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Exotic Vegetables

Our offered Product range includes Broccoli, Zucchini, Celery and Brussels Sprouts.


Broccoli  is a member of the cabbage family, and is closely related to cauliflower. Its cultivation originated in Italy. Broccolo, its Italian name, means ‘cabbage sprout.’ Because of its different components, broccoli provides a range of tastes and textures, from soft and flowery (the floret) to fibrous and crunchy (the stem and stalk). Do not let the smell of the sulfur compounds that are released while cooking keep you away from this highly nutritious vegetable.Health Benefits of Broccoli   Cancer:  Broccoli may prove to be a natural wonder-drug for many types of cancer, Detoxification:  The presence of vitamin-C, sulphur and certain amino acids make broccoli a very good detoxifier. Stomach Disorders:  Broccoli is very rich in fiber or roughage, the best thing which can cure almost all the stomach disorders by curing constipation, since constipation is the root to almost all the stomach disorders

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Zucchini , member of the gourd family is cylindrical in shape and brilliant dark green in color, with a watery flesh and mild flavor. Though zucchini can grow to almost monstrous proportions, the smaller vegetables are the most flavorful.Health Benefits of Zucchini   Zucchini helps to cure asthma as it contains Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Zucchini helps to prevent diseases, like scurvy, bruising etc, caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C. Eating zucchini also helps to support the arrangement of capillaries. Regular intake of zucchini effectively lowers high homocysteine levels. Zucchini also prevents the risk of having multiple sclerosis (MS). Zucchinis have high water content (over 95%), so they make perfect food for people on diet. Zucchini contains useful amounts of folate, potassium, and vitamin A, necessary for a human body. Zucchini contains Vitamin C and lutein, both of which are good for eyes.

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Celery  is from the same family with parsley and fennel, the  Umbelliferae family. It can grow to the height of up to 16 inches. The white celery is grown shaded from direct sunlight, thus has less chlorophyll, compared to its greener counterparts.The ribs of celery are crunchy and are often used to make soup or salad. It has a salty taste, so celery juice is a good mix with the sweeter fruit juices. Nutritional Benefits   Celery leaves has high content of vitamin A, whilst the stems are an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C with rich supplies of potassium, folate, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and plenty essential amino acids. Nutrients in the fiber are released during juicing, aiding bowel movements. The natural organic sodium (salt) in celery is very safe for consumption, in fact is essential for the body. Even individuals who are salt-sensitive can safely take the sodium in celery, unlike table salt which is harmful for those with high blood pressure.

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Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts  are members of the Brassica family and therefore kin to broccoli and cabbage. They resemble miniature cabbages, with diameters of about 1 inch. They grow in bunches of 20 to 40 on the stem of a plant that grows as high as three feet tall. Brussels sprouts are typically sage green in color, although some varieties feature a red hue. They are oftentimes sold separately but can sometimes be found in stores still attached to the stem. Perfectly cooked Brussels sprouts have a crisp, dense texture and a slightly sweet, bright and green taste.Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts   Brussels Sprouts Are High in Vitamin C Brussels Sprouts May Help Prevent Cancer Brussels Sprouts Are a Good Source of Fiber

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