international standards like IEC156/IS6792/ASTM D 1816/ASTM D877/ UNE 21 specifications FEATURES Tests as per various international standards Auto mode 100 test result storage capacity LCD display Built in printer User Friendly RS 232C Interface & Software Safety protection Accurate performance  

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high voltage dc tester

  • Input 240v±10% 1 phase ac 50Hz
  • Output VOLTAGE OUTPUT : 0-60KV DC  CURRENT OUTPUT : 2.5mA  RIPPLE : <0.1%P-P
  • Voltage Regulation Better than 0.05%
  • Design Transformer-less Transistorised Design
  • Controls Local control with potentio-meters as well the unit can be configured for remote operation also
  • Local Control Output voltage, Over voltage setting Output current trip, Max Current setting
  • Remote Control Available  TX-1 connector to be configured as per  Instruction manual to achieve remote control
  • Test Area Interlock Provided
  • Output Cable The set is provided with extremely flexible high voltage cable which has a Copper mesh screen for safety considerations
  • Display Parameters 3½ Digits voltage & current meters 1.0% accuracy other message indications  OT– Over temperature  ID – Interlock  EXT – REMOTE CONTROL
  • Protections Over voltage protection  Over current protection  Protection against output short-circuit and arc discharge  Over temperature protection

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CTTx2 Current Transformer Testers

The CTTx2 & CTTx5 are rugged and easy to use current transformer testers, that offer Automatic and Manual testing modes. These instruments are designed to deliver fast and reliable measurements. Various parameters of the CT like CT Saturation/Excitation, Knee Point (as per ANSI 10/50IEC 60044, IEEE 30, IEEE 45), Ratio, Polarity, Phase Angle and Burden are tested in a short time.

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Voltage Tester

  • INPUT Voltage 240V, 50Hz, 1 Phase AC

HV Testing Kits are used for testing of Motors, Generators, Switchgears, Cables, Transformers and other electrical equipment. These are used for testing & commissioning of HV electrical equipment.

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winding resistance tester

The WRT-10D™ is a high performance winding resistance tester designed for power transformers and large motor applications  

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