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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of SLIDE-LOK QUICK-DISCONNECT COUPLINGS, SINGLE SHUT-OFF COUPLINGS and Non-Locking Couplings, 316 Series


  • Maximum Operating Pressure (psig) 4000, 1000
  • Minimum Operating Pressure (psig) -5
  • Proof Pressure 6000, 1500
  • Burst Pressure (psi) 10,000, 2500

Slide-LokTM couplings provide quick connectdisconnect capability with self-sealing action and superior performance during operation and maintenance of fluid systems. The Slide-Lok design is a push-to-connect, pull-to-disconnect style coupling. The Slide-Lok series are compatible with a range of system fluids currently used in today's high-technology aerospace andground, plus under-sea systems and are available in a variety of temperature and pressure ranges. Slide-Lok couplings are the ideal selection for a quick disconnect where size, weight, performance, and reliability are important application criteria and are deal for use in cooling, fuel, hydraulic, and pneumatic system applications. Series sizes range from -02 (18 inch) up to -20 (1 ¼ inch) line sizes.

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  • Fluid Type Skydrol
  • Proof Pressure 6,000 psig, 4,500 psig, 1,800 psig
  • Burst Pressure (psi) 7,500 psig, 3,600 psig
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature (F) 250

Parker Stratoflex’s single shut-off coupling (SSC) is designed with self-sealing valving to prevent fluid leakage when disconnected from the fluid system. The SSC provides one-side sealing of fluid when disconnected. Used in aircraft hydraulic systems and located at the interface of the engine-driven pump or similar equipment, the SSC is installed on the flexible hose assembly and threads on to an industry standard fitting at the pump, SAE AS4375, AS33514 or bulkhead fitting equivalents. Operation and use of the SSC is simple, positive and reliable. In the fully connected and torqued (installed) position, the SSC valving is open to flow and provides low pressure drop performance. To uncouple, the SSC outer collar is untorqued and unthreaded from the mating standard male fitting. As the SSC is unthreading, the internal valving seals and prevents excess loss of fluid from the SSC and flex hose side of the connection. The standard fitting side remains open, with no self-sealing valving on that side of the connection to retain fluid. Once fully disconnected, the pump or mating equipment and fitting are able to be removed and replaced as required.

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Non-Locking Couplings, 316 Series

  • Line Size - Inlet 3/16 inch
  • Minimum Operating Pressure (psig) -5
  • Burst Pressure (psi) 540, Consult Parker
  • Fitting Type Consult Parker SPD

Parker Stratoflex offers a range of non-locking coupling designs, materials, features, and sizes for fluid system applications. Non-locking couplings are commonly used in aerospace and military fluid cooling systems, providing modularity for key components such as electronics boxes and fast, reliable connection to open-fluid flow when the coupling halves are fully engaged. The 316 series non-locking couplings are equivalent to size -3 (316 inch) for fluid flow area. They are uniquely designed to connect with self-aligning valving for applications needing inlet and outlet fluid flow. Locking the coupling halves in place typically requires some form of external retention and latch. The 316 series couplings are often used in electronic boxes or cards that install into an overall rack or chassis that provides the cooling fluid. These couplings make the connection between the rack-coupling half and the module- (or box-) coupling half to allow fluid flow when fully engaged. Self-aligning valving allows for manufacturing tolerances to be accommodated and the coupling halves to align properly during connection. Self-sealing valving prevents fluid spillage and leakage when the coupling halves are disconnected. Parker uses our precision valving design, common in many of Stratoflex coupling products, to provide optimum fluid-flow characteristics.

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