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  • Atharva Fruits Light Pink Curated Box fresh black grapes

    Atharva Fruits Light Pink Curated Box fresh black grapes

    30 - 140 /Kilogram


  • Organic Fresh Red Grapes

    Organic Fresh Red Grapes

    60 - 150 /Kilogram

    Udhaypartap Singh Exim

  • Organic Plastic Packet fresh black grapes

    Organic Plastic Packet fresh black grapes

    35 /Kilogram

    R-Yushi Vikram Pvt. Ltd

  • fresh grapes

    fresh grapes

    40 - 60 /Kilogram

    SandMartin Exports Private Limited

  • Plastic Box FSSAI Certified Organic Fresh Green Grapes

    Plastic Box FSSAI Certified Organic Fresh Green Grapes

    45 - 50 /Kilogram


  • Fresh Green Grapes

    Fresh Green Grapes

    50 - 70 /Kilogram

    J T Export and Import

  • Organic Paper Box fresh black grapes

    Organic Paper Box fresh black grapes

    110 /Kilogram

    Green Veg Foundation(NGO)

  • Organic fresh black grapes

    Organic fresh black grapes

    50 - 80 /Kilogram

    Charvi Exim

  • Organic Green Plastic Packet fresh grapes

    Organic Green Plastic Packet fresh grapes

    55 /Kilogram

    Yeola Agro Industries Pvt Ltd.

  • Carton Box Organic Green Black Red fresh grapes

    Carton Box Organic Green Black Red fresh grapes

    50 /Kilogram

    Global Enterprises

  • fresh grapes

    fresh grapes

    30 - 50 /Kilogram

    Om Sai Universal Traders

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    • Fresh Grapes

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      • MOQ : 1 Ton
      • Supply Type : Supplier
      • Packaging Size : 20-25kg
      • Feature : No Artificial Flavour, Pesticide Free
      • Country of Origin : India
      • Packaging Type : Wooden Box



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    • Fresh Grapes

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      • Place Of Origin : India
      • Cultivation Type : Organic
      • Style : Natural
      • Feature : Good For Health, Pesticide Free
      • Type : Fresh
      • Maturity : 100%

      United Exports


    • Fresh Green Grapes

      Price : Rs 50 - Rs 70 / Kilogram

      • Magnesium : 1%
      • Potassium 191 mg : 5%
      • Vitamin A : 2%
      • Supply Type : Manufacturer
      • Iron : 1%
      • Dietary Fiber 0.9 g : 3%

      J T Export and Import

      Ayodhya Nagar,Nagpur

    • Fresh Green Grapes

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      • Feature : Good For Health
      • Maturity : 100%
      • Packaging Type : Net Bag
      • Cultivation Type : Organic
      • Supply Type : Supplier
      • Shelf Life : 3-5days

      Nowpora Fruit Traders


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    Some Important Facts About Grape


    Top Grape Growing Countries in the World

    Rank Country Annual Grape Production (Metric Tons)
    1 Italy 8307514
    2 France 6740004
    3 United States 6206228
    4 Spain 5676985
    5 China 5212090
    6 Turkey 3763544
    7 Argentina 2519678
    8 Iran 2297414
    9 Chile 2122775
    10 South Africa 1587913

    Top Ten Grapes Exporting Countries in the World

    Rank Country Production (US $) Percentage of Total Export
    1 Chile 1.4 billion 17.60%
    2 United States 917.4 million 11.60%
    3 Italy 742.8 million 9.40%
    4 Netherlands 700.6 million 8.80%
    5 China 663.6 million 8.40%
    6 Peru 646.3 million 8.20%
    7 South Africa 436 million 5.50%
    8 Hong Kong 354.7 million 4.10%
    9 Australia 17.8-30 mg 77-86 g
    10 Spain 0.30-0.70 mg
    What are the major varieties of grapes produced in the world?

    There are many types of grapes produced in the world. The major varieties of grapes among them are:

    • Table grapes:These grapes are grown for domestic consumption. The skin of these grapes is thin and quite a few of these varieties are seedless.
    • Wine grapes: These grapes are grown primarily for wine production. In most parts of the world, wine grapes tend to be smaller, seeded and have thicker skins. At the time when their juice is roughly 24% sugar by weight, these grapes are harvested. Wine grapes are again categorized into the following types-
      • Cabernet Sauvignon:These grapes are grown in most of the wine regions of the world. The red wines from France’s Bordeaux region are produced from this variety.
      • Pinot Noir:This variety is rarely blended with other grapes and best known for wines, having a fruity and earthy flavor.
      • Chardonnay:This variety is a green-skinned grape that is originated in the Burgundy region. This variety results in light body wine.
      • Merlot:This is a planted grape variety found in Bordeaux and equally famous in Chile and Italy. This grape results in full-bodied wines with a deep color.
    • Raisins and currants:These grapes are classified as dried-fruits and these varieties of grapes are also referred to as sultanas

    With the best prices, be it the apple price, banana price, pomegranate price or grapes price, the fruit vendors and various supermarkets in India make fresh and healthy fruits available to one and all. Some of the popular grapes available with them are:

    • Thompson seedless:This variety of grapes constitutes more than 50% of India’s grape production that is also exported worldwide. This variety is also used in the production of raisins
    • Sonaka seedless:This is a green variety similar to the Thompson seedless.
    • Bangalore blue grapes:TThis variety has been grown in the Bengaluru-Chikkaballapur region for over 150 years. These grapes are used both for table consumption and for jams, preserves, and juices. With the effective grapes price, the fruit vendors in Bangalore, indulged in grapes wholesale and make sure that these grapes are delivered to the consumers must be as fresh as directly harvested from the farms resulting in high levels of nutrition.
    • Seedless blue grape varieties:Sharad and Jumbo grapes are the seedless varieties of grapes grown in India. The Sharad variety is crisp and oval in shape. This variety comes in shades of black to purple. The Jumbo grapes are similar to Sharad but come in larger clusters.
    • Red globes grapes:These are the large round red grapes. Most of these grapes imported from California.
    Some interesting facts that you should know about grapes:
    • Grapes contain resveratrol, a phytonutrient that contributes a lot towards long life and is useful to reduce wrinkles and fine lines from your face
    • We all know that the Glycemic Index (GI) more than 55 can raise our blood-sugar level. But, the Glycemic Index of fresh grapes is only 46, which make the fruit ideal for all, even for the diabetics.
    • Grapes can be put into different consumption ways apart from eating raw, wine and raisin form. This fruit can be consumed a low-calorie snack or can be transformed into a healthy and tasty dessert. Some of the delightful dishes made out of grapes are jelly, jam, juices, sauce and salad mix. The industries, instrumental in producing jam, jelly, juice, sauce, etc. get varieties of grapes for sale in a bulk from the grape suppliers at a market-leading price.
    • The grape-seed oil is extracted with advanced technology and is a rich source of Vitamin E and F. Owing to its virtues, grape-seed oil is also utilized as an essential ingredient in various cosmetics.
    • The skin of the grapes is not a waste: the pulp contains a less amount of nutrients than those are found in the skin and seeds of the grape. The skin and seeds of the grapes are loaded with anti-oxidants and the other vitamins and nutrients.
    • Fresh grapes are associated with preventing various ailments. Because of its fiber content and blood purification attribute, the grape is recommended in diseases like anemia, blood pressure, cancer, constipation, and heart diseases.
    • Polyphenols found in grapes tend to mitigate knee pain if the fruit is added in the regular diet.
    • The presence of flavonoids in grapes, make the fruit an ideal diet for eyesight. The fresh grapes aids in treating night blindness, weak vision, and retinal degeneration.
    • Both grapes and their seed extracts contain the antihistamine, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that aids in removing allergens from our body.
    • Grapes can reduce the acidity of urine and hence they are recommended for urine infections. Additionally, grape juice is also helpful in throwing out kidney stones and helpful in inducing normal urination to increase the bile flow and waste products of the body.
    • The leaves are loaded with calcium and magnesium and can fulfill 10% and 7% of the minerals respectively in the human body by munching on only 1 ounce of vine leaves. Grape leaves are also an extremely good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.
    Which country is the largest grapes producer in the world?

    China is the largest grapes producer in the world and produces over 8.66 million tons of grapes every year and the country exports the large part of its production. The country majorly produces seedless grapes for wine production. The grape exporters and grape suppliers in china offer extremely good quality grapes for sale in several markets worldwide. The countries which produce the major portion of the grapes for wine production in the world are Brazil, Germany, and Greece.

    Which state is the largest grapes producer in India?

    Maharashtra is India’s largest producer of grapes and Nashik is known as the wine capital of India. Nashik is also home to the largest number of wineries and vineyards in India, producing 10,000 tons of grapes per year. Suppliers from Maharashtra highly involved in grapes wholesale and supply so as to meet the requirement of other states. After Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Mizoram, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh are the states known for their grapes production.

    Which country is the largest grapes exporting country in the world?

    Among the top exporters of the world, the fastest-growing grapes exporters since 2014 were: China (up 92.2%), Australia (up 41.8%), Mexico (up 29.2%) and Netherlands (up 29%).

    Which country is the leading grapes importing country in the world?

    Due to low production and increasing demand for grapes, the EU (European Union) has to import more than 647000 metric tons of grapes annually from top grapes exporters worldwide. The countries with the highest levels of the grape imports in 2017/2018 other than EU are United States (import 620000 metric tons), Russia (import 325000 metric tons), and China (import 250000 metric tons).