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Testing Equipments

Our product range comtains a wide range of DC Earth Fault Locator Model GFL-T GFL-R, Primary Injection Test Set, cable fault locators and Secondary Current Injection Test Set

DC Earth Fault Locator Model GFL-T GFL-R

The DC Earth Fault locator is suitable to test the DC Battery System and Trace Ground Faults. The system is suitable for Power Plants, Sub-Stations upto 765KV and other industries. The system is highly capable in tracing and pin pointing the DC earth faults in a live system without requiring any shut downs. The receiver sensitivity of 1mA and better is capable to trace most complex fault. Custom built Special Testing Equipment and Test Benches also available on request.

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Primary Injection Test Set

  • RATINGS 500, 1000,1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 & 10000 A

Primary Current Injection Kits are used to test and commission Circuit Breakers, Bus Bars, CTs, Relays, MCCs, PCCs etc. These are also used for high current injection and simultaneously measuring voltage drops and hot spots in bus-bar joints, circuit Breaker Contacts etc. The High Current Loading Units are also available with series parallel links arrangement to configure the coils in series– parallel configurations to meet the field test requirement.

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cable fault locators

  • Feature Low cost - Increase productivity by equipping more technicians with their own TDRs.

A complete range of Cable Fault Locating Equipment for LV & HV Cables in Power Plants, Heavy Industry & Distribution Systems . Occurrence of cable fault can not be avoided due to many factors. Long outage of a cable from service results in heavy loss of revenue to the power distribution company, production loss to industries as well as unpleasant condition to general public. This requires an efficient instrument capable of locating the fault in minimum possible time and restoring the supply.

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Secondary Current Injection Test Set

  • POWER INPUT 240V, 50Hz, 1 Phase AC

Secondary current injection test set All types of static, attracted armature, induction type, thermal & directional relays & CTs can be tested using our Secondary Injection Kits. Digital LED Display Time Interval Meter is integrated in the set. The time interval meter is autoranging type with Least Count of 0.1 milli second in lowest range. The Timer is fully programmable type and can be programmed for RangeResolution, Auto Reset etc.

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