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Popularly known as the “Manchester of India”, Coimbatore is the 2nd largest urbanized city in the Tamil Nadu after Chennai. The ‘Kongu Tamil’ dialect is extremely popular in the city. Other than that, people also prefer the languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Urdu and English. This big Junction City is admired for its superb industrial growth, especially in the textile industry, and owing to this, people from every part of the country are eyeing to settle here. Amid the booming modernization in the form of industries, high-rise buildings, great nightlife, etc., Coimbatore has not slackened the grip of its culture and values, which is evident from the city’s architecture, temples & mosques, food, religion, art and lifestyle.

Theology and Culture

The friendly and cosmopolitan Coimbatore is well-rooted in the customs and traditions, which are reasonably blended with the modern ideology. The city, remarked for the serene coexistence of scores of religions like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, and Christianity, celebrates all the key festivals with much fanfare and gaiety. However, the charm of the ‘5-day-long Thai Pongal Festival’ and the ‘Tamil New Years’ is unique in itself. Besides, the inhabitants have amicability for the traditional music, dance and other art forms.

Owing to the influx of the immigrants from varying regions of the country, the local cuisines have also become ‘multi-cultural’. The dishes like the ‘Sudhumpu-a fish variety’, ‘Mysorepak-a sweet delicacy’, ‘Kuzhambu-a curry’ are the few favorites!

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