My Folder - Seller's Account Management

What does my Dashboard show?

Your dashboard is the page you land on as soon as you log in to your profile on ExportersIndia.Com. It shows:

  • Membership details
  • Verification status
  • Unread notifications
  • Quick links
  • Products
  • Latest Inquiries
  • Latest Buy Leads
  • Contact Details
  • Business Profile

Can I add new products through my dashboard?

Yes, your dashboard gives you the option to add new product. Go to the ‘Manage Products’ section and click on ‘+Add New Product’. You can also click on ‘+Add New Product’ on the top of your dashboard.

Are the latest inquiries also visible on my dashboard?

Yes, the dashboard of ExportersIndia.Com shows all the latest inquiries on your dashboard itself under the ‘My Inquiries’ section. You can also click on ‘View All’ to view all inquiries or on ‘Reply’ in front of the latest inquiry to reply to that particular inquiry.

What does the ‘Manage Products’ section signify?

The ‘Manage Products’ section on your dashboard shows all the products that you’ve added for your company. You can view the product name, status, availability of image, description, price, and specification. You can also click on ‘Edit’ in front of the product to edit or update the product detail.

What happens in the ‘Latest Buy Leads’ section on my dashboard?

You can view the latest buy leads recommended by ExportersIndia.Com for the products that you have listed in the ‘Latest Buy Leads’ section.

What details can I view in the ‘Your Contact Details’ section?

  • Your name
  • Registered email id
  • Registered mobile number
  • Your country

Where can I view the membership details?

You can view the membership details on the left margin of your dashboard. You can view your membership type, activation date, and expiry date of the membership.

Does ExportersIndia.Com notify me whenever new notifications arrive? Where can I view these notifications?

Yes, you can view all the latest notifications regarding incomplete products, incomplete verification, new leads, inquiries, etc., under the ‘Unread Notification’ head. Here, you can view different notifications under a single tab.