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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of Uncooled Binocular Recorder, Satir NV618W Vehicle Thermal Imager, PD Annunciator System, Rescue Sticks and Satir NV618S Vehicle Thermal Imager.

Uncooled Binocular Recorder

  • Brand Satir
  • Model UTR50/UTR75
  • Digital Range 2x
  • Focus Range 10~∞
  • Focus Mechanism Auto
  • Detector Type UFPA
  • Weight <1.5KG
  • Dimensions 175 X 196 X 85mm

Lightweight Uncooled Binocular Recorder: SATIR UTR50/75 is a lightweight, user-friendly binoculars that has been specifically designed for observation and recording purposes.   SATIR thermal cameras has been used in a wide range of applications and it is because of this we believe we are leading the way in thermal imaging.   Features High Sensitivity 384x288 UFPA (with UTR75 640X480 option) Auto focusing 50mm lens Digital storage of images and video Optional 100mm lens Detachable bi-ocular Remote control with 6m extension cable

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Satir NV618W Vehicle Thermal Imager

  • Resolution 384X288
  • Field of View 28°x 21°
  • Encapsulation IP65
  • Tablet Touch Screen Size 7 Inches
  • Screen Resolution 1024X600
  • Tablet Weight 440g
  • Camera Weight 770g
  • Tablet Dimensions 200mmX120mmX15mm
  • Camera Dimensions 175mmX115mmX102mm
  • Power Input DC10-30V

Vehicle Thermal Imager: SATIR NV618W (La Moon) allows users to see a wide angle of the road which is not possible with normal headlights. The high resolution image allows users to have a clear view of the road layout and hazards that approach the vehicle while driving.   SATIR have been manufacturing high quality infrared thermal cameras for over 20 years and our aim is to have a thermal camera that will meet your thermal imaging needs and requirements.   Features Ability to see clearly at night Wirelessly connect between the camera and the tablet Driver assistance during poor weather conditions Unaffected by oncoming headlight glare Pedestrian detection Convenient Installation Great System Integration Additional Features—GPS, Blue-tooth, WI-FI, Android.

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PD Annunciator System

  • Sensor(s) Up to three SonoTEV™
  • Connector Type BNC connectors
  • TEV bandwidth 10 MHz to 500 MHz
  • Ultrasonic bandwidth 38 kHz to 88 kHz (±1dB)
  • Sensitivity 40 dB
  • Power Supply 90-264 VAC 47-63Hz
  • Memory 15 000 entries

Remotely detect partial discharge activity inside any energised cabinet using ndb Technologies PD Annunciator™ system. Probes are installed on the unit under test and will give instant status thus preventing long term damage to your switchgear equipment. Its unique design allows simultaneous TEV and Acoustic detection for optimized results. The flexible sensor's unique design allows for combined directional airborne acoustic and TEV detection.   Features Simultaneous TEV and Acoustic detection Easy to install, magnetically held on any metallic cabinet Airborne or contact acoustic detection Intuitive software Open collector and RS485 interface Optional cellular module

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Rescue Sticks

  • Driven Type Mechanical, Electric
  • Certification ISO 9001:2008
  • Condition New
  • Application For Rescue purpose

These are used for the retrieval of victims of electric shock, safeguarding the life of the rescuer. Required in all live line areas as part of Health & Safety risk assessment. Available for 11kv, 33kv and 66kv systems in lengths oftm, 1.25m, 1.6m and 2.0m The Rescue Sticks conforms to 100kv/feet dielectric strength Provided with 400mm dia rescue hook, anti slip grip and safety stopper.

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Satir NV618S Vehicle Thermal Imager

  • Resolution 384x288
  • Amorphous silicon uncooled focal plane array Detector Type
  • Focal Length 13mm
  • Image Display White hot/black hot
  • Observation Distance 200m (1.7) 400m (for vehicle)
  • Image Sensor HS761
  • Observation Distance 100m (1.7m)

Dual Field Automotive Night Vision Camera: The NV618S has been designed to work in both daylight and night time environment due to the improved low light and thermal camera technology. It has primarily been designed for the automotive market but has other application in the security and military markets. The NV618S is a safety device as it has built-in analytics to alert the driver on ongoing obstructions and pedestrians, the alerts are either visual or audible depending on the user configuration and can work in most weather conditions such as poor light , fog etc. The NV618S can be easily mounted onto the vehicle and with its robust casing it can withstand harsh environments.   Features Wide Field of View gives the driver greater visibility Single or 4 screen Video Output Low level light system Dual Channel Design Versatile Car Camera adaptable to all environments & Vehicles Ability to see through fog, mist and rain Intelligent identification of pedestrians and cyclists

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CK350-W (Temperature Measurer)

The system uses advanced computer compression and network transmission technologies. Using our advanced software, users can control the system remotely to change the device setting, temperature alarms, auto-video and other monitoring functions through a single Rj45 Ethernet cable. Because of its small network occupation the system is suitable for large-scale integration.

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HOTFIND-VR series cameras

HotFind series cameras are optimized for use in tough factory working environments. It can withstand vibration, dust and water, fully certified to meet IP54 encapsulation.

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HOTFIND-LR Electro Diagnostics cameras

HotFind series cameras are optimized for use in tough factory working environments. It can withstand vibration, dust and water, fully certified to meet IP54 encapsulation.

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Insulated Operating Sticks

The Insulated operating sticks are manufactured in our plant using extrusion process. The extrusion is carried out under high pressure which ensures excellent mechanical properties and smooth surface finish. The sticks are coated with double (or more) coatings of Anti – Tracking Compounds which provide excellent surface finish and anti tracking properties.

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Satir PK-80 Portable Thermal Tablet

  • Camera Digital Camera 8 Mega Pixel HD CCD
  • Android Platform Open Source and expandable
  • Screen 5.5” Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Resolution 80x80 Resolution (6400 pixels)
  • Connector Multifunction USB Connector
  • Additional Features Include Bluetooth, Compass, Wi-Fi
  • Recording Still & Video Recording

Portable Thermal Tablet: The PK-80 integrates tablet and thermal camera technologies, which makes the device a multifunctional, multi-application device. The PK-80 can access the internet via a Wi-Fi connection or a tablet network. Users can share thermal information with other people anytime, anywhere. It is easy to use and has been designed with the user in mind. If your company has their own App it can also be added to the PK-80.

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High Voltage Sphere Gaps

  • AC/DC Voltage Ranges 10KV, 25KV, 50KV, 100KV, 150KV & 300KV
  • Accuracy Class Available in Accuracy Class 0.5 & 1.0
  • Available in Resistive, Capacitive and R-C Network designs
  • High Voltage Equipment Sphere Gaps From 20mm to 1500 Mm are Available
  • Display Type Digital

Sphere Gaps are absolute standards for measurement & calibration purposes of high voltage equipment Sphere Gaps from 20mm to 1500 mm are available. The Sphere Gaps are provided with automated controls with digital display.

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Online Direct Contact PD Test System

  • Casing Dielectric 20kV maximum
  • Power Supply 9V alkaline battery (PP3 Type)
  • Autonomy 10 hours with continuous measurement
  • Auto shut-OFF 15 min
  • Dynamic range 0-60 dB
  • Handling Compatible with hot stick universal end fitting
  • Weight 0.2kg (0.4 lbs)
  • Operating Temperature -20ºC to 55ºC (-8ºF to 131ºF)

The ADD™ allows online partial discharge detection on medium voltage accessories such as: Arresters, dry type transformers , bushings, insulators, etc. The partial discharge level is displayed by visual and audible indicators. The remote display module also allows to read the levels from a great distance for maximal safety.   Features Three levels default indication Two zones (scale of default) Visual and audible indication All-Check self-test for verifying proper operation prior to use Built-in universal hotstick adaptor Powered by 9V alkaline battery Carrying case included Low battery indication Lightweight design Special design for HV live contact

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PPM Meter Karl Discher Titrator

The instrument works on Coulometric Principle. Water is titrated by electrolytic generation of Karl Fischer Reagent within the reaction vessel. It is equipped with a generator which generates the Karl Fischer Reagent in the titration cell itself to react with the moisture present in the sample The main unit of the equipment consists of a built-in magnetic stirrer, necessary controls and a microprocessor based circuitry of advanced type with feather touch membrane key pad. An Error Indicator indicates the defect in vessel charge or generator solution and electrodes if any. On entering the requisite data on the key pad and pressing the START key, the instrument performs all the functions automatically and presents the final result on the digital display in terms of total moisture in the sample in Milligrams or PPM or Percentage as desired. The VM-III requires no calibration or calculations of the Titre Factor and is always ready to accept the samples.

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Switchgear Analyser

Based on advanced features of its successful SA100 Switchgear Analyser, Weis has enhanced the Reduced version, SA100R, of its robust switchgear test set for performance analysis on high, medium and low voltage circuit breakers with the options.

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Switchgear Simulator

In response to demands for safer and more convenient methods of training & demonstrating circuit breaker testing, Weis has developed the SS100 portable Switchgear Simulator. It is used to simulate the basic functions of a power breaker with operate coils, timing contacts and motion sensor.

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Portable Partial Discharge Detection System

  • Weight 5.4 Kg (12 Lbs)
  • Number of Channels 4
  • Bandwidth 35 kHz to 300 kHz
  • Sampling Frequency 3 MHz
  • Optional Filtering High pass 6th order at 100 kHz
  • Amplitude Resolution 12 bits
  • Dynamic Range 120 dB

The AE-150™ is designed to detect and localize Partial Discharge activity by correlating acoustic and electric sensors' data. The AE-150™ has many acquisition modes, each used for detecting and locating Partial Discharge activity in a transformer. The AE-150™ unit is mounted on the transformer tank using its powerful magnets that also hold four acoustic sensors. Acquired data is sent to Mirador-Tx software where all advanced positioning functions are implemented. This cutting edge software allows easy data interpretation, reporting and monitoring.   Features Easy to install and use Portable, battery-operated, wireless data transfer, weatherproof Mirador-Tx software allows automatic configuration and 3D positioning Simultaneous processing of AE and PD signals NEW: Monitoring Feature!

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Vacuum Circuit Breaker Bottle Test Sets

To test VCB Bottles we have developed a specialized Vacuum Bottle test Set. This is a portable microprocessor based equipment with in built 60KVDC source and controllers to test bottles at high voltage. The vacuum bottles can be tested just by drawing out the breakers (without even removing the bottle) in less than 5 minutes time.

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Cable Fault Locating Equipment

Technology Products offers a complete range of Cable Fault Locating Equipment for LV & HV Cables in Power Plants, Heavy Industry & Distribution Systems . Occurrence of cable fault can not be avoided due to many factors. Long outage of a cable from service results in heavy loss of revenue to the power distribution company, production loss to industries as well as unpleasant condition to general public. This requires an efficient instrument capable of locating the fault in minimum possible time and restoring the supply.

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