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Food Grains & Cereals

Our offered Product range includes Jaggery Powder, Dried Corn Kernels, Brown Chick Peas, Roasted Chana and Sabudana.

Jaggery Powder

Many of us feel that intake of sugar increases our weight.But instead of sugar everyone can take jaggery.There are many health benefits of jaggery.Daily every one takes sugar by mixing it with milk.Instead of that taking milk by mixing it with jaggery is very good for health and beauty.Daily we drink milk to make our bones strong.But it can be made more useful my mixing with jaggery. Jaggery is one of the common sweeteners used in the preparation of various dishes in many parts of the world. Although jaggery and sugar are formed from the same sources, they are much different in their appearance, properties and benefits. Jaggery is prepared from the sap or juice of plants such as sugarcane and date palm. It is used to make candies, toffees, jaggery cakes and many other sweet preparations. It is also used in the preparation of alcoholic beverages. Jaggery is a healthy alternative to white sugar and is commonly known as ‘medicinal sugar’, because of its various health benefits. Jaggery is used to make numerous sweet and savory preparations, especially is Asian population. Gujarati’s use jaggery in all their food preparations. Jaggery have many health benefits as compared to sugar.  

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Dried Corn Kernels

Popcorn, also known as popping corn, is a type of corn (maize, Zea mays var. everta) that expands from the kernel and puffs up when heated. Popcorn is able to pop because, like amaranth grain, sorghum, quinoa, and millet, its kernels have a hard moisture-sealed hull and a dense starchy interior. When heated, pressure builds within the kernel, and a small explosion (or "pop") is the end result. Some strains of corn are now cultivated specifically as popping corns. There are various techniques for popping corn. Along with prepackaged popcorn, which is generally intended to be prepared in a microwave oven, there are small home appliances for popping corn. These methods require the use of minimally processed popping corn.

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Brown Chick Peas

  Commonly known as ‘chana’ in India, chickpeas are a part of the vegetarian diet in India. These are basically legumes belonging to the Fabaceae family. The plants are short in height and are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions. The seeds are excellent sources of protein. There are generally two varieties of chickpeas, ‘desi’ and ‘kabuli’. The ‘desi’ variety comprises of darker smaller seeds having a rough outer covering whereas the ‘kabuli’ variety are comparatively larger light colored beans with a smoother coat.   Mature chickpeas can be cooked and eaten cold in salads, cooked in stews, ground into a flour called gram flour (also known as chickpea flour and besan and used frequently in Indian cuisine), ground and shaped in balls and fried as falafel, or stirred into a batter and baked to make farinata or panelle.

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Roasted Chana

Chickpeas, known as chana (or chole) in Hindi belong to the family of legumes that are widely consumed by Indians. Commonly known as Bengal gram, they impart a unique and delicious taste and flavour to your dishes and curries. Although available in a variety of colours, beige-coloured chickpeas are most preferred ones. Apart from being economical, this legume is high in nutritive value making it a healthy option to include in your diet.   Being an extremely versatile legume, it is widely used in a variety of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes like falafels, hummus and curries as well as salads, soups and stews or even as a quick snack. In addition to their delicious nut like taste and buttery texture, black chickpeas are extremely beneficial for health.

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Sago or sabudana is a food which is full of energy and carbohydrates. It is extracted from the center of sago palm stems in the form of starch. It is also known as tapioca pearls. If is one of the wholesome diet of starch and carbohydrates and is used in a lot of Indian dishes. Sago is used in puddings, gruel or soups, and upma dishes. In gruel form, it is used in various carbonated drinks to provide energy without any addition of artificial chemicals and sweeteners. It is one food which possess a high cooling effect in the system and it is quite easy to digest. It is also used in making cakes and breads. Sago is helpful as a substitute in binding the dishes or making them thick. It is low in calories and is preferred as a light meal option.

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