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Anhydrous Milk Fat

Anhydrous Milk Fat

Anhydrous Milk Fat is the Product obtained from Prime Quality raw materials (Milk, Cream or Butter) to which no neutralizing substances have been added. The Anhydrous Butter Milk Fat must exhibit the Odor, Taste and Flavor of clean Butterfat. When heated to 40 Deg. The AMF shall be sparking and Semi ΓΆ€“ Transparent. Moreover, we are renowned as one of the dependable Bakery Anhydrous Milk Fat Exporters from India,

Milk fat is pure, natural and free from any additive. It is obtained by cooking white butter. White butter is obtained by churning cream, which is separated from pasteurized milk through automatic centrifugal separators. It has a pleasant aroma and flavor, which impart unique specialty to cooked food and is used as an ingredient in the preparation of processed food to impart dairy and creamy flavor.

Typical Analysis :

  • Milk Fat, %, min. : 99.7
  • R.M.Value : 28 ΓΆ€“ 35
  • Polenskey Value, max. : 2.0
  • BR at 40 deg.C. : 40-43
  • Baudian Test : Negative
  • Moisture, max. : 0.30
  • FFA, max., % : 1.5
  • Antioxidants : NIL

Physical Characteristics :
  • Appearance : White to pale grained texture. Liquid above 40oC.
  • Odour & Flavour : Cooked butter, aroma, free from objectionable flavors

Packaging : In tin containers, range starting from 500 ml., 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre. & 15 Kg. However, this product may also be packed in food grade drums (steel or fibre) as well as various other packaging sizes of fit your specific needs.

Storage and Handling : Anhydrous milk fat has a shelf life of 12 months and at temperature below 15oC. Shelf life can be further extended.

Recommended Uses : It is typically used as a cooking medium, and also used in bakery, confectionery, chocolate products, etc.

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