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Spying & Intelligence Devices

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Expert Partial Discharge Detector, Partial Discharge Detector with Wireless Reading, Arrestors Default Detector, Portable Partial Discharge Detector and Portable Partial Discharge Detection

Expert Partial Discharge Detector

  • Driven Type Battery
  • Model XDP-II
  • Application Cable Joints and Elbows, Switchgear, Offline, Acoustic, TEV, Rotating machines, Transformer, etc.
  • Display pC and dB value display
  • Autonomy Up to 7.5 Hrs Autonomy

The well-established XDP-II™ is a battery-operated portable device allowing Partial Discharge detection and analysis. The data is saved in its internal memory for local or further analysis on the PC-based XDP-SOFT™. Paired with the proper accessories, the XDP-II™ becomes a powerful solution for many applications such as Cable Joints and Elbows, Switchgear, Offline, Acoustic, TEV, Rotating machines, Transformer, etc.   Features Easy to use, Portable and Battery operated pC and dB value display Several display modes for on-site real time analysis and diagnostic Saves the waveform and edge of PD in its memory with the date and time Up to 7.5 hrs autonomy Ultra-versatile instrument Network phase synchronization

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Partial Discharge Detector with Wireless Reading

  • Weight 0.2kg (0.4 Lbs)
  • Power Supply 9V alkaline battery (PP3 Type)
  • Autonomy 10 hours with continuous measurement
  • Auto shut-OFF 15 min
  • Dynamic Range 0-65 dB
  • Handling Compatible with hot stick universal end fitting
  • Operating Temperature -20ºC to 55ºC (-8ºF to 131ºF)
  • Storage Temperature -40ºC to 75ºC (-40ºF to 167ºF)

The PD-LT™ allows online partial discharge detection on cable accessories such as cable head, lightning arrestors, insulators, bushings, for safety and maintenance purposes. The partial discharge level is displayed on the remote display.   Features Easy and safe to use with a hotstick Compact, lightweight and battery powered for maximum flexibility High sensitivity capacitive sensors with wireless measurement readings Increase safety

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Arrestors Default Detector

The ADD has been designed to detect arresters’ internal external partial discharge (arcing or sparking) that are the cause of power line TV and radio interference. We developed a contact method using ultra wide band radio frequency detection technology. It is used on energized lines.

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Portable Partial Discharge Detector

The XDP II is a portable device for, online, factory and laboratory partial discharge measurement on electrical apparatus, or components. The XDP II can be used in accordance to IEC 60270. It records partial discharge measurements for computer analysis and diagnostic using the optional XDP II software for a PC. Using the appropriate accessories, the XDP II can be used in several applications.

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