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Testing Equipments

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Secondary Current Injection Test Set, Potential Transformer Test Set, Primary Current Injection Test Set and Testing Instrument

Secondary Current Injection Test Set

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Type Secondary Injection Relay Test Kit, Secondary Current Injection Test Set
  • Color Grey
  • Feature Active, High Accuracy, Easy To Install
  • Packaging Type Catron
  • Warranty 1yrs
  • Certificate CE Certified
10 Channels (6x35A & 4x310V) outputs, Each output channels are independent and simultaneous control of magnitude, Phase angle and frequency values, able to inject DC, AC sine wave and up to 60x harmonics.
Universal Relay Test Applications
Variable battery simulator, DC 0-350V, 140Watts max
Transient play back up to 3KHz
Fully function KRT software testing modules

Additional Information:

Payment Terms :

Packaging Details : Very good packaging . As received from the manufacturer.

Delivery Time : 3 weeks

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Potential Transformer Test Set

  • Type Potential Transformers
  • Frequency 0-50Hz, 100-200Hz
  • Application Industrial Use
  • Feature Durable, Robust Construction, Rust Proof
  • Tensile Strength 0-25Mpa, 100-125Mpa
  • Automation Grade Fully Automatic

Our company is offering Potential Transformer Test Set for accounting stations. Potential Transformer Test Set is meant for on-site checking of single-phase instrument-class voltage transformers (VTs) of 0.2 accuracy class (or less accurate) and 50-Hz frequency rated at 6 to 330/3kV under a load (applied to a secondary circuit) that can be either normalized or typical for the metering station. It is also used for measuring VT load power and basic power quality parameters (PQP). Further, our Potential Transformer Test Set is provided with proper set of cables for easy installation of the setup.

Advantages :

  • Both personnel and equipment are kept at safe conditions during the test;
  • No additional instruments are required to support testing

Delivery Package :

  • Single-phase HSCS-1 Console Unit;
  • Single-phase Variable-Ratio Transformer Unit;
  • Respective model (CHVT-10, CHVT-35, CHVT-110, CHVT-220, CHVT-330) of CHVT-series Capacitive High-Voltage Transducers (reference-class, each complete with instrument amplifier of voltage);
  • EM-3.3T1 (Energomonitor 3.3T1-C), a portable instrument designed to measure, calculate and log electrical parameters and power quality parameters (PQP). The EM-3.3T1-C is included complete with VTCS (Voltage Transformer Test Set);
  • Two MP 3025 Burden boxes for VT testing;
  • Capacitive High-Voltage Transducers (CHVT);
  • Set of cables;
  • Laptop, printer, and software
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Primary Current Injection Test Set

  • Power supply voltage AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1 Hz
  • Input Current 0-100A (can be customized)
  • Output voltage 0-10V (can be customized)
  • Output Current 0-2000A Portable -10KA is a Desktop version
  • Voltage measurement accuracy 0.5% FS ± 3 digits
  • Current measurement accuracy 0.5% FS ± 3 digits
  • Timer range 0-9999 S (special mode to work long hours)

We are engaged in exporting and supplying Primary Current Injection Test Set. Simple to operate, Primary Current Injection Test Set facilitates usage through front panel mounted keypad. In addition, it features digital calibration. High voltage sign continuously flashes on the display when the test in going on high voltage ensuring optimum safety of the operator. Our Primary Current Injection Test Set is greatly acclaimed for its high reliability and durability. Primary Current Injection Test Set is further used in power companies, power plants, power distribution stations, electrical factories and research institutes other departments.


Features :

  • Current, Voltage, time, status information are displayed on 4.7” large-screen LCD, and is very easy and clear to read.
  •  Interface is in English, operation is very simple, can be used in a variety of applications;
  • All operations of the intelligent current generator are through front panel mounted keypad. All functions can be set via key pad and hence it improves the product safety and reliability.
  • Calibration is fully digital, no potentiometers are involved, it is extremely site friendly with password protection;
  • All status messages/ warnings are presented on the display and hence operation is possible without skilled manpower.
  • When the test is going on High voltage sign is continuously flashing on the display and adds to the safety of the operator.
  • Pause function provides flexibility in operation. Rise and fall of current can be paused any time this it gives the operator to chance to observe the response of the test object to the injected current.
  • Set is provided with Built in timer. Operator can set the timer easily. when the current is automatically increased to the set value, the test set automatically initiates the timer and when the set time is over the test gets stopped automatically and the current cuts off to zero
  •  In the manual timer mode, timer can be started manually and when set test time the test stops and the test is stopped. This function is available in desktop version
  • In the manual control mode the test current can be increased or decreased simply by up and down control keys. There is over current protection provided in this mode.
  • When the current reaches 80%, the rising speed of the current will automatically slow down and when it reaches 90% of the target current, the current rise speed is further slowed down.
  • The test set can be controlled through a laptop using the on board communication interface and PC control software.
  • The test set incorporates the use of hardware and software anti-jamming technology, stable performance, strong anti-interference.
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Testing Instrument

The single and fluorescent scale indicator for 3 ranges insulation measurements enabled easy observation. Especially, useful when working in dark place.
Hand free and continuous measurements with custom made switch.
Safe design with built in automatic discharging function for any capacitors present in the circuit.
The voltage in the circuit can be pre-checked without any switch operation for safe insulation measurements.
Compact, light weight and heavy duty rugged case.
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