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Electrical & Electronic Testing Devices

Our product range comtains a wide range of Satir G96 Thermal Infrared Camera, Gas Detection Thermal Camera, Satir Hotfind S Thermal Infrared Camera, Satir D300 Thermal Infrared Camera and HRYXJ-A temperature measurement camera

Satir G96 Thermal Infrared Camera

  • Resolution 640x480
  • Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D) 50mK@30°C
  • Detector Type FPA, uncool microbolometer
  • Temperature Range -20°C~ +600°C, up to +2000°C
  • Accuracy ±2°C or ±2 of readings
  • Operating -20°C~ +50°C
  • Storage - 40°C~ +70°C
  • Humidity 10% ~ 95%, non-condensing

Performance Level High Resolution 640X480 Detector: SATIR G96 is a high performance thermal imager, it has a user friendly design which makes it easy to handle, the design incorporates a new user experience with a powerful analysis features. It comes with a 5” detachable LCD with a remote control unit which makes working in hazardous areas and on long surveys easier for the user. The G96 has a high resolution 640x480 UFPA Detector which offers accurate and reliable temperature measurements. It has video recording which allows the user to save the thermal videos.   Features High resolution 640X480 UFPA detec-tor. There is the high resolution 640X480 UFPA detector in G96. Total 307, 200 effective pixels, every pixel brings an accurate and reliable temperature measurement result. 5 inch detachable LCD with remote con-trol. The flexible detachable LCD makes the work easier, with the remote control panel, all the cameras’ operations can be controlled by your thumb. USB real time thermal video recording (optional). G96 can take thermal images and thermal video with the USB Real time soft-ware, thermal video can be transferred to a PC in real time for analysis and playback. Thermal video recording. G96 can record the real time non-radiative thermal video in to the SD card. The users can save the thermal video total 2hours in to the 4 GB SD card. The ther-mal video is in mp4 format that can be played by general video player. DuoVision. G96 can take high quality “DuoVision” images, with three display modes; users can choose the most suitable mode for their application.

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Gas Detection Thermal Camera

  • Focus Manual / Auto
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Startup Time < 7 Min
  • Output Video Output & USB 2.0
  • Palette 6 Palettes
  • Classification Class 2

With development of industries, many companies work intensively with chemical compounds and gases before, during and after production process. Earlier methods of gas detection are time consuming and may expose inspectors to invisible and potentially harmful chemicals using traditional sniffer and probes. SAT V90 are able to quickly visualize and pinpoint VOC gases leak in the application of petrochemical industry, oil & gas industry, refinery, rescue and fire fighting department etc. SAT gas detection camera is an extremely important tool for tracing potential faults.   Features High definition view finder/ high resolution 3.5" LCD display Cooled detector (QWIP) 320X2S6 pixels Start-up time less than 7 min with new design of core Capable ofdetecting gasleak as smallas 0.00lml/s with multi-levels high sensitive mode adjustment. Gas detection & accurate temperature measurement Inspection without shutting down inspected system Capture images directly without light assistance and reflection background.

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Satir Hotfind S Thermal Infrared Camera

  • Brand Name Satir
  • Model Hotfind S
  • Dual Control Keypad & Touch
  • Superior Image Comparable to High-End Cameras
  • Focus Mechanism Manual
  • Resolution 384X288
  • Detector Type UFPA

384x288 Resolution High Performance IR Camera: The Hotfind-S is a high performance camera that can be used in universal industrial applications. It uses new imaging processing technology to reduce interference combined with the outstanding performance of the latest generation 384X288 detector, the Hotfind-S produces Sharper Thermal images. The high speed processing engine with up to 50Hz dynamic real-time graphical output, produces a smooth, no delay image.   Features New Platform Upgrade, intelligent and integrated design Innovative Hardware with built-in Memory Dual Control—Keypad & Touch Superior Image—Comparable to High-End Cameras

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Satir D300 Thermal Infrared Camera

  • Warranty 1Year
  • Model D300
  • Resolution 384x288
  • Color Pallet 6 Pallets
  • Digital Zoom 1~10x
  • Frame Rate 50/60 Hz
  • Battery Operating Time 8 Hours

D300 applies the new image processing technology, which reduces the noises, together with the excellent performance of the 384x288 infrared detector, D300 provides high quality infrared image with clear and fine details.   5 mega pixels CCD: D300 integrates the 5 Mega pixels CCD, providing the users with absolute clear visual image.   Features The unique Duo-vision Plus technology Large storage capacity (built-in) 5 mega pixels CCD Excellent imaging quality IR video recording Flip and rotatable LCD Laser ranger finder (LRF) Port type C

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HRYXJ-A temperature measurement camera

  • Features Optional detector resolution Built-in infrared lens Waterproof Drop test certified

The temperature measurement function within the HRYXJ-A can identify the regions of high temperature, assisting the fire fighters in evaluation dangerous situations.

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