Manage Business Services

Can I also post my services on ExportersIndia.Com?

Yes, ExportersIndia.Com is a B2B portal that allows you to post your services and find seekers of that service.

How do I add my services?

  •  Scroll your cursor to ‘Product/Services’ on the top navigation bar
  •  From the drop-down menu, select ‘Add New Service’. You will be redirected to the ‘Add Service’ page.
  •  Here, add the ‘Service Name’ and the ‘Service Details’
  •  Click on ‘Browse’ to add images of the service
  •  Click on ‘Save Detail’ to save the details of your service
  •  Your service would be successfully added

Things to keep in mind while adding a new service:

  •  Enter a relevant product name
  •  Make the listing as descriptive as possible to attract the buyers
  •  Upload image in .jpg, .png or .gif format
  •  The image size should be 600x600 pixels to ensure clarity

Is there any other way to add new services?

 You can add new service by going to the ‘Manage Services’ section. Here, click on ‘+Add New Services’ to create any new service listing.

Where can I view all the services that I’ve added?

 Scroll your cursor to ‘Product/Services’ on the top navigation bar

 From the drop-down menu, select ‘Manage Services’

 You will be redirected to the services page

 Here, you can view all the services that you’ve added on ExportersIndia.Com.

How long does it take for my services to get approved?

Once you have posted your services, it gets verified before going live on the site. This verification process may take 24-48 hours.

How can I change or upload primary image for my services?

  •  On the ‘Manage Services’ page, scroll down to the service whose primary image you want to change or update
  •  Click on the image box visible in front of the service listing
  •  Choose the file from your system and click on open to upload or change the primary image

How many images can I add with my service?

You can add only 1 image with each service that you post on ExportersIndia.Com.

How can I add additional details about my service?

  •  In the ‘Manage Service’ page, go to the service for which you want to add additional information
  •  Click on the ‘+Additional Info’ in front of it
  •  A pop-up will appear with the name of the service that you have selected
  •  Here, you can click on ‘Upload Product Images’ to upload up to 6 more images that would appear along with the table
  •  Click on ‘Table Specification’ to create a new table by adding title, images, description, and features
  •  Click on ‘Upload Image/Detail’ to add the additional information for your service