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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Electric Backup Hydraulic Actuation, Ecology Tank, Alternate Flight Control Unit, Zone Valves and Crankcase Oil.

Electric Backup Hydraulic Actuation

  • Operating Pressure (psig) 3000 to 5000 psig range
  • Electrical Output Range 28 VDC, 270 VDC, 115 VAC with transformer rectifier unit
  • Output HP Rating 1 kw (1.5 Hp) to 15 kw (20 Hp)

Parker Aerospace designs and manufactures electric backup hydraulic actuation (EBHA) systems. An EBHA is a conventional electrohydraulic servoactuator with a backup EHA in one integrated package. This result in an actuator that is smaller and lighter than dual tandem or two independent simplex actuators. EHBAs allow higher surface availability, or probability loss of function (PLOF), than with a single actuator. A single EBHA can replace dual tandem or multiple simplex actuators primarily used to address loss of the hydraulic system. EBHAs incorporate an independent power source to mitigate potential common mode failures. EBHAs contain all of the components and function of a conventional electrohydraulic servoactuator. In addition, to provide back-up mode upon loss of the hydraulic system, EBHAs contain of a fixed displacement, high speed, reversible pump driven by a brushless DC electric motor. In electric back-up (EB) mode, the actuator position is controlled by the pump rotation direction and actuator piston velocity is controlled by pump rotational speed.

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Ecology Tank

  • Fluid Type Fuel, engine oil, hydraulic fluids, and other
  • Oil Type All jet oils

Ecology tanks are designed to capture fluids in a variety of different applications. Parker has fielded designs for fuel, oil, and hydraulic systems. The fuel ecology tanks capture fuel during engine shutdown and return the oil to the fuel tanks during the start of the engine. Oil and hydraulic ecology tanks capture small amounts of oil during flight that can be returned to the tank or drained before the next flight.

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Alternate Flight Control Unit

  • Installation ARINC 600 with tray
  • Size Two MCU
  • Weight (lbs) 7 lbs
  • Input Power 28 VDC

Parker Aerospace developed and certified an alternate flight control unit (AFCU) that allows for full independent control using dedicated flight deck sensors and the existing hydraulic actuators on the control surfaces. With certification agencies demanding greater independence between primary flight controls and standby or backup systems, a robust response is to incorporate an independent flight controller that will allow continued safe flight and landing. This Parker AFCU contains the simplified direct mode control laws similar to what is provided in the primary system and provides servo-loop control and engagement logic for controlling every axis. With the AFCU, all other electronic units used in the primary system can be bypassed with continued safe flight and landing being maintained. Protection against inadvertent engagement is assured and monitoring is routinely and independently performed by the primary flight control computer. The AFCU is designed for simplicity and includes a power supply (including for the dedicated flight deck sensors), feedback demodulation, application of the simplified control laws, servo loop control, and engagement signals to one actuator on each primary control surface. The associated actuators include a dual coil electro-hydraulic servo valve, a dual LDVT main ram position sensor, and a dual coil shutoff valve.

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Zone Valves

  • Brand Parker
  • Usage Industrial

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Crankcase Oil

  • Brand Parker
  • Product Type Accessory
  • Usage Leisure and Commercial

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Air Brake Tubing

  • Color Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Tan, White, Yellow
  • Brand Parker
  • Minimum Bend Radius 10 - 76 mm
  • Tube I D 2 - 14 mm
  • Tube O D inch 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 Inch
  • Tube O D mm 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19 mm
  • Minimum Working Temperature -40 F
  • Maximum Working Pressure 150 psi
  • Maximum Working Temperature 200 F
  • Minimum Bend Radius inch 3/8 - 3 Inch
  • Tube I D inch 0.079 - 0.566 Inch
  • Tubing Material Nylon
  • Industry Standards SAE J844; D.O.T. FMVSS 49CFR 571.106
  • Tube Wall Thickness 0.6 - 2.3 mm
  • Maximum Working Pressure bar 10.3 bar
  • Minimum Burst Pressure bar 55.2 - 96.5 bar
  • Minimum Bend Radius mm 9.4 - 76.2 mm
  • Minimum Working Temperature C -40 C
  • Maximum Working Temperature C 93 C
  • Media Brake Fluid

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Hydraulic Reservoirs

  • Brand Parker
  • Features Aluminum Construction for better heat dissipation,50 gallon aluminum reservoir
  • Mounting Style Saddle mount
  • STORAGE TANK 50 Gallon
  • FILTER STAGES 40 Micron
  • TYPICAL APPLICATION Dump trucks / trailers - Low boys - Moving floors
  • RAPID EXHAUST Auxiliary mushroom vent

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Miniature Diaphragm Pump

  • Features Highest efficiency in class. The TTC supports low power for portable and battery powered instruments.
  • Brand Parker
  • Applications Gas Analysis, Anesthesia Monitors, CO2 Monitors, Patient Monitoring , Wound Therapy , Urinalysis .

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Aircraft Waste System Composite Ducting

  • Operating Pressure (psig) 15
  • Proof Pressure 22.5
  • Negative Pressure (psi) -13

Parker Aerospace composite ducting is fitted between the on-board waste collection tank and the ground servicing panel, allowing for the smooth flow of the tank contents overboard to the ground servicing receptacle. We fabricate our composite ducting from a pre-impregnated E-glass fiber fabric, with a thermoset resin. In the cured state, the composite meets Boeing specification BMS-8-79 and DMS2296, DMS2297, and DMS2441. The fabrication process allows for the production of complex integrated shapes with varying diameters, where required. Dependent upon shape, ducts can be formed over hard or soft tooling. Additionally, various types of end fittings are either formed as part of the lay-up procedure or are mechanically bonded into position. Internal coating on the ducting provides a low-friction surface on the duct interior. The external coating is provided for aircraft fluid compatibility (including compatibility with Skydrol), and the coating also provides a redundant fluid barrier. The advantages of Parker’s composite ducting include the use of weight-reduced lower density materials (including duct and end fittings) to replace heavier and more expensive aluminum and titanium. Our composite ducting is flexible, with the capability to resist heavy mechanical loads, as well as the high vibration of aircraft landings. Parker’s ducting is resistant to chemical attack and much easier to install than conventional materials. Lower maintenance costs are also a benefit as our ducting features an inner polytetrafluoroethylene paint that reflects the buildup often occurring in other water or waste systems.

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Remote Engine Oil Replenishment Unit

  • Weight (lbs) 11.5 pounds (5.25kg)
  • Volume (Gallons) 1.75 gallons (6.6L)
  • Dimension: Height 10 inches

An oil replenishment system allows business aircraft operators to replenish system oil levels as required in areas where ground maintenance crews may not be readily available. A control panel at ground level in the rear of the fuselage is easily accessed by the flight crew, allowing operators to replenish engine oil in seconds by simply turning a switch and pressing a button. The system is powered by the aircraft’s 28V battery. The digitally controlled brushless DC electric motor (BLDC) motor allows oil replenishment from -20F to 120F. The system is designed to replenish two gallons of oil in three minutes at 70 degrees F. The system can be easily adapted to meet any application including two- or three-engine aircraft.

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