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  11. Wash Basin 1 Products / Services available
  12. Disinfection Machines and Equipment 1 Products / Services available
  13. Viscosity Instruments 1 Products / Services available
  14. Bags 6 Products / Services available
  15. Diathermy Machines 1 Products / Services available
  16. Lamination, Wrapping & Banding Machines 1 Products / Services available
  17. Cupboard 3 Products / Services available
  18. Hardness Tester 1 Products / Services available
  19. Domestic Fans, AC & Coolers 1 Products / Services available
  20. ECG Machine 1 Products / Services available
  21. Suction Machines 1 Products / Services available
  22. Industrial Heaters 1 Products / Services available
  23. Test Rig 5 Products / Services available
  24. Rotameters 1 Products / Services available
  25. Electrosurgical Units 1 Products / Services available
  26. Dental Equipment 1 Products / Services available
  27. Induction Cooktops, Gas Stoves & Burners 1 Products / Services available
  28. Milling Machines 1 Products / Services available
  29. Fumigation Machine 1 Products / Services available
  30. Pulse Oximeters 1 Products / Services available
  31. Needle Holder 1 Products / Services available
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Medical Equipment & Supplies

We offer a complete product range of Vaccine Careers, Blood Cell Counter, Postmortem Set, S9 Escape Auto CPAP Machine and Infusion Fluid Warmer

Vaccine Careers

INTRODUCTION  Production of Vaccine Carriers in India and in other foreign countries are taking pace. A product of cold chain series is quite essential in storing vaccines to the required temperature and carrying from a place to the other. The equipment is designed so as to maintain a temperature of -3 o C to 10 o C inside for certain period of time. Double layer protects movement of moisture and heat inside-outside the container.     Virtuously, Vaccine Carriers are not merely expedient for medical organizations and institutions but is useful for individuals to carry their personal medication with them while they are travelling. Aids of Vaccine Carriers to the Medical Institutions:-    .   Active vaccines can be provided to patients during visit or campaign   .   Vaccines are safe and free of contamination Aids of Vaccine Carriers to the Individuals:-    .   Portable    .   Availability of active vaccine during the journey Vaccine Carriers at  Ramedico  are sensitively manufactured to avoid every single flaw to the case. We understand and appreciate the affinity amid life and the medication. Foremost earmark of the product is guaranteed along with variation in its capacity according to needs.  Ramedico  Vaccine Carriers are resistant to water and damage.    Layout of the case is to provide all comfort while travelling and transporting even far distance and low temperature is maintained for longer duration.  

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Blood Cell Counter

amedico has a list of baby care equipments that are used to ensure safety to the new born. These devices are used to monitor the health and proper body functioning of the baby. Since the new born baby desires more attention, it is necessary to take all precautions in using baby care equipment. Our baby care equipments come with high quality standards and are manufactured to ensure safety to the new born. Out list of bay care products include baby bassinet, foetal heart Doppler, infant baby incubator, infant radiant heat warmer, jaundice meter, open care system etc,

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Postmortem Set

INTRODUCTION  A post mortem set is the most essential item during the process of autopsy. Any autopsy cannot be carried on without the help of tools that are designed for this specific purpose. These autopsy tools need to be in perfect shape and size to give the best results. It is also necessary for the autopsy tools to be perfect so as to not cause any unwanted damage to the corpse. Ramedico  beings forward some of the best autopsy tools. These autopsy sets have been collected in set to form a complete package. This package of tools can be used to give best results whenever operating on a corpse. Apart from autopsy, these post mortem sets can also be used in the forensic labs. They help to reach into the most complex organs and bring out vital information regarding the cause and nature of death. A post mortem set includes a combination of scissors, knives, forceps, mallets, probes, chisel, blades etc. These are used at different times and at different parts of the body. Ramedico manufactures these post mortem sets with extreme precision and guarantees the efficacy of these tools. With fine build and quality, they can be used over a long period of time.

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S9 Escape Auto CPAP Machine

INTRODUCTION  CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is a technique of supplying oxygen to the asthma patients or patients with breathing problem to keep the airways open. The same is also used in ICU in order to maintain ventilation of air thru artificial mode. A mask is provided to the patient with other end connected to CPAP. CPAP machine controls the air pressure manually with help of knobs and switches available. Illuminated screen available shows the pressure of air to be supplied.  RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek, hereby, offers digital, updated version of CPAP machine to help doctors, nurses and in turn, the patients. Pressurized airway supply is now more than an easy job.  RAMEDICO�s CPAP  machines comprise hi-tech system amidst knobs and buttons on its top is facilitated to be operated manually. What is more? The machine is enabled with auto-alarm feature, in case there is cut or excess of air supply.  Advanced Aspects of RAMEDICO CPAP Machines:- .    Stylish sleek design .    Light in weight and small to be portable .    Automatically as well as manually controlled .    Less than 5% of error .    Black and white tints .    Easy to be operated at home as well .    Noiseless operation   RAMEDICO CPAP  machine holds many other boastful features in quite affordable figure. The machine is supported by starlit spectacle and illuminated switches amidst slowly dimming system. Power consumption, comparatively is quite low plus is easily operable by ordinary masses. 

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Infusion Fluid Warmer

INTRODUCTION  Infusion fluid warmer  is one of the utmost important medical device i.e. need of every well-equipped hospital. This medical device is mainly used in many healthcare facilities such as warming fluid, crystalloid, collide, or even blood products.  Infusion fluid warmers  are categories into two primary categories such as � (i) those that warm fluid before use in typically warming cabinets, and (ii) those that actively warm fluids while being administered during inline warming RAMEDICO Sun Labtek, in new revolutionary infusion technology is able to provide a full dynamic range from slow drip to rapid continuous flow for blood products, colloids, crystalloids, or even packed red blood cells. Infusion fluid warmers  manufactured by RAMEDICO, provides fast, high volume replacement for patients suffering from blood loss due to trauma or during surgery. They provides the real � time warming to fluid that is quite beneficial to patients in critical situations. Key Features and Advantages of RAMEDICO Infusion Fluid Warmer:-     High flow disposable fluid warming set with patient line.    Able to provide fast and high volume replacement of fluid.    Truly unique design.    Easy and rapid in use.    Required minimal training or set up times.    RAMEDICO provides very light weight battery powered fluid warmer that server as a single point of heated infusion from first patient�s contact to entire continuous flow with care. Its unique smart disposable design is able to measure and heats fluid at 5000 times per second regulating an output temperature of 100.4 0F

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INTRODUCTION  Respirator  is a type of personnel protective equipment which is basically worn over the mouth or nose or both for the prevention and inhaling of spreading of germs, harmful gases and dusts etc. Additionally it also helpful in blocking the splashes, sprays and large droplets. Respirators can be called as improved form of Face masks as face mask does not provide full protection. Respirator is a tight fitting face piece and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. These Respirators are generally used in construction and other industries, laboratories and medical fields. Respirators  are available in a variety of types and sizes and these are available manufactured   by our company which can be of single use, disposable and reusable models along with replacement cartridges.  RAMEDICO Sun Labtek is a leading supplier in the field of Industrial Gas  Respirators , N95 particulate Respirators, Disposable Respirators, Safety Respirators, and others. These Respirators are constructed utilizing premium quality raw materials. Our dignified team of technicians and workers have skillfully worked on it, after taking into consideration the Industrial Safety Standards. These Respirators are available in different varieties, sizes and with different specifications for lot different uses ready meet the high safety standards to be maintained at the workplace.   Significant Features and Benefits of RAMEDICO Respirators:    Designed to increase comfort and wear ability    Quality approved    Atleast 95% of filtration efficiency.    Adjustable    Excellent fit . We, at RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd. have maintained each measure to provide impeccability in our  Respirators  and other accessories

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Curette Uterine sharp and blun

INTRODUCTION  Curette uterine sharp and blunt is a thin metallic tube having an open tip on one side formed in the shape of a small ladle, fishhook or gouge.  The loop end of a  Ramedico  Curette Uterine Sharp and Blunt is meant for excision of retained uterine contents. The sharp and blunt tip scrapes tissue from the uterine surface. The cases it is used for include removal of uterine contents, therapeutic to gynecological afflicted issues, diagnosis of abnormal uterine bleeding, amputating excess uterine lining (polycystic ovary syndrome) or excise of postpartum retained placenta.   Ramedico ensures our manufactured product is:    Corrosion resistant    Genuine quality.    With double ended shafts    With single and double ended shafts.    With malleable shaft    Manipulative to an angle suitable for both user and patient needs.    Free from Latex    Sterile The design of the product is meant to be easy to operate with its oval shaped sharp or blunt blade.  Ramedico  Curette Uterine Sharp and Blunt can be reused or disposed of as per the choice of the user. Patients are assured to be secured free from any risk possible to be caused by the quality fray. Users are certain to be substantially content with the make of our product. We, at  RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek, have been delivering premier medical equipment and accessories for long time now. Our workers are technically well trained and prepare the products under supervision of our senior professionals. 

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Proctoscope With Orbturator

INTRODUCTION  A  Proctoscope  is shaped short and straight with a rigidly hollow metal tube that ends with a mounted small light bulb. Its size approximates 5inche or 15 cm in length.  For the proctoscopy  of anal cavity, rectum, or sigmoid colon this instrument is used emphatically. It is lubricated and inserted into the rectum to remove the obturator presenting an unobstructed view from the interior of rectal cavity. Ramedico Pvt. Ltd. avails in field of medicine with Protoscopes with Obturator which is provided with features and qualities that include:    Both disposable and non-disposability    Light source for better visibility     Fibre optics that cause less discomfort    Hollow channel for other instrument insertion    Appropriate internal diameter    Proper length    Quality magnifying glass    Hinged viewing window with insufflations port    Angled tube end    Stainless steel tube end piece The lens quality in our product enhances image quality for better inspection by the practitioner in addition to the slim body shape which comforts patient with minimal possibility of pain. Our company manufactures products with ethical medical standards of hygiene and sterility. With the genuine quoted rates we quote promised customer satisfaction and comfort in using our brand. Our  Protoscope , along with the Obturator, is as of same such comfort to both the medical practitioner and the patient.  Ramedico Sun Labtek has rose to fame in pharmaceutical industries for its unblemished and unparalleled products. We, along with our team of technicians and workers, offer best in class equipment and accessories prepared as per pharmaceutical norms and are certified by ISO. 

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INTRODUCTION  A  Speculum  is a surgical instrument that is to be used by doctors and surgeon to examine the body orifices. Such orifices may include rectal, anal, nasal, aural as well as oral openings. The functionality of the Speculum is similar to that of electronic endoscopes however, both carry different structures and method of use. Electric endoscopy needs fibre optics at the end whereas Speculum gives direct vision by virtue of its mirror.  We have far-off expertise with us at Ramedico Sun Labtek who are involved in manufacturing of such Speculum units following pharmaceutical parameters. Quality along with diverse range is the requirement of today�s surgeons and the healthcare centres. Hence, we bring about more than expected series of Speculum that are prerequisite by the examiners and the surgeons for vaginal, anal, aural, oral and nasal orifice check.  Cylindrical shaped and Tube Speculum, both are mass-produced subtly with precise caution. We also offer one blade; two blades (Bivalve); and three blades structure for specific  Specula .  We understand and appreciate the necessity of hygiene in the medical arena and so, we provide disposable Specula units that can prevent the patients from contamination. On the other hand, we also offer stainless steel (S.S)  Specula  that are easy to be sterilized at high temperature and pressure without the fear of corroding away. S.S. Specula are meant to be retained at hospitals and nursing homes in preserved manner.  We bestow our customers with permissible ISO certified products and leave no grounds for nit-pick in medical industries. 

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Specula Rectal Bivalve

INTRODUCTION  Various diagnostic and healthcare centres make utmost use of Speculum to diagnose an issue in an interior of the organ. It functions similar to the endoscopes by entering into the cavity, however, the difference lies on its visualization. Instead of capturing an image with help of the optics, it provides the direct vision of the interior section. These are cylindrical in shape and bear single/ double/ triple blades system. We, at RAMEDICO Sun Labtek, proficiently manufacture a diverse range of Specula for the diagnosis of different sections. We are specialized in manufacturing Rectal Bivalve Speculum with tall quality and durability features. Our Rectal Speculum is an extensive tool to perform endoscopy of vaginal or rectal section. We have also equipped double blades (Bivalve) technique with it so as to perform biopsy then and there when required. Such units of Rectal Bivalve Speculum of our company are of great significance in undertaking the former and the latter tasks effectively. Moreover, our units of Rectal Bivalve Speculum are also feasible in performing tests and biopsies for the anal section. For its smooth insertion inside anal or vaginal section, a fine tube structure is delivered to the speculum. Adding to the list of our Speculum, we also bestow Speculum for Nasal, Aural, and even Oral use. Formerly, these  specula  were made of stainless steels, conversely, we now offer disposable plastic  specula  to safeguard the patients from contamination. Join hands with our RAMEDICO expert team and we will convene your medical institutions the paramount one in its proximate vicinity. 

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INTRODUCTION  Physical growth in an infant can be depicted by the measurement of height and thus, we profoundly manufacture and export  Infantometer , a height measuring device for the infants. This device is outlined and primed at well-known Ramedico Sun Labtek under comprehensive supervision of the experts. Even a newly born baby has to go through procedures like body mass weighing and height measuring. These two are quite essential steps to keep safe record of the newly born baby in the hospitals or nursing homes. Hence, we secure the dominion of manufacturing and trading foremost  Infantometer  competent in measuring the height of a newly born child. Our Infantometer is premeditated to measure the height up to 35.4inch (90cm).  Ramedico  Infantometer  is crafted out of reliable raw material of high-grade acrylic sheet. A gliding frame is provided on the ruler to adjust it as per the height of an infant. The calibration is provided on both sides of the scales so that measuring the height from each side is practical for the users. We understand the safety essentials for the infants and so, we have bestowed the device with decent edge finishing along with side-railings to protect the child from any injury.  Our  Infantometer  units are decidedly feasible to be used at hospitals and even at home. The device is quite light in weight and thus, is easily portable.  Infantometer  of our company is veracious in providing the readings and is reasonably sturdy. Bearing countless features, our  Infantometer  is still economical in market. 

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