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Measuring Instruments & Equipment

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of reference standard meter, transformer resistance meter, Contact Resistance Meter, Transformer Turns Ratio Meter and transformer ratio meter

reference standard meter

Precision model of Energomonitor family. Meant for adjustment or accuracy tests of reference-class or service-class instruments. Available in accuracy class 0.02, 0.05, 0.1

Energomonitor 3.1 K is a multifunctional reference standard designed for testing / adjustment of most precise reference / working standards and measuring instruments (electrical values and power quality parameters).
This new version measures power quality parameters according to IEC 61000-4-30 including harmonic (up to 50th) and inter-harmonic measurements.
Suitable for testing of:
Reference active, reactive and apparent power and energy meters (single- and three-phase);
Single- or three-phase watt-meters, var-meters, as well as instrument-class converters of active or reactive electric power;
Phase-meters, frequency-meters, and PF-meters;
Instruments for AC voltage, current, active and reactive power measurements working within commercial range of frequencies;
PQP Analyzers (single- and three-phase);
Energy meters.
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transformer resistance meter

We Source and Supply Reliable Transformer winding resistance meter . Different models can be offered. Single resistance channe, dual resistance channel, 10 A , 40 A, 50 A, 100 A etc. The meter can perform during tap changer movement and discharge facility is available.
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Contact Resistance Meter

  • Accuracy 0.5% ± 0.5 μ„
  • Power AC 220V± 10%
  • Frequency 50 hz
  • Operating Temperature -20oC- 40oC
  • Relative Humidity ≤ 80%rh, no condensing
  • Weight 8 kg( 100 A version) . 10 kg( 200A version)
  • Test current 50 A or 100 A dc ( model for 100 A)50A/100A/150A/200A dc ( model for 200A)
  • Resistance range 1-39999.9µ/ 1-19999.9μ( 50 A/100A)
  • Maximum output voltage 5v

The Contact Resistance Meter is a micro-ohm meter with 100 Amp DC max and 200 Amp DC max models. The Contact Resistance Meter measures contact resistance of high voltage contact joint or circuit breaker with high current. Working with the IEC-specified minimum of 100 Amperes, the circuit breaker meter employs constant current source. The test is based on four terminal measurement methods to eliminate test cable resistance effect, and the Contact Resistance Meter has a large LCD display displaying test current value and measured resistance value. The Contact Resistance Meter also has an internal printer and the results can be saved to PC through USB, with the high temperature alarm ensuring equipment safety.

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Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

  • Power Supply 220v±10%, ac 50
  • Weight 10 kg.
  • Measurement ratio 1:5000 in three ranges
  • Display LCD
  • Best accuracy 0.1% +- 2 digits( 0-500)
  • Minimum resolution 0.00010.1o
  • Test voltage HV160V ac
  • LV 10 V ac
  • Usage Environment ≤ 40o c.< 80% RH.
  • Dimensions 40 x 24 x 25 cm

We bring forth Transformer Turns Ratio Meter that is used for measuring transformation ratio of single phase and three phase transformers. It is a fully automatic tester that uses modern electronic techniques and does not require any manual ‘null’ balancing. The ratio meter features a large LCD screen for display of menu and results. Further, the results can be printed on built-in printer after the test is over. User-friendly interface, compact size are lightweight are the advantages of using our Transformer Turns Ratio Meter. We provide our Transformer Turns Ratio Meter at highly competitive prices.


Features :

  • Fully automatic
  • Tests single phase and three phase transformers
  • Automatic detection of transformer vector group
  • Automatic calculation of transformation ratio of the group
  • Automatic calculation of ratio and phase angle error
  • Isolates test voltage automatically after test
  • Short circuit protection and inter turn short protection
  • Clock and date setting
  • Prints results on built-in printer


Specifications :

  • Image shown is only for reference purpose. This image is not the exact product representation.

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transformer ratio meter

Simple and cost effective Transformer ratio meter for factory use and field use. Vector group detection, ratio and error are measured
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high voltage detector

Contact type High Voltage Detecotrs are available for different voltage levels. Some are quiped with Audio Visual Alarms for the presence of voltage.
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Micro Ohm Meter

Contact resistance micro-ohm meter is available in two models. One with max 100 a dc max other is having 200 amp dc max. It is important to measure the contact resistance of a high voltage contact joint or of a circuit breaker with high current . IEC specifies minimum 100 A . Circuit breaker contact resistance meter employs constant current source and test is based on four terminal measurement method and hence the effect of test cable resistance is eliminated. The instrument is provided with large LCD display to show the test current value, measured resistance value. There is internal printer through which the results can be quickly printed or results can be saved to pc through a USB port. In case the instrument reaches a high temperature level, user gets high temperature alarm.
Brief specifications:
Test current : 50 A or 100 A dc ( model for 100 A)
50A/100A/150A/200A dc ( model for 200A)
Resistance range: 1-39999.9 / 1-19999.9 ( 50 A/100A)
1-12999.9 /1-9999.9 ( 150A/200A)
Accuracy: 0.5% 0.5
Maximum output voltage: 5v
Power: AC 220V 10%
Frequency: 50 hz
Operating temperature: -20 C- 40 C
Relative humidity: 80%rh, no condensing
Weight: 8 kg( 100 A version) . 10 kg( 200A version)
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Hand Held Gauss meter

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 25 Set(s)
  • Type Digital Gauss Meter
  • Weight 200-300gm
  • Color Green, Grey
  • Voltage 9 v dc
  • Application Indsustrial Usage
  • Feature Accuracy, Light Weight, Low Power Comsumption

This is used for measuring magnetic flux density, range: 0 2400 mT, users

can switch the units Gs or mT by on key. Three accuracy classes are optional: class 1, class 2,

and class 5.It also has the functions of auto-zero, auto-range, maximum maintain,

backlight , battery display, etc.

Specific applications are Measurement of surface magnetic field, DC coil magnetic field, Air-gap magetic field of DC electromagnet

Ranges 200 mT, 2000 mT

Measurement range 0 2400 mT ( 24000 G )

Minimum resolution 10 T;4 digits display

Accuracy Class 1 , Class 2, Class 5

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : T/T

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Clamp Meter

  • Brand Name MULTI
  • Display Type DIGITAL
  • Accuracy AC 30/300mA/0.01mA/±1.2% rdg ± 5dgt AC 30/300A/0.01A/0~200A : ±1.2% rdg ± 5dgt 200~250A : ±3.0% rdg
  • Model Number M310
  • Place of Origin JAPAN
MULTI M310 has a Wide current measurements range .(AC0.01mA-300A). M310 has unique U type CTthat enables M310 to measure the load current of single or three phase cable without separating the cable to the wires.Leakage current measurements are least affected from the external magnetic field.
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Voltage Detector

The assessment of electrical installations and equipment with respect to their voltage status (voltage present or not) is always required when working on or with such installations, or in the vicinity of them.
Following the result of such an assessment are usually a number of operations, for instance to earth and short circuit in those cases when absence of voltage has been determined.
Consequently it is essential to have a clear and correct indication of voltage status.
Absence of voltage can be determined in different ways. Besides firmly installed measuring or signaling devices, there is also the possibility to conclude on the voltage status from the switch position of earthing switches.
Yet according to EN 50110-1, absence of voltage is to be determined as close to the working site as possible. So usually a portable device for determination of absence of voltage is indispensable.
Such portable detectors need to be as handy as possible, and simple to operate, considering that absence of voltage needs to be determined on all phases at the working site.
We offer three high-performance product series of capacitive high voltage detectors:

ARCUSBASIC: Tested to IEC 61243-1, with visual indication. The state of voltage is indicated by LEDs. This product series was specially developed for switchgear and overhead line requirements up to Un=24 kV. It features high quality at low cost.
ARCUSDETECT M: Tested to IEC 61243-1, with visual and audible indication. The ARCUSDETECT M series is specially developed for the medium voltage range (up to Un=36 kV).
ARCUSDETECT H: Tested to IEC 61243-1, with visual and audible indication. ARCUSDETECT H is specially developed for the high voltage range (up to Un=420 kV).
User-friendly construction for overhead lines 110-380 kV (distance voltage detector)
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Portable Three phase reference meter

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Product Name Three Phase Energy Meter Calibrator

Portable three phase reference meter is used for field testing of single phase as well as three phase energy meters. It has the functions of testing, wiring checking, management function, meter data reading and software update

The instrument is 3-element standard meter, when measuring 3-phase 3-wire system. It can calibrate active and reactive energy simultaneously. It can receive two routes energy low-frequency pulse input and measure out the errors at the same time.

This product has the functions of meter error testing, wiring checking, ratio measurement, meter reading, harmonics testing and etc.

Functions and Features:

  • 32-digit high speed digital signal processor(stability guaranteed).

  • Can calibrate all kind of mechanical or static energy meters.

  • Large color LCD display

  • Touch screen as well as keyboard operation.

  • Can measure out the active/reactive energy errorsvoltagecurrentactive powerreactive powerphase positionfrequencypower factor and display the vector diagram and results.

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