Adding & Updating Products

Can I add products as a FREE member?

Yes, FREE members can also add their products to ExportersIndia.Com.

How many products can I post on ExportersIndia.Com?

400 is the maximum limit for all the FREE as well as PAID members for posting products on ExportersIndia.Com.

Am I allowed to choose more than one category for my product?

No, you can only choose one category for one product.

What Is A Product?

On ExportersIndia.Com, products are described as the items showcased by the manufacturer, sellers, and suppliers in our live online showroom. The products listed in our online stores are displayed with their pictures, attributes, price, and other specific information to give more details about the product to the potential buyers before purchase.


To know more about products, browse through our product category on ExportersIndia.Com

Where Can I Add A New Product?

In your folder, you can click on the ‘Add New Product’ section under ‘Products/Services’. You can also click on ‘Add New Products’ in the ‘Quick Links’ section on the left. You will be redirected to the ‘Add New Products’ page.

How To Add A New Product?

  • To add a new product on ExportersIndia, fill in details about your product like its name, image, price, category, etc. which matters a lot.

  • Add specific product name instead of any general name helps you to get proper & right inquiries

  • Visual details of your product through images increases its visibility and makes buyer understand about your product clearly.

  • Attract buyers by adding competitive prices

  • A clear and niche description helps buyer to judge your product in a better way and built a trust on you

  • Add complete specification about your product to get more buyers and better promotio


Step by Step completing product detail will display you the average percentage of your product score. Make sure your product should reach 100% score to increase responses.

Is there any other way to add new products?

  • On the top of My Folder, click on the ‘+ Add New Product’ button to add new products
  • On your dashboard, go to the ‘Manage Products’ section and press the ‘+Add New Products’ button to add new products
  • You can also add new product from the ‘Manage Products’ section. On this page, click on the ‘+Add New product’ link to add new products.

What Is The Importance Of Product Name?

Product name is the key to relevant business leads as it is shown to buyers in search result at Accurate Product name with relevant keyword get noticed by the potential buyers easily and increases the chances of maximum clicks.


Tips to write better product names

  • Don't use Generic words - Eg: Use “Sella Basmati Rice” instead of “Rice”

  • Use few specification to highlight your product such as "Long grain Sella Basmati Rice"
  • Don't add any product name with its code only such as "SBR01", rather use "SBR01 Sella Basmati Rice"

  • Don't Spam your Product name like "Long Grain Rice/ Basmati Rice / Sella Rice" instead make it proper as "Long grain Sella Basmati Rice".

  • Try to avoid Spelling mistakes

Why Is It Important To Add Product Description?

Adding product description not only gives your potential buyers more information about your product but also increases your product score by 15% and its search visibility. The chances of buyers sending inquiries for your product increase if you have given a complete description of your product and how it is important for them.

Is It Compulsory To Add Product Images?

By adding product images, you will not just attract the buyers but also gain their trust and increase your product quality score by 20%. You can give a better idea about your product through images. Adding clear and eye-catching images of your product gets more attention as well.

How Many Images Can I Add?

Free members can add three secondary images in addition to the one primary image, i.e., they get 3+1 images. Paid members can add as many as 12 secondary images in addition to the one primary image, i.e., they get 12+1 images. Primary image itself scores 10% and inccrease this score to 20% by adding additional images.

How Do I Add More Images?

Adding more images is simple. Once you have uploaded the primary image, you can click on the plus sign (+) beside it to add secondary images. Pad members can click on ‘+ Add more images’ on the right to add more secondary images for your product.

What Is Product Score & How Do I Calculate It?

Product score tells you how much your product scores. Each detail you add about your product, like the name, primary/secondary images, price, attributes, description, etc., adds to your product score. The higher your score is, the greater is your products visibility on the products page.

  • You can view a fixed ‘Product Score’ bar on your page that tells you the current product score.
  • Scroll your cursor at the product score bar and you can find the list of score that each detail carries.
  • Keep adding more details about your product to increase your product score accordingly.


Division of Scores are as :

Product Name : 5%

Image [Primary] : 10%

Image [Primary][500X500] : 10%

Category : 10%



Less Than (>70 and

More Than 200 chars : 15%

Price : 10%



Upto 2 : 0%

Upto 3 : 10%

Upto 4 : 15%

Upto 5 : 20%

Upto 6 : 25%

More Than 6 : 40%

What Is Product Category & Why Is It Important?

Product category is the category to which your product would belong. Most buyers search products by category which makes their search easier. Therefore a matching product category increase the chances of your product search visibility to the right buyers.


Tips to add Product Category

  • By default, one category would be chosen for your product.
  • You can change the product category by choosing from the related categories given below.
  • If you are unable to find your specific category, you can search for it on the ‘Category Search’ tab.

What If I Do Not Find The Matching Product Category?

If your desired product category is not visible either on the category list or after searching it from our database, you can add your category name and click on save. This would suggest us to create a new category for all those products.

Why Is It Important To Add Specifications Of My Product?

The product specification includes those details like product design, dimensions, material, workmanship, etc., that cannot be explained or visualized. This part of product detail has the highest score i.e there will be near about 40% increament in your Product Quality Score


  • Once you have added the product category, you will find related specification fields in the ‘Features & Specifications’ section. The more specifications you fill or attribute you add, results in an increase in your product score.
  • In case you do have less or no specifications field, you can add your own specifications by adding the attribute and attribute value. Click on ‘+ Add More’ to keep adding more specifications.

What Information Is Included In The Additional Information Section?

  • After saving the category and specifications, you can add more details about your products in the ‘Additional Information’ section.
  • Here, you have to compulsorily add the ‘Business Type’. By default, all the three fields are marked, you can check on the fields according to your business type.
  • You also have the option to add other information like product code, min. order quantity, delivery time, port of dispatch, payment terms, packaging details, etc.

Can I Edit The Details Added For My Product?

Yes, you can easily edit, change, or update any details of added products, anytime.

Where can I view all the products that I’ve added on ExportersIndia.Com?

  • Click on ‘Products/Services in the top navigation bar
  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘Manage Products’
  • Here, you can view all the products that you’ve posted on ExportersIndia.Com

What information can I view on the in the ‘Manage Products’ section?

On the ‘Manage Products’ section, you can view all the products that you’ve added on ExportersIndia.Com along with their completion percentage, status, details, and options to edit, delete or add additional information.

How do I filter all these products?

There are different filters available on top of the page that you can use to filter out the products. You can choose from filters like ‘All’, ‘Approved’, ‘Without Photo’, ‘Without Price’, ‘Approval Pending’ etc., to view a filtered list of products.

Can I filter the products based on their groups? How?

Based on the groups you have created for your products, you can filter out all your products.

  • On the ‘Manage Products’ group, Click on the ‘Select Group’ option next to ‘Filter’.
  • Select the group from the drop-down menu that appears with all the groups you have created.

How do I know which details are missing from my product?

The ‘Product Score’ meter shows the completion percentage of all the products. In front of this meter, you can view the details that are missing from your product.

Completing the ‘Product Score'.

The ‘Product Score’ is the meter that shows the completion status of your product listing. In front of the meter, you can view the details that need to be added. To get ‘100%’ completion of your product:

  • Go to the product whose product percentage is not 100
  • In front of the details not available, click on ‘+Add’
  • You will be redirected to the ‘Edit Product’ page
  • You can add the details that are missing like the image, price, description, more attributes, and additional information, etc.
  • Click on ‘Submit Your Product’ to submit the details
  • Your product percentage would be completed once you have added all the missing details.


Note: You can view the division of score by scrolling your cursor on the ‘Product Score’ meter.

What additional information can I add for my product?

You can add up to 6 images as additional information for your product along with additional data in a table format.

How can I add additional information to my products?

  • Go to the product for which you want to add additional information
  • Click on the ‘+Additional Info’
  • A pop-up will appear with the name of the product you have selected
  • Here, you can click on ‘Upload Product Images’ to upload up to 6 more images that would appear along with the table
  • Click on ‘Table Specification’ to create a new table by adding title, images, description, and features
  • Click on ‘Upload Image/Detail’ to add the additional information for your product

How do I edit or update the ‘Table Specification’ I’ve added?

  • Go to the product for which you want to edit the table specification
  • Click on the ‘+Additional Info’
  • A pop-up will appear with the name of the product you have selected
  • Click on ‘Table Specification’
  • You will view the table you have previously created
  • Click on ‘Edit’ in front of the table you want to edit and change the title or the description.

Editing & updating the existing information about the product.

  • Go to the ‘Manage Products’ page on your My Folder
  • Scroll down to the product whose existing information you want to edit or update
  • To update product price, click on ‘Add Price’ and add the price and minimum order quantity in the pop-up box
  • To update product group, click on ‘Update’ under Product Group
  • To update other information click on ‘Edit’ in front of the ‘Delete’ option or on ‘+Add’ in front of the ‘Product Score’

I want to delete some products from my catalog. How do I do it?

  • Go to ‘Manage Products’ page on your My Folder
  • Scroll down to the product that you want to delete
  • Click on the ‘Delete’ option on the right side of the product name
  • Select ‘OK’ from the pop-up and your product would be permanently deleted

Boost your product’s visibility.

  • Complete the ‘Product Score’ to 100% to boost your product visibility.
  • Write a relevant and accurate product name
  • Add high-quality images
  • Include the product price
  • Write down a brief description (more than 200 characters) of the product
  • Include a relevant product category
  • Add as many attributes as possible at least 7

How do I change or add primary product image?

  • Go to ‘Manage Products’ page on your My Folder
  • Scroll down to the product whose primary image you want to change or add
  • Click on the image box in front of that product
  • You can upload new image to change the existing one or update a new one

How long does it take for a product to get approved?

After adding the product, it gets approved within 24-48 hours.

What does ‘Display Status’ for each product mean when I filter the ‘Approved’ products?

The ‘Display Status’ for each product on the ‘Approved Product’ list is to set the priority on the HTM pages of that product category on ExportersIndia.Com.


  • Click on ‘Yes’ to show your product listing as a priority on the HTM pages
  • Click on ‘No’ to hide your product listing on HTM pages

How do I change the display status of my product?

  • Go to ‘Manage Products’ page on your My Folder
  • Filter the products by ‘Approved’
  • Below each product, you will see a ‘Display Status’ option
  • Click on ‘Yes’ to show your product listing and on ‘No’ to hide it

What happens if I change the display status to ‘No’?

If you change your ‘Display Status’ to ‘No’, your product would not be visible on the HTM pages when a buyer search for products in that category.