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Testing Equipment

Our Complete range of products are Distribution Transformer Tester, Transformer Oil BDV Tester, Current Transformer Tester, relay tester and Automatic Ratio Testers.

Distribution Transformer Tester

  • Supported Transformers Up to 167 KVA single or three phase
  • Probe Hook type probe and pin type probe
  • Operating Temperature -25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
  • Indications Audible and visual
  • Power supply Battery operated, PP3 9V
  • Approvals IEC-TC78

The DOC-2000™ is intended for de-energised distribution transformer testing. It can determine the presence of short circuits or an open circuit in the distribution transformer primary winding and also short circuits on the secondary winding. The DOC-2000™ is designed to be operated from an arial device or from the ground at the end of a hot stick without disconnecting the transformer's secondary windings.   Features Transformers up to 167 KVA single or three phase (Pole mount or Pad mount) Measurement by contact on the transformer primary bushing and neutral/ground Used on de-energized transformers Detects primary transformer short-circuit, open circuit, & secondary short circuits Visual and audible warning. Automatic self-test & Auto shut-off Low battery indicator Operating temperature range -25°C to 55°C

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Transformer Oil BDV Tester

  • Input Supply 230±10% Volts AC, 50 Hz, single phase.
  • Resolution 0.1KV
  • Accuracy ±2%
  • Tripping Time after Breakdown <6mS
  • Tripping Current <4mS
  • Gap Gauge 2.5 mm and 2.0 mm

OTS series insulating oil testers are fully automatic micro controller based system, completely self-contained, compact and portable giving smooth variable test voltage from 0 to 60, 80 or 100 kV for testing the dielectric strength of insulating oil in accordance with all international standards like IEC156IS6792ASTM D 1816ASTM D877 UNE 21 specifications.   Features Tests as per various international standards Auto mode 100 test result storage capacity LCD display Built in printer User Friendly RS 232C Interface & Software Safety protection Accurate performance

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Current Transformer Tester

  • Certification ANSI 10/50IEC 60044, IEEE 30, IEEE 45
  • Model CTTx2 & CTTx5
  • Memory Stick 100 MB+
  • Weight 24.9kg
  • Diamensions 46.8 cm x 35.5 cm x 19.3 cm

Current transformer testing is an important part of the commissioning and maintenance of power systems. Protective relays can only operate adequately, under normal & fault conditions, if they receive the correct secondary current from the current transformaers. Therefore accurate CT testing to evaluate their performance under all conditions is essential to assure reliable operation of the protection system.

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relay tester

The Relay Tester (RT100) is a Secondary Injection Test Set designed for the testing of protective relay equipment. This instrument is intended for use in high voltage substations and industrial environments.

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Automatic Ratio Testers

The ART’s can also run automatic detection the winding confi gurations. The real 3 phase output allows for easy testing of phase regulating and phase shifting transformers (no need for jumper installations to short windings). The high test voltage (up to 275 Volts) is particularly interesting as it will generate higher excitation currents for larger fl ux, and therefore strong refl ected test signals are generated for high accuracy measurements even on large power transformers and transformers with tertiary windings.

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Grounding Jumper Assembly Tester

The GET-401 exclusive design uses test rods that are connected to the ndb Technologie DRM-1A micro ohmmeter in a manner to provide you with ``point to point`` results. Measures include the clamps contact point. Clean, low resistance connections are a must, changes in the value of a low resistance element are one of the best and quickest indications of degradation taking place between two contact points.

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Winding Resistance Tester

  • Fuse rating 5 A 250 VAC, Type T
  • Test current 0.01, 0.1, 1 & 10A DC
  • Test Voltage 30 V DC
  • Resistance Measurements 2 Auto-ranging Channels
  • Resistance Range 0.1 µΩ to 2000 Ω
  • Accuracy ± 0.1% reading ± 0.025% Full scale
  • Weight 11.4 kg (25 lb)

The WRT-10D™ is a high performance winding resistance tester designed for power transformers and large motor applications.

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