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Photography Equipment & Supplies

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of CoroCAM 7D Corona Camera, Surveillance Handheld IR Camera, CoroCAM 6D Corona Camera, MINI IR and CK350-M Temperature Measurer Thermal Imaging Cameras.

CoroCAM 7D Corona Camera

  • Visible Camera Zoom 28x optical, 12x digital
  • UV Camera Zoom 4x
  • Ultraviolet Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
  • Visible Resolution 768 x 576 pixels
  • Power Battery Sony Li-ion, Type L Compatible
  • Operating Time 150 min operation typical
  • Recharge time 180 Min

The CoroCAM 7® is a professional grade solar blind, easy to operate UVc imaging system used to visualize & locate electrical discharges (corona and arcing) from HV hardware. The CoroCAM 7® features the same CoroCAM® solar blind UVc imaging system as used in the CoroCAM 6d®, but pairs it with a high performance visible camera and a viewfinder. The CoroCAM 7® is typically used to inspect HV infrastructure operating at 3.3 Kv and above for corona discharges and arcing.   Features A high resolution focusable ventilated viewfinder (800 x 600 pixels) and a large, robust mounted, variable angle, colour LED backlit LCD display(640 x 480 pixels), both optimised for use in full daylight to make inspection comfortable A high sensitivity detector, which can detect UVc emissions down to 2.05 x 10-18 W/cm2, this allows for the detection of the smallest corona discharges UV count compensation for distance Motorised solar blind filter removal in Non Solar Blind Mode to increase sensitivity for use at night or indoors Users can select optimised presets for detection or location of discharges Corona signals above the threshold level are displayed in realtime A high zoom colour visible camera with a resolution of 768 x 576 pixels Syncronised UV & Visible Zoom from 1x system zoom (defined as8°x6° / 10° Diagonal) to 4x system zoom (optical for the Visible channel and digital for the UV channel)

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Surveillance Handheld IR Camera

  • Resolution 384x288
  • Model UMTI
  • Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D) ≤0.05°C @30°C
  • Detector Type UFPA
  • Spectral Range 8~14 um
  • Start-up Time <20s
  • Weight 650g
  • Dimensions 188x94x80mm

Entry Level Surveillance Handheld IR Camera: SATIR UMTI is an entry level camera with thermal video recording for night patrolling and security ob-servation. The product is equipped with a 384×288 uncooled detector and an interchangea-ble manually focusing lens. Its compact size makes the device easy to carry and operate.   Newest feature  : Pressurized eye piece.   Features Portable Design, easy to operate Build-in video-recording system (MP4 format) General purpose rechargeable battery (Lithium Battery) MIL-STD-810 standard encapsulation for harsh environments Still & Video Recording SD Card Storage

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CoroCAM 6D Corona Camera

  • Operating Temp. -15 Deg. C to 55 Deg. C
  • Warranty 18 Months
  • Storage Temp. -25 Deg. C to 60 Deg. C (Without Battery)
  • Humidity Upto 90%, Non Condensing
  • Video Output PAL or NTSC, user selectable
  • Corona Measure Method Intensity based count, Calibrated in factory to standard

The CoroCAM 6D® is a re-development of the CoroCAM Solar Blind UVc® imaging System with an emphasis on cost reduction through innovative design. Sensitivity was improved through the use of newly designed solar blind filter packs and a specially developed low noise, high sensitivity detector. Modernized electronics were added to reduce weight, system noise and size. The CoroCAM 6D® can be factory fitted with an optional motorized module which allows the camera to operate in Solar Blind (SB) or Non-Solar Blind (NSB) modes. NSB mode removes the SB filter from the light path and allows more UV light to reach the detector - this boosts the cameras sensitivity. In NSB mode the CoroCAM 6D® can only be used at night or indoors.   Features A high sensitivity detector, which can detect UVC emissions down to 2.05x10-18 W/cm2, this allows for the detection of the smallest corona discharges UV Gain, threshold or integration can be set to optimize the resulting image Factory fitted optional Motorized Solar blind filter position module can remove the solar blind filter from the light path to enhance sensitivity Corona signals above the threshold level are displayed in realtime The UV count sampling box has 3 sizes The UV count is adjusted to compensate for camera settings A high sensitivity colour video camera with a resolution of 768 x 576 pixels which can operate at light levels down to 0.0004 lux, rendering it capable of seeing corona streamers under near dark conditions. Syncronised UV & Visible Zoom from 1x system zoom (defined as 8°x6° / 10° Diagonal) to 2x system zoom (optical for the Visible Channel and digital for the UV channel) Automatic or Manual visible camera focus control. UV camera focus can be set manually or slaved to the visible camera focus position

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MinIR is the leading entry level thermal camera in the world. The advanced UFPA detector used in MinIR has a low 80mk thermal sensitivity, which generates clear and accurate thermal images. MinIR’s multi-functional design meets the requirement for various applications and industries.

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CK350-M Temperature Measurer Thermal Imaging Cameras

High resolution 640x480 UFPA detector Multiple point identification 5 inch detachable LCD with remote control Ergonomic design Powerful functions and easy operation Hottest and Coldest spot tracking

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JK361-POE thermal imaging camera

This network thermal imaging camera has a 384x288 UFPA detector. It can support different lenses for different applications. It uses video output and RJ45 digital internet transfer. The camera is easy to install, user friendly and produces a high resolution Infrared image. The aluminium housing is accordance with the IP66 standard and is designed with all-weather, outdoor protector.

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CoroCAM 8D Corona Camera

  • Weight 2.5 Kg
  • Battery Sony Li-ion
  • Operating Time 90 Min Operation
  • Recharge Time 250 Min
  • Dimensions 215 mm L x 200 mm W x 155 mm H
  • Operating Temp -15 °C to 55

The corocam 8® is a combined thermal ir, solar blind corona and video camera. it features a high spec sony visible camera, a radiometric flir thermal ir camera and a solar blind uv camera. the corocam 8® is intended for use by professional hv inspectors. the combination of these 3 cameras makes it possible to do both thermal ir and uv inspections at the same time, saving time and effort. co-location of electrical discharges and hot spots give the inspector more insight into the cause of a fault. the corocam 8® can be used to inspect hv infrastructure operating at 3.3kv and above.   Features A high sensitivity uv detector, which can detect uvc light at 2.05x10-18 w/cm2, this allows for the detection of the smallest corona discharges A 9hz flir radiometric ir camera module with a sensitivity of nedt

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